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15 2007/5/21 Koboyama
I'm planning to visit Matsumoto next year, and found this website helpful.
I'm interested in Kobayama, to see cherry blossom, and wish to have a day trip from Matsumoto.
Unfortunately, I cannot find how to reach there.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Note of webmaster: Hello there.
Mt Koboyama is quite close to Matsumoto. A Taxi from the downtown railway station or perhaps the slightly closer 'Minami Matsumoto' station would only take a 5 or so minutes. I suggest visiting the nearby museum also to get the picture on the history and artifacts. You could also take advantage of the free loan bikes which can be loaned from the City offices. ... sorry about no map. I will prepare an update to the page on how to get there and to the related culture Museum in the next few days.


14 2007/5/21 help me please
Abigail McHugh 
oh I do hope that the editors really read this on occasion! I am an American English teacher currently living and working in Spain and am hoping to teach in Matsumoto next year, though I am having trouble finding adverts for job openings. Of course there are millions of jobs availible in Japan, but I specifically want to be in Matsumoto, which complicates things slightly. Do the editors have any suggestions of where I should look? Even just a yellow pages listing of all of the English schools in Matsumoto would be great (in English). I would really appreciate any ideas or help that you could offer. I have CELTA cerification, 3 years English teaching experience and additional teaching experience in the field of music, references, a master's degree, and am fairly normal and respectable looking. Thanks so much.

Note of webmaster: Hi there Abigail
I tried to reply earlier but had a few technical problems. I will e-mail you directly a list of the numbers in the Yellow pages of the phone book.
We avoid being on the ground helpers in Matsumoto as we are volunteers and have limited time. We first of all seek to make this site a resource that hosts all the useful information possible to a person visiting or interested in visiting the area.
But as this is likely to be an area of ongoing interest for those visiting, I will soon make a simple list of English schools in a corner of this site. (Links area).
Moreover we have amongst us editors those with interests or jobs in particular English schools which we try to keep neutral ground on.
So check your inbox for the list.
The school year begins in April and many jobs change also at that time. So in the few months before April you will find a lot more opportunities.


13 2007/5/20 NagaKnow NagaYes!
allan c. cadano 
Congratulations! Thanks to Japan Time for publishing about this new Japan-English Magazine. How I wish to have a copy of your print mag. I am from Nagano shi, an English curriculum developer here and wish to share too in your webstie or mag if you welcome it. It is now my 2nd year in stay here with my family and have visited Matsumoto. I really like the sceneries in there and hope to have more time to be there again.
I just notice this when I visit about editors:
Liza Springmeyer
I have been in Matsumoto since August 2007, and have been keeping very busy. I bike everywhere snow or shine.

That can never be since we are still May of 2007. A little miss perhaps of a finger.

Thanks and again Cheers for this nice web.
allan desu

Note of webmaster: Alan,
Thanks for the heads up. Ooops.
I'm glad you like our site. We are actually not the same group as the one that makes NagaKnow, but the publisher is also one of our members. I think he is getting you a copy now.
Thanks again and I hope we hear more from you soon.

12 2007/4/21 Great English Website--THANK YOU!
I finally have a chance to venture out to other parts of Japan after having lived in Tokyo for almost four years! Your website has made it so easy to take the jaunt up to the J-alps. Thanks very much!

11 2007/4/20 Matsumoto, here I come!
Ella J. 
Visit Website SWEDEN
Hello from an icecold and rainy sweden!

First of all I would like to thank you for making such a complete and well-designed site! It was really needed for me since I am going to Matsumoto next week

One thing I would love to know is if the internet-usage at the tourist information really is f r e e? o_o

Oh and btw, at first I thought that your site was the official one xD Really nice.

Kind Regards,

Note of webmaster: Hello Ella J.
Good to hear that you are on your way to Matsumoto. I hope that you have a wonderful time here. Please let us know your thoughts. I would love to hear what you enjoyed as well as anything we could help you with.

The answer to your question is yes. The Internet access at the tourist information center is free. At the Tourist information center on Ote street in front of the main gate of the Matsumoto castle, there are two PCs (one is Windows and the other is Mac). Travellers may use these computers freely.

And, if you have your own PC, there is free wireless access at Tally's coffee shop near Matsumoto JR station and in the Matsumoto airport. Unfortunately there is no PC or wireless access in the tourist information center at Matsumoto JR station, but we have now made that suggestion.
Thank you for the wonderful comments and question.
All the best on your adventure,

10 2007/4/8 hi
katarina rhiner 
hi i am from iowa and i am doing a project when i stupled across your page as a matter of fact i am going to japan in june as an excange student and i really do think that it will be cool to see.

9 2007/3/26 Great site!
Colleen Rumpf 
I stumbled on your site tonight after searching for Asama Hot Plaza. It's been a few years since I've been in Matsumoto and I am homesick for it! Your site is terrific. I wanted to say that I have stayed at Ikedaya and it was lovely (I had a tatami room). They were so nice there and it was a huge improvement over the old Sunroute where I used to stay. Also, Sweet is my favorite cafe -- I used to go for a fabulous pastry and coffee in the morning and they would play The Beatles. Wonderful memories. Again, thanks for this site!

Note of webmaster: Hi Colleen
It's great to have your comments
If you would like to do a wee paragraph on any of the places you mentioned we would be glad to add it to the site in the related area.
Perhaps with instructions we may even be able to take a shot of the cafe or inn you have stayed at, to sit along side it. I understand you using the word "homesick" when relating to Matsumoto. I can well imagine feeling that way if I were now so far from it
Do write back with some details if you have the time.

8 2007/3/26 Matsumoto - home away from home
Dan Lonigro 
No comparison between this website and the govt one. Very user friendly and I like the menu items. The "wikipedia" link on the Hot Springs section was a great idea. First time onsen can be a little intimidating. This makes it less so. After having lived in well over a dozen cities in Japan, there is no place I would rather spend time than good ole Matsumoto!

Note of webmaster: If anyone out there in blogland would like to see a picture of Dan in an onsen, please send a plain brown envelope and a fiver! He's absolutely right though - you've got to get into the whole onsen gig to push your travelling experiences into another dimension. Rub a dub dub y'all!

7 2007/3/24 Mr.
Howie Pine 
Having seen and lived in a few places around Japan in the 1990s, I have to say that Matsumoto and the surrounding area is one of, if not the best, place to visit or live in Japan. It's got the history, great food, good local izakaya, a mixture of the old and new, and just a vibe that calls out to you, 'Ah, this is the true Japan'. If you are going to visit Japan make sure to add this area to your list. You'll be glad you did.

6 2007/3/19 good job
Tim Fawcett 
Great to see a classy Matsumoto website. It`s a fantastic town and I have lots of very happy and slightly out-of-focus memories from my 16 months there

Note of webmaster: Hi there Tim
Do let us know of any hot favorites or advice that comes to mind.

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