“Yozakura kai”(夜桜会) at Matsumoto Castle, coming soon!!

Yes, finally long time waited “Sakura Night Festival” at Matsumoto Castle is coming!
This festival is called as “Yozakura kai (night sakura viewing festival)”, Matsumoto City has been sponsoring this for 14 years.
Yozakura kai will be start from April 6th Saturday and end on the 13th Saturday.

Venue: Matsumoto Castle
April 6th Saturday to 13th Saturday (8 days)
17:30~ 21:00
Free admission to the castle’s inner garden (can not enter in the castle building at night, though)

There will be traditional tea ceremony services (500 yen), live performance of flute, Japanese traditional instruments such as “koto (琴)” and the ancient court music “gagaku (雅楽)”, as well as various food service inside of the garden.

Cherry trees around the castle moats are lighting up from April 5th (Friday) to 14th (Sunday) 18:30~21:00 during this period. Check out our live camera of them.

Enjoy Sakura and Ohanami (お花見) parties (cherry blossom viewing party) in Matsumoto!

Please carry all your garbage home with your splendid memories!! Thanks for your cooperation to keep the castle and the streets of Matsumoto clean.

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