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320 2011/6/9 Thank you Matsumoto
To the wonderful people of Matsumoto, who for the second year in a row, have taken me in and made my stay in Japan so very special.

To all the people who took the time to chat to the Shiroi Gaijin during the matsuri Ofune, thanks you a million times You have helped turn my holiday into a real experience I will never forget!

See you all again next year

Once again...
Domo arigato gozaimashita

Sukotto M

Scott Minns
Sydney Australia

Note of webmaster: Thank you, Scott! Very happy to hear that.

I like 'Sukotto'!

BTW, tourism promotion of Matsumoto on G'Day Japan in Australia will be started very soon. Please check it out!

You see now test page which shows 'Matsumoto Welcomes you!' website, but will be changed shortly. Also free magazine will be published.


Teddy Yamaishi

319 2011/5/30 Dear all,
We are pleased to announce that 'Matsumoto Castle' took 3rd place of Must-see Attraction in Japan by 'Tripadvisor Japan'.
For more details, please check below.

Thank you,

Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association

PS:The 'SAMURAI' at Matsumoto Castle asked me say hello to you all.

318 2011/5/25 Ask about my program
atchara srikorn 
Hello, I’m in BKK , Thailand.I’m Atchara Srikorn (57 Years), THAI,Buddhist , employee of PTT public co.
I found your E mail in the web of Matsumoto and clicking by accident !!!!
You just went to BKK , right? Welcome you to my beautiful country.
My niece live in Matsumoto. That inspire me for hoping to travel there ourselves. I mean myself and my daughter (19 years).
Touring in summer is better than another season ,all right ?? But travelling in Matsumoto in the summer is the big problem for me
Because the website show that everyone bikes around the beautiful area …….. I can’t .
May you suggest how and when we should go there for 2-3 days or more .
We went to Takayama and Shiragawago once in April 2009.we came to Japan in the blossom time twice. ( 2003 and 2009 )
My experience is in Hakone , Kyoto , Nagoya , Osaka and many places in Tokyo. It is 6 times for only me in Japan.

Pls. set my program for me and my daughter ( in case that we meet but don’t stay at my niece’s house)
Too many thanks , Atchara.

Note of webmaster: Ms. Srikorn,
First of all, you don't have to bike. You can walk and see things in down town Matsumoto like Matsumoto Castle, old street, natural springs and so on. And one day pass for city bus is available and cost you 500JPY for adult.
Aslo, two day pass is available at 5000JPY and you can use it for bus runs in town, for sightseeings in mountain side such as Kamikochi, Mt. Norikura and Utsukushigahara.
I will send you a some sample itineraries later by Email. Thank you. -Teddy
PS:Yes, I just got back from BKK. Nice people, nice food and nice cool SINGHA BEER!!!

317 2011/5/20 Hello Sonya
Sonya, there will be 'Sunrise shuttle bus' operated in Jul. The bus leaves Norikura Kogen where the base of Mt. Norikura for Tatamidaira.
Here is my idea. Stay one night in down town Matsumoto and one night in Norikura Kogen.
The bus leaves Norikura Kogen at 3:20am for Tatamidaira, see sunrise, stay there and walk around for 2-3hrs and get down to Norikura Kogen. Cost you 2400jpy for round trip ticket for adult, kid maybe 1200jpy. Also, there is bus goes to Takayama via Hirayu from Tatamidaira.
I could show you pics show how beautiful Mt. Norikura is.
For more details, pls contact me at Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association at ''
I will get back to you as soon as I come back to my office. I'm now in KL, and BKK after on business trip, promoting Matsumoto.
Thank you,
Teddy Yamaishi

316 2011/5/14 Car hire continued
Thank you Andy, I should have been a bit clearer. We wouldn't use a car to get around in Matsumoto but were thinking of hiring one to go to Takayama (dropping off in Takayama, which I think costs extra) via Norikura Kogen to make it a bit more flexible than the bus (especially as there are 4 of us with luggage). Does this sound like a good idea? Sonya

