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577 2016/5/25 buses in matsumoto
Hello, I'm visiting Matsumoto this August. I plan to visit Matsumoto castle and Joyama park. I did a little research and narrowed down to these 4 buses that can take me to Joyama park from the castle and back to the station.
depart time14:41or16:21¥200
get off at成山公園口
14:06¥230or below
get off at開松

Can you take a look at bus No.45's fare chart? I don't really get it. How much does it cost from 市役所 to 開松?Where is 開松stop located, what direction and approximately how far should I go after getting off the bus? (I just need a general idea of these info~ Don't wanna get lost!)

As for 城山公園口stop, umm...where is it ?@@ Google map won't show. Just let me know if there are directions and signs nearby and I'll be fine...

Thank you~

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I suppose it costs 210 yen from 市役所 to 開松 (probably). The map of the 開松stop is here (in Japanese) and it takes a few minute walk (to west) to the park.
The map of 城山公園口stop is here. It takes 15 min walk (to west) to the park.

There is a good viewing tower and a statue of cute child seat in the park. Enjoy it!

- Andy

576 2016/5/21 Matsumoto - Kamikochi - Takayama
Our family plan to visit Matsumoto (one night), take a morning shuttle to a day trip in Kamikochi and continue to sleep in Takayama.
1. Is this plan reasonable (or maybe too much for one day?
2. Where is the best place to get info regarding the shuttles?

Note of webmaster: Hello,
1. If the "morning shuttle" means the direct bus departing Matsumoto Bus Terminal 5:30 a.m., you can arrive at Kamikochi 7:05. It takes about 1:30 from Kamikochi to Takayama, so you can see around Kamikochi almost all day. Even if you ride the direct bus departing the Bus Terminal 10:15, you can see around Kamikochi several hours.
2. "The best place" means website? If so, you can see the timetable here and other information here. If you mean a real place, visit TICs in Matsumoto.
- Andy

575 2016/5/21 Kimono Lover

Note of webmaster: こんにちは。
ご存じと思いますが、松本城は毎年8月上旬~中旬に"Admission is free for visitors in kimono"の期間がありますね(。
- Andy

574 2016/5/17 Taxi from ogizawa to Matsumoto?
We are considering taking the alpine route from tateyama to ogizawa. The last bus from ogizawa to shinano omachi leaves at 5 pm, but
Is it possible to take a taxi from ogizawa to Matsumoto in the evening (around 6 pm)? And what are the costs?

Note of webmaster: Hi, Linda
The last bus leaves at 5:55 pm from Apr 16 till Nov 3.
If you want to take a taxi, I think some taxis are waiting or you can call it. Matsumoto is far from Omachi and it seems it takes around 13,000 yen.
Have a nice trip!
- Andy

573 2016/5/9 English and/or French teacher available
Richa G. 

I am searching for a part time job where I can give English and/or French lessons.

I am an Indian (a native speaker of English) pursuing masters in France but currently on an exchange program at the Shinshu university.

I am free on the weekends and post 5 pm on weekdays.

I would be very thankful if anyone here could help me in any way! :)

Best regards,

572 2016/5/9 Job Vacancies
Bump Roberts 

I'm currently living in Matsumoto and looking for work. If you can help/or have advice could you please send me an email.

I appreciate your time.


571 2016/5/6 Onsen
Hi I will be visiting Matsumoto with my 2 sons 11 and 13 year olds. I want to go to the hot springs, but I'm not comfortable with my boys separated from me going into hot springs- is there any way to get around this?

Note of webmaster: Umm.. Some hot spring ryokans (Japanese style inns) have private (family) bath rooms, but I wonder 11 and 13 year old boys might not want to show their naked bodies to you. In that case, you should look for ryokans where you can use two private bath rooms.
Or, if you don't mind public mixed open air bath (use towel to hide your body) of Awanoyu in Shirahone Hot Springs, it might be a solution and interesting experience.
- Andy

570 2016/5/4 It is safe to walk from matsumoto at 02.00 am?
the bus from tokyo at 22.45 - n arrive Matsumoto at 01.45, it is safe to walk at 02.00 am from bus stop to matsumoto station?

what is the matsumoto station open for people at 02.00 am, so we can wait there till the first train to shinano omachi at 04.35 am?


Note of webmaster: Hi Agnes,
The bus stop is along a road and just a few minute walk to Matsumoto station.
In Japan, it is almost safe even mid-night, especially in our local town Matsumoto (maybe no people at all outside).
But, I think the station closes until 15 - 30 min before the first train. Refer to this previous question and my answer.

Additional info: a long and wide concourse of the Matsumoto Station aren't locked 24 hours. There is no chair, but you can wait your train in the concourse (not so dangerous, I think).

- Andy

569 2016/5/3 Halal Food/Restaurant in Matsumoto
Sri Een 
Hi, I'm going to visit Matsumoto-city at 5th and 6th of May 2016, do you know any halal restaurant/ food in Matsumoto city?
Thank you very much

Note of webmaster: Hello,
I heard one halal & central Asian dish restaurant 'Aselya' has opened recently. It is located in the west of Fukashi Shrine & Matsumoto Performing Arts Center. The tel no. is 0263-88-3939. It opens 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00 and closes on Tuesday.
- Andy

568 2016/5/2 Matsumoto
Krishnamoorthy Narayanan 
Dear Andy
Thanks a lot for your help. I hope to receive the map.

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