“Cherry forecasts”

“Cherry forecasts” estimate that in Matsumoto, the cherry trees will begin to bloom on April 10th this year. It is later than last year since it was very cold in February this winter.
Usually, they peak about a week from the beginning of bloom (so around 17th). The blossoms can be seen for 2 or 3 weeks.
The “Nighttime Cherry Blossom Viewing” event will be held April 13th-20th.

4 Responses to ““Cherry forecasts””

KB says:

IS this really the date? Great to know in advance. I am travelling to Matsumoto for a couple of nights. Will we have to book our room ahead for this event? Any tips will help..K

Andy says:

Hello, KB. Sorry for this late response.
The period of the a??Nighttime Cherry Blossom Viewinga??event has been changed from April 19th-26th to April 13th-20th because of warm weather, so, I revised the article.
During April 13th-20th, the hotels will be a little crowded for cherry blossoms, but, the full-scale sightseeing season will start at the end of April, so, I don’t think you have to book your room ahead of time.

sugarcane says:

I’ll be in Matsumoto on 22-24 April.
Do I have a chance to see the beautiful Cherry Blossoms.
If yes, Which place do you recommend?

Andy says:

Yes, you do.
I think Joyama Park and Kobo Yama (see ‘Sightseeing’ page) are best on 22-24 April this year.