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Kiyomizu Art Festival in the Western Hills of Matsumoto.

For those with an appreciation for art and who may want to feel a little cooler in the summer heat, nearby Matsumoto on the western slopes of the surrounding hills is a place called Kiyomizu Highland named after the Temple there that was the original temple from which Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto was named. The locals there are putting on an art festival with a variety of open Studios and even musical events at the Kiyomizu Skyland resort hotel over the next two weeks.

Should you want to vistit or even pop in on the original Kiyomizu temple take a look at the schedule below or the facebook page ( you can read or work with Japanese with a translator.
While you are there you can take a nice Onsen style bath with a great view of the entire Matsumoto Valley and along the Japan Alps at Kiyomizu Skyland. The temperature up their is a good 5 degrees cooler making it a popular mountain cabin locality. You may even spot some monkeys getting about along the way.

Free WiFi in North/Eastern half of Japan for tourists. 14 Days.

This is Really useful info for Tourists traveling in the top half of Japan.

The Creativity of Yayoi Kusama’s Alternate Universe via CNN

Click here to go to story at CNN

A recent article here by CNN discussing Yayoi Kusama’s creative works of art, infinity rooms and exploring her expressions of her perspective on life death and infinity. Yayoi Kusama from Matsumoto is artist now in her 80’s that has been a prolific artist for decades now. Her art features in the Matsumoto Museum of Art permanently.

Sakura-Cherry Blossom forcast for Matsumoto and District 2013

Saito Kinen Festival; Seiji Ozawa Makes a Comeback!

Seiji Ozawa

Seiji Ozawa

3rd Annual Koi Koi Cultural Festival

Matsumoto’s international cultural festival, “KoiKoi Matsumoto”, on the 1st of July, at M-Wing, Matsumoto’s central kominkan, from 10:30AM to 5:00PM.

This should be a pretty big being the third year it’s been on, and the last years were big and fun.
It fills up the whole of  M-Wing, and this year it will be spilling out into the street, as the little road between the kominkan’s buildings, behind the main building, will be blocked off for use.

There will be a stage show from various countries’ groups, an international food court, an international stamp rally, a capoeira workshop, a place where foreigners can try on yukata, and more.

This year there will also be a charity bazaar, and selling waffles and drinks, the proceeds of which will will go to an orphanage in the Tohoku region for children orphaned by last year’s disaster. There will be a free percussion/rhythm time there, for the public to join in. If you have a percussion instrument that you can carry easily, please bring it if you can, and join!

If you would like to donate anything to the charity bazaar, please contact us directly at: mayumi(at) ,or phone: 080-4215-1709 .

You can see information about KoiKoi Matsumoto and a poster at: .

Get along if you’re in town on the 1st of July.

New Hokusai Prints on Display at Ukiyo-e Museum!!

Some newly confirmed Hokusai prints on display at the Matsumoto Ukiyo-e Museum…until May 31st.
A must see for any art buff especially if they have an interest in Japan.
The wood block printing was far advanced on European printing….multi color printing! It is fitting that Epson is based around here.
They can do a presentation in English too!

Right beside it is the oldest remaining Courthouse in Japan. It was originally near the Castle.  There is also a Road house at the adjacent court house and architectural museum that was used to house the young women who were traveling to work in the silk factories. They had such hard lives (near slaves) .
The place also had a secret room (if I remember right) for girls escaping.

BANZAI!! Congratulations Matsumoto Yamaga on Promotion to the J2 League

Yamaga won its match against Honda Lock SC, knocking it out of the J2 Football League and taking its place.
Yamaga won 2- nil on Dec 4th to be promoted from the JFL 3rd division to the J2 Second Division League.
Congratulations on a long fought for goal being achieved!!

Score here:

Earlier articles and photo’s on Yamaga’s rise here, some going back to Pre-JFL days.

Matsumoto’s Yamaga achieves an upset win against 2nd div Yokohama

For Yamaga and soccer fans out there an article on Yamaga’s win against higher ranked Yokohama.  A welcome win for the team.
Link here;

Two Japan Times articles on the region. Climbing Mount Akadake and low environmental impact horse drawn selective logging.

An expedition up Akadake (Red mountain/peak? I guess)
And some Eco friendly  Logging using traditional low impact methods in a block of land  in western Nagano near Kurohimegawa, owned by long term Japanese resident of British roots. C.W.Nichol.
Nice reading.

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