Climbing Mt. Yari & Mt. Hotaka

On August 2nd through the 4th, I climbed Mt. Yari (Yarigatake) and Mt. Kitahotakadake. Mt. Yari, a symbol of the Japan Alps, is Japan’s fifth highest peak at 3,180m and called “the Japanese Matterhorn” because of its shape.
After climbing Yarigatake and staying at a mountain lodge, I walked to Mt. Kitahotakadake, which is 3,106m high. The trail between Mt. Yari and Mt. Kitahotakadate is one of the most difficult and dangerous routes to walk in Japan.
I stayed there and went down to Kamikochi via Karasawa.
Climbing Mt. Yari and Mt. Hotaka is very popular among Japanese and foreign climbers and was one of my dreams. I really enjoyed trekking and the beautiful scenery. I could see Mt. Fuji.
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