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599 2016/11/12 Tourist advice

My parents are coming to visit us over the Christmas period so we have decided to visit Matsumoto for a few days. We will be there 26th Dec - 29th Dec and was wondering if you had any suggestions? We already know about the castle but is there anything else worth seeing or doing?
Thanks in advance!!

Note of webmaster: Hi,
If your parents are interested in traditional art and hisotry, Ukiyo-e Museum and Old Court Museum (close on 29th) might be good to visit. Near the museum, Kametaya Sake Brewery is also fun.
If your parents are interested in miso, one of Japanese food culture, Ishii Miso Brewery is a good place to see around and have a lunch of miso. At Matsumoto Museum of Art near Ishii Miso, you can see Yayoi Kusama's famous art world and some calligraphy arts of other artists.
On 28th, at the entrance and two gates of the castle, Susuharai (soot sweeping) will be held.
Enjoy your Christmas with your parents in Matsumoto!
- Andy

598 2016/11/10 Work
i am Sophie from germany and i'll ne living in matsumoto from the beginning of december.
My partner Is english teacher and found a job there.
We Are really excited to explore your beautiful city and landscape around.
I was wondering If anybody knows where i could find a job or a Internet page where they are listed.
I am fluent in german and english and worked in hotels, restaurants, fitness studios, sales stores and and and before. Basically open for everything.

Thank you and Kind regards

Note of webmaster: Hi, welcome to our beautiful town.
As for job search, consult our "multiple cultural plaza" (, tel:0263-39-1106(17:00-22:00 in weekdays and 9:00-17:00 in weekends you can talk with an English speaker)).
If you don't speak Japanese, it is tough to find jobs except for an English teacher in Japanese local towns
Good luck,
- Andy

597 2016/11/4 Fruit picking at Fumondi Shiojiri
Dear Andy
Catherine again! Really excited to be visiting Matsumoto soon! Thanks for your recommendation. I will go for all of them. While we can catch a taxi from Shiojiri Station, will taxi be available from farm to station? Will my father on wheelchair welcome to the farm? Thanks for advice!

Note of webmaster: Hello again!
I think you can ask a person in the orchard to "call" a taxi. Fumonji's website says they have a toilet for wheelchair, so I think your father will be welcome.
Recently it is a little cold here (around 5 ℃ degree at night), so prepare warm clothes for you and your father.
Have a nice trip,
- Andy

596 2016/10/30 Taiko Drum Festival

I want to visit Matsumoto for Taiko Drum Festival in July 2017. I would like to know whether I need to buy ticket. Where will the festival be held? Is it held only at the castle or around the town. Can you please suggest me on this? Thank you very much for your help.

Note of webmaster: Hi, Jin-san

The Festival is free and there is no ticket.
The main stage is in the castle garden. Until this year, some performances were held at a few other squares such as in front of the station.

- Andy

595 2016/10/30 Are you Andy Brasil
Hello Are you Andy Brasil from Australia?
My wife might to know you.

Note of webmaster: No, I am Japanese.

594 2016/10/10 matsumoto
I will be travelling with my 70 year old parents to Matsumoto for 4 nights in November 2016. My dad is on wheelchair as he can't walk far. May I be sent information of places of interest that are suitable for wheelchair to move around. Is there a place in Matsumoto for beautiful autumn foliage? Thanks

Note of webmaster: Hi,
Agatanomori Park near Matsumoto Museum of Art (your father can see Yayoi Kusama's art works on wheelchair if he is interested) is a good place to see around on wheelchair and probably you can see autumn foliage until early or mid-November. The north road of Matsumoto Castle has a wide pedestrian and cherry trees become beautiful maybe early Nov.
Narai-juku (old post town) where you can access by JR has a wide paved road so good for wheelchair.
If you visit the event hall in Takashimaya Department Store in Singapore Oct 28-30, Japan Travel Fair will be held and Mr. Yamaishi of Matsumoto booth can talk with you about the details.
I hope your father enjoy Matsumoto with you.
- Andy

593 2016/10/8 Matsumoto to Takayama through Kamikochi
Hi, your guest book is realy helpful.
I did not find an answer to the following question:
We plan to leave Matsmumoto tomorrow morning (sunday) heading to a day trip in Kamikochi and then continue to our next stop in Takayama.
Can you assist us with where we should buy which ticket and where are the change stations.
Thanks a lot!

Note of webmaster: Hi Dan,
From Matsumoto to Kamikochi, take a Kamikochi Line train and transfer at Shinshimashima (the destination of the train) to a bus to Kamikochi (or, direct bus from Matsumoto Bus Terminal to Kamikochi at 5:30 or 10:30). From Kamikochi to Takayama, take Nohi Bus to Hirayu Onsen then transfer to a bus to Takayama.
Tickets can be purchased at Matsumoto Station (or Matsumoto Bus Terminal) and Kamikochi Bus Terminal before you ride each train/bus.
Enjoy Kamikochi and Takayama,
- Andy

592 2016/10/2 Apple pick up in mid of October
Margie Nguyen 
We would like to enjoy fruit picking up near Matsumoto (having only 4 hours). I see there are two farm near Matsumoto: azumino-fruitsland and Fumondi orchard in Shiojiri. Please advise me which is nearest and convenient transportation and have large fruit for pick up. Thanks a lot !

Note of webmaster: Hi, Fumondi Orchard is much easier to access. It is 15 min walk (or a few min taxi) from Shiojiri Station, which is 15 min from Matsumoto Sta by train. I don't know which have larger fruits and haven't been to both orchards, but Azumino's apples might be tasty than Shiojiri's. (Grapes can be picked in Shiojiri.)
- Andy

591 2016/10/2 White ribbons
Hi, I'm walking along Matsumoto and I see many streets hanging white ribbons. What does that mean?

Note of webmaster: Hi, Stacey
A natural and good question. It is a Japanese custom and it means "a shrine festival is held". This weekend, Yohashira Shrine 'Shinto Festival' was held. Today, I carried a float.
- Andy

590 2016/9/27 Matsumoto Station to Joyama Park
Hi Andy

In one of your earlier replies to a guest, you mentioned that one can take the Alps Koen Line bus to Joyama Park.

As the link to the schedule is not in English, I couldn't understand how to make my way to the park. May I know if I can take a bus to Joyama Park from Matsumoto Station?

Thank you!

Note of webmaster: Hi Stacey,

As I replied to the earlier question, 開松(Hirakimatsu) is the nearest bus stop to Joyama Park. According to the bus timetable, the bus (No.45, to Alps Park) departs from the bus terminal 11:00 and 14:00.
Good luck and take care,
- Andy

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