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The Intersection of Paintings and Photographs

The exhibition of “The Intersection of Paintings and Photographs” at Matsumoto City Museum of Art is stunning. I think this exhibition shows how artistic viewpoints are changed by the progress of photography. Firstly, photography introduces a new way of seeing nature for many artists. Because the photos of nature reflect in the paintings of some artists, they stay at forests to capture nature and a life style of a country side in their art. The introduction of photography was effected on the creation of Impressionist art. Then, photography starts to use modeling as a new tool for art. Modeling creates many materials for artists. For example, an artist is able to see Mary Magdalene as a real woman by having a model. Even a classical motif can be displayed as modern art through photography. This exhibition shows how photography has been influenced in today’s art.

This exhibition is until Sept 27, Sunday.

The Birth of Industrial Design

Matsumoto city Museum of Art is having an exhibition of Yanagi Sori who is a pioneer of industrial design. When I entered the exhibition room, I was impressed with the variety of his designs. He has designed so many things such as furniture, kitchen tools, dinner sets, toys, and cover designs, etc. He has designed products which are related to our lives. The show made me realized how designing is close to a way of my life. I felt like I want to have his designed chair in my room, because it’s so stylish. I think his industrial design is not only practical but it is also very creative.
The exhibition is until June 28, 2009.

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