The final “Free Market (Flea Market)” for 2012!

2012’s last free market will be on the 9th of December at “Flower Clock Park” in front of PARCO.

Venue: Flower Clock Park in front of PARCO in Matsumoto (5 minutes walk from JR Matsumoto Station)

Date:   December 9th Sunday  11:00 ~ 15:00

3 Responses to “The final “Free Market (Flea Market)” for 2012!”

Guy Endo says:

Question…when is your next Flea Market in Matsumoto, date & time on this event. I would like to attend it, and sell some items in this event. Please give me a feedback on my question, thank you for you time. Guy K. Endo

Rico says:

Dear Endo san:
Thanks for having interest toward our website.
Unfortunately we, the “Matsumoto Welcomes You” don’t organize flea market events. The best thing to do is send application form to the organizers directly from you.

Next Flea Market in Matsumoto city which still open for accepting application are…
Check the schedules on this site →

Oct 26th: Alps Park
Oct 27th: PARCO Flower Park
Nov 1st: Shimauchi Music Hall
Nov 3rd: PARCO Flower Park
Nov 9th: Alps Park
Nov 14th: Shimauchi Music Park
Nov 16th: Alps Park

You need to fill the following application form and send it to the organizer.
Application Form →

Or you should contact the organizer directly.
mail to →

Andy says:

The schedule of the Flea Market in Matsumoto is as follows according to their Japanese website
– Oct 16th, 25th, Nov 14th 10am – 2pm, the Harmony Hall in Shimauchi
– Oct 20th 10am – 3pm, Alps Park
– Oct 26th, Nov 9th, 16th 10am – 2pm, Alps Park East Entrance (Car boot sale)
– Oct 27th 10am – 3pm, Flower Clock Park in front of Parco
– Nov 3rd (Citizen’s Festival) 11am – 3pm, Flower Clock Park in front of Parco
If you want to sell your items, the entry deadlines for Oct 16th, 20, 25 were over. It seems that you can entry Oct 27th’s one from 9am on that day and Nov 3rd’s one from 8am.