Note of webmaster: Sonya,
Yes, I think car hire is flexible and maybe cheap for 4 people. The road to Norikura and Takayama is pretty narrow (generally Japanese roads except for freeways are narrrow) and winding so it requires some technique of driving mountain roads.
Hiring car from Matsumoto (when you leave Matsumoto downtown) to Takayama 48 hours seems to cost 15,000 - 30,000 yen depending on the size of the car. If you can spend 6,000 - 12,000 yen more, you can hire when you get to Matsumoto and you can drive to Seifu-so and downtown.
- Andy

315 2011/5/12 Accommodation, car hire advice
Thanks for the really useful site. We are a family of 2 kids and 2 adults and want to either stay in Matsumoto 2 nights in July, or spend a night in Matsumoto and a night in Norikura Kogen area en route to Takayama. We were thinking of staying at Ryokan Seifu-so but I was wondering if it is too far from the centre if we're there just one night? I read the car hire section on your site, any further suggestions?

Note of webmaster: Sonya,
How about riding free bikes hire instead of car? Seihu-so has such service (I am not sure they have four avaliable bikes) and some other places in Matsumoto lend free bikes. You don't need look for parking lots (and eco-friendly) if you ride bikes.
Otherwise, rent a car or ride a public bus. If you walk, I guess it takes about 40 mins from Seifu-so to Matsumoto Castle.
- Andy

314 2011/5/11 Concert
I want to know if some band will do a concert in matsumoto or near de zone

Note of webmaster: Matias,
What kind of band/music do you mean? Jazz, hip-hop, J-pop..? Live performances/concerts are sometimes held in live houses like ALECX and halls.
- Andy

313 2011/5/10 Electronic Shops
Hi! i was wondering if there`s an elecronic shop (like Yodobashi or Biccamera or something similar) in Matsumoto or in near zones.
Thank you very much.

Note of webmaster: Hi, Sergio
Yamada Denki(=electronic) near Minami(south)-Matsumoto (map) is a big shop.
Eiden, also a big electronic shop chain, is closer from Matsumoto or Kita(north) Matsumoto station (map).
- Andy

312 2011/5/2 Bus To Nagoya
Dear Sir / Mdm,

We will be going to Matsumoto as it is the nearest town from the exit of Tateyama - Kurobe Alipne route sometime around end of May 2011. We need to get to Nagoya by night. Could you let us know how do we make a booking for bus to Nagoya (we are not considering the train as we are traveling on budget:), and what is the latest time we can leave Matsumoto? We hope to be able to spend some time exploring the town :) So long as we can reach Nagoya at night, even late night, we are fine. Look forward to hear from you, thank you!

Note of webmaster: Hello Shirleen,
The phone number to book the bus is 052-582-0489. I don't know there is an operator any who speak English (maybe not).
You can book it on this website, but it is also in Japanese.
The latest bus is 19:30 (see the timetable).
Probably the latest bus will be not full, but if you cannot speak Japanese and want to book it to assure your seats, I can book it (only book, you can purchase it before ride) instead of you if you me your name, date to ride, number of people (male/female, adults/children), and your phone number in Japan or your country.
- Andy

311 2011/4/27 Sports bars
Hi Andy, I was reading a post of yours from last year about a sports bar called "Garage No.2"(near the big crossing "Misuzu" near Shinshu University). Do you have a phone no. for them?

Also there's a big sports bar in north Matsumoto but I can't remember the name. Do you have their contact details?

The reason I'm looking for sports bars is I'd like to watch the royal wedding in a pub atmosphere. Do you think sports bars and snack bars will be showing it? I know the Japanese are all very excited about this wedding.


Note of webmaster: The sports bar is "Spocafe GARAGE". Their phone No. is 0263-36-2082, e-mail is Refer to (Google Map and their Japanese website). I think it is the "big sports bar in north Matsumoto" you wrote.
I don't know they show the royal wedding program (BS-1 from 5:30pm). Maybe they can show it if you ask -- I hope so. A problem might be that a sport event, figure skating, which Japanese are also exited with, will start from 8:00 of the same day
- Andy

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