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641 2018/3/1 Luggage and Baggage Storage

Are there any known areas that handle luggage or baggage storage for the day? My luggage is about 100L in size, so I'm afraid it will not fit in the coin lockers at Matsumoto Station. I am planning to spend 2 hours in Matsumoto and leave directly to Haneda Airport for a flight.

Thank you very much in advanced.

Note of webmaster: Hi Marie,

The large-size coin lockers (see this size list and map of locations) should be able to accommodate even 100L suitcases, but in the event that they cannot/are full, the only place nearby that does storage is at the shop at Matsumoto Castle.
Please note that you will need to pay to enter the inner garden, so if you don't have plans to view the castle, this might not be the best option.
A taxi will cost you less than ¥1,000 to get there. Or you can take the town sneaker which runs every 20-30 minutes and will cost ¥200. If you plan on making any other stops, I recommend the Town Sneaker 1-Day Ticket, which costs ¥500, but also offers discounts to the castle and other sightseeing attractions.

Hope you have a chance to visit us again!