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Why don’t we make Tanabata dolls?

☆ What are Tanabata dolls?
・In Matsumoto there is custom of hanging a pair of dolls under the roof on Tanabata day.
・It is said that the wind takes the bad luck away.
☆ How do you make it?
・The dolls are about 20cm long.
・We make a male and a female doll.
1, Date and time : July 26th 2008(Sat.)
2, Place :Oote Kouminkan(Public Citzen,s Center) on the 2nd floor.
(Address:3-8-1 Oote Matsumoto Tel 33-4397)
3, Instructor : Sayaka Boa-Ampong (She is a communication designer.)
4, Participants : 20 children.(who live in Matsumoto city.)
5, expense : 200yen. Please bring scissors.
6, Please apply by July 19th
You can call or fax the Matsumoto City Board of Education.(Tel 33-4397, Fax 34-3206) Please tell us the following things.
・Your name, school and glade.
・With parents or not.
・Your telephone number or fax number.
【Photo】Tanabata dolls in Baba-ke Jutaku
(Heritage House)

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