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342 2011/11/9 Phone no. for JA (farmers association)

Do you have a phone no. for JA? I'm wondering if there might be any apple picking work I could do for a few days. I see a lot of apple trees that look like they need to be picked very soon.


Note of webmaster: Robert,
Read this answer for the previous similar question.
JA Matsumoto's phone number is (+81)-(0)263-26-1400, but I don't think JA guys speak English (if you can communicate by phone in English, you might be lucky).
- Andy

341 2011/11/9 Mixed onsen
Where's the nearest mixed onsen to Matsumoto?


Note of webmaster: Read my answer for the previous question for public mixed onsen bath.
Also many ryokan (i.e. Tamanoyu in Asama Onsen, Izumiya Zenbei in Utsukushigahara Onsen) have family bathroom of hot spring and a family or couple can do “mixed bathing” in a private locked bathroom (some have an outside bath).
- Andy

340 2011/11/6 Can I drive from Matsumoto to Toyama through the Mountains
Hi, I am coming to matsumoto in December and I am bring a car to drive to Toyama. Is it possible to drive through the mountains, on the Nomigi Highway? On google maps it looks ok, but not too sure

Note of webmaster: Hi there Carmi

Yep you can...short answer.
The normal way would be through Hakuba (not Nomugi) but you can go through the Nomugi pass(toge) too.

Long answer below....Google instructions if you can bear reading Japanese road signs.
I suggest you print a Google map of the area with roads on it and if you get lost along the way ask a local showing them the map...Koko wa Doko?(Where is this place?) Then if you really want to ...say "Toyama ni ikitai. ( I want to go to Toyama ) koko kara doko ikuno wa iidesuka? (From here ...where do I go?). Make sure they can see you are reading this and are not Japanese capable (unless you are and then you won't need this) or they will answer in words rather than by pointing in a direction or at the map.
TO pronounce the Japanese above correctly..
A = are as a sound
E = ear as a sound
I= E as in Bee
O = or as a sound
U = as in u in blue.

Google directions below
To get a map paste the following in Google maps and click "Get Directions"

from:日本長野県松本市 to:野麦峠 to:日本富山県富山市

Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture Japan1. Head south 377 ft
2. Turn right 0.1 mi
3. Turn left at 松本城(交差点) 0.2 mi
4. Turn right toward 国道143号線 0.1 mi
5. Turn right at 中央二丁目(交差点) toward 国道143号線 0.3 mi
6. Continue straight through 中央一丁目(交差点) onto 国道143号線 0.5 mi
7. At 渚1丁目(交差点), continue onto 野麦街道/国道158号線 Continue to follow 国道158号線 12.7 mi
8. Turn right onto 野麦街道/国道158号線 3.4 mi
9. Turn right to stay on 野麦街道/国道158号線 0.4 mi
10. Turn left onto 野麦街道/県道26号線 7.0 mi
11. Turn left onto 県道26号線 0.6 mi
12. Turn right to stay on 県道26号線 1.0 mi
13. Turn left 0.3 mi
14. Turn right 0.7 mi
15. Turn left Destination will be on the right 0.7 mi
野麦峠スキー場 1173−13 Nagawa Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture 390-1611, Japan16. Head west 0.7 mi
17. Turn right 0.7 mi
18. Turn left toward 県道26号線 0.3 mi
19. Turn right onto 県道26号線 1.0 mi
20. Turn left to stay on 県道26号線 0.6 mi
21. Turn right onto 野麦街道/県道26号線 7.0 mi
22. Turn left onto 国道158号線 9.4 mi
23. Turn left to stay on 国道158号線 0.3 mi
24. Take the ramp onto 安房峠道路 Toll road 3.4 mi
25. Take the ramp to 国道471号線 Toll road 0.1 mi
26. Turn right at 平湯I.C口(交差点) onto 国道471号線 (signs for 富山・新穂高) 6.1 mi
27. Turn left at 栃尾(交差点) to stay on 国道471号線 15.8 mi
28. Turn right at 船津北(交差点) onto 越中東街道/国道41号線 Continue to follow 国道41号線 17.1 mi
29. Turn left at 楡原(交差点) onto 越中東街道/国道41号線 9.6 mi
30. Slight right at 掛尾町(交差点) to stay on 越中東街道/国道41号線 2.0 mi
31. Turn right at 県民会館前(交差点) 0.1 mi
32. Turn left 285 ft
Toyama, Toyama Prefecture Japan

