An interview with Gubernatorial candidate, Takeshi Matsumoto

The noisy election season is about to begin; the election for the next Governor of Nagano prefecture will be held in August. Don’t be alarmed if a white van with loudspeakers blaring drives past you and ladies with white gloves on wave at you from within…
Matsumoto-san in interview with JG
So far, two candidates Abe Shuichi (the former vice-Governor) and Takeshi Matsumoto (director of Chihiro Museum) have announced their candidacies. Local politics, and even national politics, is a spectator event at best for even long-term residents; England will win the football World Cup before we get a vote.
Visitors could care even less I am sure. In the past, official opinion could be interpreted as reciprocal! Times they are a changing.
Candidate Takeshi Matsumoto gave me an hour of his time last week to talk about himself, his beloved Chihiro Museum, and his plans to shake things up a bit should he win the election.
The interview is unedited, in English, and available to listen/download at Podbean or here, or on the podcast player here where you can also read my feelings about Matsumoto-san’s policies.
I think it’s great that a candidate for Governor can express himself competently…and in English. I look forward to sharing the views of other candidate(s) if they are ready & willing to make themselves available.
What are your comments on Mr. Matsumoto’s policy ideas?

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