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639 2010/8/17 SOBA in Matsumoto (recommending to DL, too)
SOBA in Matsumoto is very good, especially the one in NAGAWA. It's called 'TOJI SOBA'. The cold soba is served with a hot pot cooked (chiken and vegetables) at table. All you have to do is put soba noodle in hot pot and wait for a while, like 5 seconds. Then pull them back to small bowl, put some soup from the pot and eat! This is like a way of cook 'SHABU-SHABU'.
This 'TOJI SOBA' is also available in down town Matsumoto, but NAGAWA is the best place to go, I would say.

Note of webmaster: YAMA-san,
Thank you for the information.
I added a link to your posting on "Soba" in the Gourmet page.
- Andy