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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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353 2012/4/18 Summer Housing
First, thanks for putting together this website it is great.
Second, I will be spending two months in Matsumoto this summer and am in search of summer accommodations relatively near Shinshu University. If you have any ideas of places for for intermediate length stays I would greatly appreciate it.

Note of webmaster: Hello there.

Have you considered Leopalace.
It rents short term furnished 1K apartments that cost a little over other rent but very convenient terms etc for short term stays.

Let me know what you think.

Maybe another editor will come up with further advice.??


Among budget ryokans and hotels in downtown Matsumoto, Ryokan Seifuso is the nearest to Shinshu University and popular among foreign travelers. Their English website has changed to very useful one this month. You might be able to negotiate the rate with them for your long stay.
- Andy

352 2012/4/13 Looking for someone to notarize a document.
Charles Nelson 

I am wondering if anyone in Matsumoto City has a Notarizing business. I need to have a document Notarized and have only heard of the American Embassies around japan providing that service for Americans.

Any information would be much apperciated.

Thank you.

Note of webmaster: Hi, Nelson
There is a Matsumoto Notarizing Office, but I don't know they can speak/write English.
Some notaries public like Haruo Inoue speak good English and treat foriegners' visa, green card and naturalization. I hope they can help you.
- Andy

351 2012/3/30 New in the Matsumoto area
Hello there. I'm new in the area and I'm looking forward to meet Spanish speaking and English speaking people in the area.
I'm from Venezuela but I lived in the USA for a long time.
Are there any places where I can meet others?

Hope to meet many people.

Note of webmaster: Hello there Armando

Welcome to Matsumoto!!! The best city in the middle of the best country IMHO.
I can certainly introduce you to a number of the Local English speaking community and also one of the Spanish speaking community (from Peru/Okinawa.
I will send you a private e-mail so we can make contact and then I will connect you to a few key people who will get you connected here in Matsumoto.

I hope you will enjoy Matsumoto its people and environs as much as I have.

I look forward to hearing from you.


350 2012/3/29 Looking work
any body can help me to find a work here in matsumoto....

349 2012/2/11 Mr.
I would like to see the Daimaru Guitar factory. I heard it burned down in the 1960s. I would like to view some Daimaru guitars and look up review the history of the company.
Thank you

Note of webmaster: Hi there...
I am not aware of it but as you probably have, gotten a bit of the background from a quick Google.

I will run the question around a few people here that may have an idea as to what happened there. A few local music enthusiasts etc.

Watch this page...check back maybe in a week for a response from me if no other site members respond here first.


It is tough research. I asked a manager of a music instrument shop in the Nakamachi Street, but unfortunately he hasn't heard about the Daimaru factory. He said, "There are many guitar factories in Matsumoto in the 1960s including home factories (SOHO)". He has been working for 30 years, so I have to ask an older person.
- Andy

348 2012/1/23 memory92
atik mulyati 
I was a trainee in 1992, PT EPSON Shimauchi. I always remember the local and Japanese people like Mr. Nakazawa, Mr. Momose they were good people there is one friend I never forgot Ms.. keiko Shimizu. Hayashi nana. Mr. Naoya. Masato. Please if anyone knows it please contact my friend emailed me. one of my neighbors when I was in shimauci "Iwakura family san" I also love the family missed it. please contact me at this email.

mata aimasu

atik mulyati

Note of webmaster: Hi there.

I will do a bit of a search for you. We just had some good luck with the post before you and found pretty much contact with all the people sought.
If you have first names to go with those last names it would help I think.
Any other hints hobbies or such?

I will semd you an e-mail for any more private details you have of your friends to make contacting easier.

If you would like me to blank out your e-mail at any point just say here or by reply e-mail.

Will see what we can do.

Milton and Maki

PS Could you please Check your e-mail or e-mail me at
Address bounced twice.

Awaiting your contact

Mona Kho 
I'm a trainee from Malaysia who was posted to Matsumoto City Council, Tourism Dept 20 years ago. I'm in search for those ppl I encountered during my course:- Manabu Teshima, Yoshiro Takayama, Akihito Ohtsuka, Yukiko Kobayashi, Kunio Yasui, Masako Okamoto, Sadazumi Ogasawara and many more. Please email or call my mobile 012 303 9287. Mona Kho

Note of webmaster: Hello there Mona Kho

It seems we have located a few of your old colleagues.... I will make a call to let them know you are wanting to make contact and will share your contact details with them. Would you like me to take down your e-mail now. We have it logged on our post record page also. I can blank if out if you would like.

Will be in touch again soon.

Kind Regards


346 2011/12/23 May in the mountains?
firstly, thankyou so much for having this website. It's been extremely helpful for planning our last 2 trips to your amazing city.
I've a question that is pretty similar to the previous question on this message board.
We are visiting again from the 12th of May 2012 and we are snow deprived Australians. We are leaving it a little late, but will there be snow in the mountains in places like the shin hotaka ropeway viewing platform, or along any of the mountain passes that are accessable by car?
Thankyou again for the website!

Note of webmaster: Jeremy,
Mt. Norikura has a great snowy valley "Dai-sekkei", which is perfect place for your needs, I suppose.
Norikura Spring Bus for skiers and climbers will operate since end of April (depending on the weather condition). You can go to Kanko Center or Sanbondaki if you have or rent a car and transfer to the bus.
You might be able to walk in great snow walls like this blog after you get off the bus.
- Andy

345 2011/12/2 Snow Snow Snow
Hi, we are travelling end of march (2012) and was looking at staying near the snow monkeys to see , some snow!.. My kids want to see the castle and time is limited, is there snow in Matsumoto around March 29th (I realise your crystal ball may be foggy but on average is there snow?)

Note of webmaster: Gidday Gordon.

On average no, not IN Matsumoto....though there will still be snow around Matsumoto in the hills and mountains.
2-3 weeks later you will have a Very Beautiful visit to the Castle as the Cherry Blossoms bloom. and as music from the Castle's Moon viewing room fills the air.
It is awesome watching the Sakura (cherry blossoms) at night and sipping tea at the castle served by women in Kimono as ancient style Japanese music is played .
2 months earlier you can see the Ice festival...a treat for most.
If luck has it may even see Snow, Cherry Blossoms and the Castle together as It did last year on the 19th of April or there abouts

Hope that helped.


344 2011/11/11 thanks!
thanks, Andy, Awanoyu Ryokan looks great!

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