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251 2016/2/28 Free Shuttle of Mt. Norikura
Konnichiwa Andy!
I read the poster from the Mt.Norikura ski resort here,which mentions the free shuttle from Matsumoto station to the resort( I cannot add a URL here)
I would like to know is there any way for me to reserve a place. I dont speak Japanese, and hence I cannot communicate with the company.
Thank you!!

Note of webmaster: Hi, Zuro-san
I can reserve your seat instead of you. The bus operates only Wednesday, weekends, and 21th (nat. hol) until 21th. You have to reserve by the noon of Tues if you ride on Weds and Fri if you ride on weekends or 21th. If you decide the date, please tell me (
- Andy

250 2015/10/11 Beginner Japanese classes

Moved to Matsumoto a week ago and been searching for beginner Japanese language lessons. Do you have any recommendations where to look?

Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Note of webmaster: Konnichiwa (not Konichiwa), yokoso (welcome) to Matsumoto!
Could you read this response to a similar question?
- Andy

249 2015/9/18 Mushroom picking and ID'ing course
Following on from the previous question, does such a thing exist in Matsumoto or Azumino?
All is Japanese if fine for me.

A few years ago I went on a sanai course in Hakuba. The expert led a group and showed us what was edible. We collected it and took it to a restaurant where they cooked it for us. It was a very enjoyable half day.

Is there such a thing for mushrooms?


Note of webmaster: Mushrooms are common in mountains around Matsumoto and Azumino. I think there are some tours (for Japanese), but I don't know where those tours are held. Some mushrooms are very poisonous and much more dangerous than sansai in spring, so you definitely need experts for picking.
- Andy

248 2015/9/18 Matsutake Mushrooms
I heard matsutake mushrooms are in season. Are there any farmer's markets near Matsumoto that sell matsutake mushrooms?
Are they grown near Matsumoto?
Thank you in advance. Denn

Note of webmaster: Hi, denn-san
Yes, matsutake's season has started. Most of farmer's markets in or near Matsumoto (for example, Yamabe Winery and Horigane Bussan Center) except for small markets are selling them. And I think matsutakes sold in farmer's markets are grown near Matsumoto.
You might know, they are very expensive (several thousands yen).
- Andy

247 2015/9/4 Bus times for Matsumoto to Misayama
Do you know the times for this bus and how much it costs?


Note of webmaster: The Japanese timetable is here. The upper area is Matsumoto Bus Terminal to Misayama (Inakura, two of them are to Ichinose), the lower is Misayama to Matsumoto Bus Terminal. The left area is for weekdays, the right area is for weekends. The cost table is here. It costs 720 at the
maximum (Bus Terminal to Ichinose).
- Andy

246 2015/7/26 Meals at Mountain Huts
Hi, I am trekking in the North Alps at the start of Oct 2015. I intend to use the campgrounds of the mountain huts. Do the mountain huts also offer meals to campers or only guests that stay in their huts?

Note of webmaster: Hi, I think mountain huts should support all climbers, so they offer meals to campers, too. For example, Karasawa Hyutte (Hut)'s Japanese FAQ page says, they can offer meals to campers if you order them by 4:00 pm (and also your lunchbox).
- Andy

245 2015/6/26 Driving from Matsumoto to Ogisawa Station
Thanks very much for your reply. I shall go from Matsumoto to Ogisawa Station for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Can I drive from Matsumoto to Ogisawa Station and park the car near Ogisawa Station? What is the parking charge ?

Note of webmaster: Hi again,
Yes, you can drive to Ogisawa Station and park your car. There are one large parking lot just in front of the station (1000 yen per day) and free two parking lots before entering the way to the station (it takes a few minute walk to the station), two bottom "P"s in this Japanese map.
- Andy

244 2015/6/19 Matsumoto to Shinano Omachi
Hi, thanks for this good site.
If I drive from Matsumoto Station to Shinano Omachi(信濃大町), are there parking spaces for cars at Shinano Omachi? About how much will it cost if I park from 9am to 6 pm?

Note of webmaster: Hi, Lam
There is a parking space in front of the station. It costs 100 yen/hour (maximum charge: 1,500), so 900 yen for 9am to 6 pm.
- Andy

243 2015/6/16 3-year miso paste
Kua Eng Bee 
Hi, I bought the 3-year miso paste during visit with dynasty travel.Very tasty(oishi).Where can I buy in Singapore.

Note of webmaster: Hi, I asked 3-year miso brewery, Ishii Miso. They say "We are sorry, but we don't export our product. Substitute overseas purchase services might help you."
- Andy

242 2015/6/14 Question about train tickets from Shinjuku to Matsumoto
Hi, after I have bought あずさ回数券 for travel by train from Shinjuku to Matsumoto :

(a) do I need to exchange the 回数券 for train ticket when I travel?

(b) does 回数券 include the price for reserved seat(指定席)?

Thank you for your reply?

Note of webmaster: Hi, Lam
(a) No, you can use it as a train ticket.
(b) Yes, you can reserve your seat at a ticket counter in any station of JR showing your 回数券 (or JR website in advance). Even if you don't reserve, you can set non-reserved seat(自由席) by the 回数券.
- Andy

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