Additional comment:
The upper route is, going through route 158 and then turn to Nomugi Pass Ski resort (by number 10.-15.) and back to route 158 (by number 17.-20.) (I think you cannot cross Nomugi Pass to Gifu Prefecture in winter). If you don't need to go to Nomugi Pass Ski resort, go through route 158 directly. The road is a bus route and you can drive even in winter unless it is heavy snow. Please use winter snow/studless tires and carry snow chain.
- Andy

339 2011/11/1 Bus
Sorry Wrong tape...xD Shonandai is in kanagawa

Note of webmaster: There is no direct bus line from Matsumoto to Shonandai or Kanagawa. You can ride a bus to Shinjuku ( and transfer to Odakyu Railway (one more transfer at Sagami-Ōno) to Shonandai.
- Andy

338 2011/11/1 Bus
I wnat to know if are some bus thats goes to Shondandai from matsumoto

Note of webmaster: Matias,
I've never heard Shondandai. It might be a very local place or wrong name. Could you give me some clues about the place name?
- Andy

337 2011/10/29 Preacher?
richard j buckman 
I am a christian in the states with a friend over seas there and trying to get her a study bible can you help if i send her there to the Church. I do mission work here in the states and will pay for the bible if need be. I live in Spartanburg South Carolina God Bless You. And may the Lord always be by your side

Note of webmaster: Hi there Richard

If you want I can put your friend in contact with one of a variety of churches here.
There is also a Christian Bookshop with such things as Bibles and Christian books available close to Matsumoto.
I take it your friend speaks/is Japanese.
I will e-mail you some contact information at the address provided.



336 2011/9/30 rental car
Thanks Andy. Now I'm cooking with gas! Could I trouble you with one additional question? Does the airport website state that Mazda is the only rental car company at the airport? I found a Japanese rental car website, ToCoo, that provides rental forms for about five different rental companies in English. If I know which companies actually have cars at the airport, it will provide more options. For example, ToCoo indicates that some companies offer snow tires at no additional fee in Nagano prefecture, but Mazda does not appear to be one of them.

Note of webmaster: Hi, You can choose from Mazda, Toyota (Shiojiri Branch), X Rent-a-car, and Chu-rent-a (rent used cars?).
- Andy

335 2011/9/30 rental car
Thanks very much Milton. That is a big help. I am traveling solo with heavy ski gear and am trying to minimize schlepping it as much as possible. The taxi sounds like the best bet, but that raises new concerns. Are taxis readily available right outside the door from the baggage claim area? Will a taxi be able to carry my skis? I don't speak a word of Japanese so I am trying to nail down my travel arrangements in advance as much as possible.

Note of webmaster: John,
A Japanese website of the airport says you can rent a car at the info center on the arrival floor (1F) in the terminal buiding. You don't need a reservation, but I think you can rent more quickly if you reserve it in advance. Mazda has an English reservation form.
Good luck!
- Andy

334 2011/9/29 rental car
How do I rent a car if I am flying into the airport? It looks like all of the companies you list are located near the train station.

Note of webmaster: Greetings John.

Seems to me we have a lack of info on the Airport here.

I believe there are no rental cars available at the airport and you will have to take a car or a taxi to Matsumoto City.
The Bus stop for the shuttle bus is outside the terminal.

I suggest you get dropped off at the Matsumoto Railway station (Matsumoto Eki) and then use the map on this page to locate a rental car service that is close by.
Or print the map and pass it to the driver to be dropped off direct.
More info on the airport and bus is here.

I hope that helps a little.

It would be good for us to add more info on arriving and departing from the airport.


333 2011/9/25 Matsumoto to Takayama
This website is very helpful. However, the link in the timetable and routes section for travelling between Matsumoto to Takayama is not working. Is there a bus that leaves Matsumoto after lunchtime on 11 October? How long does it take? Thanks.

Note of webmaster: Hi there Gerard

Yep the Alpico bus page is down in English.
Another Bus company doing the same route with a clear English web page is here.
There prices appear to be the same as Alpico's below.
A bus from the Matsumoto bus terminal
leaves @ 12:05 arrives in Takayama @ 14:25
leaves @13:05 arrives in Takayama @ 15:25
etc to 17:05.
Fare one way 3100 yen
I will call Alpico to let them know their site is down.

I hope that helps.
One more bit of advice that may free you up to do extensive travelling around the region and even places like Shirakawa-go using a number of buses over a 4 day period is a Bus pass called the Shinshu Hida Wide Free passport. 10,000yen
Click this link for details.
It will allow you to go to a number of really cool places without counting the cost each time you get on the bus.
It may save you a lot of money too.

Happy Traveling!


Called Alpico and they are overhauling their English page. Will be up again next summer!!

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