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Local Matsumoto people have really loved this shop for almost 40years

Masamura started its business in 1968, and now everybody in Matsumoto probably knows this shop.

The main shop opened in April 2005 and there are two branches in Matsumoto.

The one under direct management is Agetsuchi-ten (4-3-9, Ote TEL: 0263-33-2544) in city center.

The other is the bus-terminal shop (4-27, Fukashi 2 cho-me TEL: 0263-36-2331) in Ario, the department store opposite Matsumoto station.

Authentic and fresh confectionary

Masamura is famous for its baby cream puff, which we call baby-shu. Although they are named “baby” puffs they are not that small and contain a lot of cream and taste really good.

Mr. Masamura, the founder of this shop, trained himself at a famous pastry shop renowned for its cream puffs in Osaka. He got an idea and made baby-shu. So Matsumoto people have enjoyed cream puffs since it opened as the first shop which offered fresh cream puffs all year round.
You can enjoy cakes at the main shop, as there are eat-in corners.

You can choose your favorite drink and a cake and it will cost Y520 as at one price. Even if you order only one drink, say a cup of coffee, you will get a pecan caramel to go with it.

“Tenshu-ishigaki-sablé (shortbread)” is a recommended treat and these contain macadamia-nuts and white-chocolate.

The prices are:

700 yen (5 pieces of shortbread),
1260 yen (8 pieces of shortbread),
1785 yen (12 pieces of shortbread) and
2310 yen (16 pieces of shortbread).

One piece of shortbread is 130 yen.

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: We recommend Wakimizu (Spring Water) and bars.
Susukigawa River bank road which is wonderful for walking and jogging.

A message to our customers:
All of our fresh and delicious sweets are waiting for you. Please come to our shops and have good times.

Name Confectionary Masamura (マサムラ洋菓子店)
Specialties Confectionery
Location 2-5-24, Fukashi (Japanese Map)
Tel 0263-33-2544
Hours 9:00-19:30
Closed Tuesday (every other Tuesday)
Credit Cards Not accepted
Seats 18
Non Smoking Seats Yes – The entire floor is a designated non-smoking area.
Parking Yes – Parking space for 8 cars.
Access 7-minute walk from Matsumoto Station

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