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The Matsumoto Welcomes You website has been renewed and is now Visit Matsumoto (! We are still working on fixing a few problems and you may notice some links do not work yet. We will fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
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Website Renewal In Progress: We Are Becoming Visit Matsumoto!

Matsumoto Welcomes You is transitioning into a new site, Visit Matsumoto—or!

The site is being redesigned for a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience. As it is still a work in progress, there are still a few kinks to work out on the new site, but feel free to browse around and try it out! The current Matsumoto Welcomes You site will also stay live for a little while longer so you can continue reference it until the new site is complete.

On Visit Matsumoto, we’ve got a few new and fun pages, including the “Reasons to Visit Matsumoto” page, a Cherry Blossom Forecast, and an “In Depth Articles” that will continue to grow.

The blog will continue on the Visit Matsumoto site from now on, so keep an eye on it there!

11 Free Wi-fi Spots, Smartphone Screen, New Map Page are Available Now

This March, Matsumoto City installed free Wi-fi at 11 major sightseeing spots.

See this map to find the spots and here for the SSID and the condition of use.

Please look for the following symbol mark to find the wi-fi spots.

Smartphone Screen

Smartphone Screen

At the same time, we optimized the screen of this site for smart phones and also developed a new Google map page to make it easier to find your destination, restaurants, shops and hotels.

Now you can reserve a hotel/ryokan through our site!

In our accommodation directory (hotel/ryokan list) pages (i.e. Downtown Hotels), we added links to each hotel/ryokan`s “find rooms/reservation” pages if they have such pages.
Linked Reservation pages are in a maximum of four languages (English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese).
Some guests to our sites wanted to reserve a room in Konashidaira Camping Ground but couldn’t find an English website and so they told us about it in our Guestbook page. We are happy to say that now you can make a reservation in the English reservation section in the Campsites directory page.
Hotel reservation is one of the big language barriers when tourists travelled to Matsumoto before. We hope it is more convenient for you now.

Now we have eight language versions of this site!

This year, we added French and German versions of this Matsumoto city official tourism website.
Now we have eight languages including Japanese.
The contents vary among each language because we selected information popular for people from countries using that language. For example, Koreans are very interested in mountain climbing, so the Korean version has a “Climbing Northern Alps” page in the menu. We emphasize traditional Japanese culture in the European language versions.
The English and Japanese versions have much more information, so if you can’t search for the information you need in the website of your mother tongue and you understand English and/or Japanese, please browse them, too.

Digital Brochure of the Walking Guidebook

We added an “e-Brochure” to the left side of our site. You can see a digital brochure of the English Matsumoto Walking Guidebook which we newly issued this March. The way to read the brochure is very easy and interesting like digital books such as Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle.
You can get the paper brochure in tourist info centers and some hotels in Matsumoto, and some places in Tokyo (i.e. TIC Tokyo near Tokyo Station, Sawanoya Ryokan, which is popular budget ryokan in Yanaka and Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku). But, it is difficult to distribute paper brochures to foreign countries, so the digital brochure is a good way to learn about Matsumoto before you come to Japan and I guess digital brochures will increase even in other places.

Special Sakura Live Cam from Castle

The day before yesterday, April 6th, the Matsumoto City Office officially announced that the cherry blossoms have started blooming. The national “Cherry Blossom Forecast”, a service provided by the Japanese Meteorological Agency, estimated that the trees would start blooming on April 3rd in Matsumoto. That’s a 3-day difference.
April is the time when most Japanese are crazy about cherry blossoms (sakura) and can often be found enjoying themselves at parties under cherry trees (hanami).

A snapshot from our live camera

This year, we added a “Cherry Blossom Live Camera” page. We installed a high-resolution live camera at the north road of Matsumoto Castle – giving internet surfers a good view of the cherry blossoms. The Castle park will be lit up, so you can enjoy sakura images even at night (April 7-16 from 6pm-10pm).
You can also see thumbnails of previous photos (from around 9am each day) so you can experience the sakura blossoms from beginning to end.
Enjoy the sakura and the view of the Japan Alps with our live cam!

New Feature: event schedule calendar

Poster of Soba Festival

Now Matsumoto is enjoying the beautiful fall foliage season. September and October also have many local and historical autumn harvest festival events, such as Soba Festival in Matsumot Castle and Asama Hot Spring Fire Festival.
We added an event schedule calendar to the Events page, using Google’s Calendar service.
Anyone who has a Google account can register as an editor and add their favorite events in and around Matsumoto easily. Please add a comment or send me an email if you want to do so. Sharing an event calendar is interesting and useful for residents and also for visitors.

Articles About Soba Making And Kiso

We held a soba making workshop and party and wrote an article under the
“Gourmet” page. Matsumoto is famous for its soba noodles and you will find
many restaurants in the area which specialise in soba dishes.
We also added a “Kiso Valley and Nakasendo” page under “Sightseeing” page.

Opening Russian and Simplified Chinese Versions

We opened a Russian version and a simplified Chinese version (for mainland China) of our “Matsumoto Welcomes You!” web site today, in addition to the current English, traditional Chinese (for Taiwan and Hong Kong), and Korean version.
Travelers from China and Russia increase due to their countries’ economic growth.
I hope visitors from all over the world enjoy Matsumoto!

Gourmet Directory

We added a “Gourmet Directory” on the “Gourmet” page.
It is a list of the editor’s choice of restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries in Matsumoto City.
We picked 70 places and divided them into four pages: Japanese, ethnic, Western, cafe/bakery/fast food/other.
Enjoy a variety of food in Matsumoto!

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