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Western dresses with Japanese traditional materials (dyed, woven, splashed patterned)

Since the shop was set up in 1899 (Meiji 31), this old shop has been providing good quality items for customers.

After the shop was rebuilt in 1998, it began to offer Western style clothes with splashed patterns, and they have become popular items.

A Huge selection. You can order the goods from wholesale stores in Kyoto as well

Gorgeous Furisode and Obi are very beautiful (see the picture on the left).

Furisode is a formal Kimono with long sleeves for single women. Obi is a decorative cloth worn with a Kimono around the waist.

Shinshu-sho-aizome is remarkable. It is one of the indigo-dyed fabrics which are dyed with fermentation due to hot temperatures in summer instead of by artificial heating. Japanese small cushions with arabesques and colorful indigo-dyed fabrics will also catch your attention.

The young shop manager speaks softly with the Kyoto dialect. He is a relative of the shop owner, was born into a family of Kimono craftsmen, and brought up in the surroundings close to Kimono. You can order the items from wholesale stores in Kyoto as well as browse the goods in stock. The shop tries to accommodate the customer’s requests as much as possible.

You can buy Kimonos, and also ask any advice about Kimonos, for example, how to best take care of it. And if you purchase Kimono, they will help you put it on for free!

Name Sanroku (染・織 三六)
Specialties Japanese traditional textiles and dyed fabrics
Location 2-3-18, Chuo (Google Map)
Tel 0263-32-0036
Website (Japanese)
Hours 10:00-18:00
Closed Wednesday
Credit Cards Accepted
Parking Yes
Access 10-minute walk from Matsumoto Station

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