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264 2016/8/4 Rental classifieds online?
We have visited Matsumoto twice and plan to visit again soon. I am interested in finding an apartment rental agency or classified house rental resource that I can browse remotely. Also is there a business oriented group that will assist english speaking gaijin in getting permitted? Any suggestions please? Many thanks

263 2016/8/3 City museum calligraphy exhibit
Michael Lang 

Greetings from Maine, USA!

My family and I had a great visit to Matsumoto a few weeks ago. At the City Museum was an exhibit of a contemporary painter who worked exclusively in Japanese calligraphy. Unfortunately, I did not note the name of this incredible artist. Would someone please pass along his name to me? Thank you.

We miss Matsumoto!


Note of webmaster: Hi, Michael-san

Did you visit Art Museum, which is famous for Yayoi Kusama's works? If so, it may be Shinzan Kamijo (see here). If this is not one you are looking for, please tell more detailed info.
- Andy

262 2016/7/11 Hiking Tsubakuro dake
Hi, I will visit Matsumoto on Jul.15.16 and will do hiking to Tsubakurodake on Jul.16.16 then back to Matsumoto on Jul.17.16.

Is there any bus from Matsumoto direct to Nakabusa Onsen?

Any recommend Beef/Wagyu restaurant?

Note of webmaster: Hi,
There is no direct bus. You should go to Hotaka Station by JR and ride a direct bus to Nakabusa.

Restaurants you can eat wagyu beef is,
- Shangri-La in Tokyu REI Hotel in front of the station
- Restrorin (also good for gibier, a little expensive) between the station and castle
- BBQ restaurants, Meigetsukan (a little expensive) and Botanen (Kobe beef)
Take care not to eat too much

- Andy

261 2016/5/26 Pls help us to find the hotel on Saturday 16th July 2016
We plan to visit Matsumoto & Kamikochi on July 14-18,2016. It's really difficult to find the hotel in Matsumoto on Saturday 16th July from the website, could you please help us to find and recommend the hotel/ryokan for 4 adults around the Matsumoto station area (๋cost JPY 4000-6000/adult)?

Thank you.

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I found only one available room in a inn (ryokan) Hakuraiso (舶来荘) in Yokota Hot Springs Area on Japanese website.
That day is a very busy day in Matsumoto, so if you want to stay there, please reserve by yourself or ask me ( to reserve (tell your name, necessity of meals (dinner and/or breakfast) hotel of the previous day) on your behalf. The price is 4,629 (with breakfast: 5,555; with dinner also: 6,481) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
- Andy

260 2016/5/9 Job Vacancies
Bump Roberts 

I'm currently living in Matsumoto and looking for work. If you can help/or have advice could you please send me an email.

I appreciate your time.


259 2016/5/2 Matsumoto
Krishnamoorthy Narayanan 
Dear Andy
Thanks a lot for your help. I hope to receive the map.

258 2016/4/26 Walking map
Krishnamoorthy Narayanan 
I am from India and do not know Japanese. I am planning to visit Japan next month and Matsumoto is in our itinerary. I want to take a print out of your Matsumoto town walking map (2 pages) - - unfortunately, I am not able to take a print out or save as pdf. Can you please mail me a pdf map of the same. Thanks

Note of webmaster: Hi, welcome from India!
I asked an officer of Matsumoto Tourism Association and he will send you the PDF of the map on Monday.
- Andy

257 2016/4/16 mens drop in or rec football / soccer
Hi Andy - just wondering if you're aware of any men's football (UK) / soccer (US) recreation leagues or drop in games around Matsumoto? thanks very much!

Note of webmaster: Hi Rob-san,

Actually I have no idea about rec leage of football arround Matsumoto, sorry.
FYI, I found an information from Matsumoto Yamaga FC (J2) website that they will take place 1 day event ( on 4th May.


- Ryu

256 2016/4/11 I want accommodation in August
Hi matsumoto!

I'm traveling around Japan during August. I want to arrive to matsumoto on 5th day and will stay 3 days. But that weekend the city will have a festival (?). And it is very hard for me.searching a room. All economy hotels are full for those days. Can anyone help me to search an accommodation?.hotel or hostel or a private room in a house.

Thanks in advance.


Note of webmaster: Hi, Sergio
I asked two budget ryokans (Nunoya and Marumo) in downtown Matsumoto. Marumo is available only 5th (and 7th if you want to stay). August is vacation season and on Aug 6th, Matsumoto Bon-Bon dancing parade will be held, so downtown hotels are fully reserved.
On the internet, one guesthouse (cheap hotels with dormitory rooms) Kaze No Yasuyado is available (a little far from the station). Or, some ryokans in Asama Hot Springs might be available (more expensive than downtown hotels).
I hope these info helps you.
- Andy

255 2016/4/8 Mr
Thanks Andy for your prompt reply. It is greatly appreciated.

Even though we go hiking hills in Hong Kong every week, we have zero experience in winter mountaineering, especially there is snow and ice along the trail.

We might visit Kamikochi in early September instead to cater for better condition in hiking, latest early October.

For the mountain lodges (yamagoya) you mentioned what kind of facilities they can provide? For example, bed, quilt, food, water, etc. Are they difficult to book in September?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


Note of webmaster: Felix,
September is a good season for hiking.
Yamagoya is a place to provide the minimum facilities and service for climbers, so you can use quilt (futon) (no bed), food, water (no shower). Usually you don't have to book because yamagoya must accept any climber without reservation for climbers' safety (but you should reach yamagoya early in the afternoon (before 3 pm if possible, latest 5 pm)). Refer to "MOUNTAIN LODGES" in this page.

Staying in yamagoya is less comfortable than normal hotels, but it will become interesting experience and good memory.

- Andy

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