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Retro style hotel which evokes memories from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods

“A mix of Meiji haikara/modern and Taisho romantic – Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu!!”
This was the catch phrase for the hotel broadcasted on a TV commercial in the 1970’s.

It’s been 30 years since then and the hotel has added elements from the post-modern Showa-period. The white exterior really stands out and as a consequence it has become a landmark of Matsumoto. When it was founded, it was an inn in the Higashimachi area. But by the time the successor was in charge, it was functioning as a photo studio and dormitory and was situated in its present location. The design of the present building for “Coffee Shop Kagetsu” reminds one of the Kaichi primary school in Matsumoto.

All of the furniture in the hotel is strictly in keeping with the famous Matsumoto folk-craft furniture. This is the hotel that best represents Matsumoto.

Opposite and to the left of this is the main building. It has the same atmosphere.

Don’t worry, they have parking space!

As with Café Abe near the station, the comfort of the Matsumoto folk-craft chairs and tables here make it hard not to stay longer. There are also all sorts of newspapers and magazines provided for your enjoyment.

And what’s more, they have parking space so you do not have worry about parking!

The sensibility of folk-craft is what makes Matsumoto, Matsumoto

“Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu” has the belief that the warmth of the wood will tell you everything about the castle town of Matsumoto. The lobby, guest rooms and the restaurant that is furnished with Matsumoto folk-craft furniture provide such a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The hotel also supports the “ryokan” style so guests can wear a “yukata” (casual cotton robes) and slippers in the building, and aims to be homely. The Kagetsu has big public bathrooms that use Matsumoto groundwater. This is ranked in the “100 best springs for the Heisei-period”. The “Fukashi no Yu” is open between 4pm and 10am.

The president, Mr. Matsuoka said, “The sincere link between customers and ‘Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu’ is the sensibility of folk-craft”
  Restaurant “kotobuki-jo” in the main building

In the left of what is in this picture, there is more space for relaxation. At the back of this space, is a landscape of colored leaves titled Mt. Tateshina and is (probably) by Shozo Murata. There is also a lithograph by Shiko Munakata which adds an extra touch.

   Reception and Lobby of the hotel

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: View from the Alps Park
    Sotobori koji next to Hotel Kagetsu

A message to our customers:
It is a modern hotel with a retro-style atmosphere.

Name Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu (松本ホテル花月)
Specialties Hotel, Tea room
Location 4-8-9, Ote (Japanese Map)
Tel 0263-32-0114
Hours Restaurant 7:00-21:00
Tea Room 7:00-20:30
Closed Open 7 days a week
Credit Cards Accepted
Seats Restaurant: 100 seats; tea room: 45 seats (including 5 seats at the counter)
Parking Yes – Parking space for 75 cars
Access 3-minute walk from Matsumoto Castle
15-minute walk from Matsumoto Station; 10-minute drive from Matsumoto IC

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