The Intersection of Paintings and Photographs

The exhibition of “The Intersection of Paintings and Photographs” at Matsumoto City Museum of Art is stunning. I think this exhibition shows how artistic viewpoints are changed by the progress of photography. Firstly, photography introduces a new way of seeing nature for many artists. Because the photos of nature reflect in the paintings of some artists, they stay at forests to capture nature and a life style of a country side in their art. The introduction of photography was effected on the creation of Impressionist art. Then, photography starts to use modeling as a new tool for art. Modeling creates many materials for artists. For example, an artist is able to see Mary Magdalene as a real woman by having a model. Even a classical motif can be displayed as modern art through photography. This exhibition shows how photography has been influenced in today’s art.

This exhibition is until Sept 27, Sunday.

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