Climbing Mt. Okuhotaka from Kamikochi

Last weekend, I climbed Mt. Okuhotaka-dake, which is the third highest mountain in Japan (the first is Mt. Fuji, second is Mt. Kitadake in Yamanashi Prefecture.) at 3,190m.
I walked from Kamikochi and enjoyed scarlet-tinged autumn leaves along the trail.
The sky was perfectly clear and I could see most of the major mountains in Nagano, Gifu, and Toyama Prefectures, including Mt. Fuji (see the below photo).

There was a little snow on the trail to Mt. Okuhotaka. High mountains will be covered by snow within a few weeks.
You can see beautiful colored leaves in places at 1000-2000m like Kamikochi, Norikura, Utsukushigahara, and Shirahone Hot Spring now.

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Erin says:

Those photos are breathtaking!