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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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117 2014/4/10 Thank you
Thank you Andy! Finding Dr. Suzuki's former residence is of special significance for our family. You have made this part of our trip so much easier! Thank you very much!

116 2014/4/9 Suzuki in Matsumoto
Hello, my family will be staying at Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu on April 13. We will be driving from Niigata, visiting Jigokudai Yaen-Koen, and then staying in Matsumoto one night before driving to Gifu and Kyoto the next morning.
We would like to see the Matusmoto castle, and Suzuki Hall because my children recently started taking Suzuki method lessons. But I cannot find the address of Suzuki Shin'ichi Memorial Hall on Google maps. Do you have any advice or suggestions?
Also, is there parking available at these places?

Note of webmaster: Hi, I added Suzuki Hall's address in our Suzuki Hall's page and changed "Google Map" links, which didn't work due to Google Map's change of their specification.
There is a car park in the Hall (because the hall was residence of Dr. Suzuki).
- Andy

115 2014/3/31 living
Hi, I'm planning on moving to japan in a few years. I'm not shure where in japan yet,but I'm thinking matsumoto. I like being around a lot of people, and I don't know what my budget will be. where would you recommend me live in matsumoto, or in another city?

Note of webmaster: Hi,
There are not "a lot of people" in Matsumoto and other rural areas. But, the rent in Matsumoto is cheaper even in the city center area than busy big cities.
If you like natural surroundings but not too rural area, Matsumoto is one of the best towns in Japan, I think.
- Andy

114 2014/3/27 Rasheedah Again
So is there anywhere in japan i could go hiking/sight-seeing this weekend that you could recommend?

Note of webmaster: How about snowshoeing in Norikura or walking/biking (rental bike) from Hotaka to Wasabi Farm? Otherwise, in the warmer area near Tokyo you can see ume blossoms and hike to Mt. Takao, etc.
- Andy

113 2014/3/23 Season Opening for Hiking
Rasheedah M 
Hi, I tried visiting last year but they said the bus wasn't running because it wasn't in season yet. When do you suggest taking a trip? I don't mind the cold so much, but is it possible if it will be open in late march or April?

Note of webmaster: Hi Rasheedah,
It depends on where you want to hike.
In case of Kamikochi, it will open from April 18.
Toward Norikura highlands, buses operate all year round because of ski resort, but buses toward high mountain areas of Norikura will operate from May.
Buses to the trailhead of Mt. Tsubakuro will operate from end of April.

So, generally speaking, late April is the beginning of the hiking season to 2,000m class mountains.

But mountain trails are still covered with much snow and frozen in high altitude area in spring (even in June), so you have to have experience and gear of winter mountaineering, even you don't mind cold.

Take care!

112 2013/12/25 GUM clinic in Matsumoto
John Holmes 
Is there a GUM clinic in Matsumoto? Or where's the nearest one?

Is it free. If not, can I use my health insurance card to only pay 30%?


Note of webmaster: Hi, John-san
In Japan, I suppose urologists treat GUM. In Matsumoto, there seems to be some urology clinics (Google map), such as Tokuda near Matsumoto Castle, Ikegami in Nakamachi (very old) and Furuhata in south of downtown (new and young). You have to pay 30% by your Japanese health insurance card if the desease is approved to be covered by it.
- Andy

111 2013/12/16 Renting a stall in Parco
Tultul Ahmed 
I heard a while back that's it's possible to rent a stall for the day at an indoor market on Wednesdays in Parco.

Is the market still going? Who would I need to contact about renting a stall.

Cheers for any help. If anyone wants to contact me offline about this, my email is roquet34 [AT]

Note of webmaster: Hi, I haven't heard "indoor market in Parco" and couldn't see such information in Parco's website. Isn't it one-day special event or finished event?
- Andy

110 2013/8/25 Matsumoto/Kamikochi Travels
My wife and I are planning a trip to Matsumoto and Kamikochi for the weekend of August 30th - September 2nd. We are planning to arrive in Matsumoto on the 30th, stay one night and see the castle, then proceed to Kamikochi for a night or two. I have found Marumo Ryokan to be the most attractive option in Matsumoto, but I do not have a fax machine to contact them. Do you know of another way I can get ahold of them? Also, do you have any recommendations for affordable places to stay in Kamikochi so that we can do some day hikes? Thank you in advance for your help!


Note of webmaster: Hi Josh,
See this previous message for budget places to stay in Kamikochi.
If you prefer Marumo Ryokan, call them (the owner speaks English) or I can reserve instead of you (it is very close to my office) if you tell me ( your name, address, the dates when you stay, number of persons, breakfast option, scheduled time to check in, and your contact info of the hotel you will stay at the previous night or your phone number just in case.
- Andy

109 2013/8/17 Mr. Imamura
Lucy Hoffhines 
My son, daughter-in-law and I visited the Matsumoto Castle in July, 2013. We were shown through the castle by Mr. Imamura, who did a wonderful job. He told us all about the history and showed us things we would never have discovered on our own.

I just wanted to thank him and tell him how much we appreciated the tour - so if possible, would you see that he gets this note?

Thank you,

Lucy Hoffhines
Elizabeth, Colorado

Note of webmaster: Hi, Lucy
I know him well because I has been studying English in an English conversation circle with him.
I will tell your message to him.
Thank you,
- Andy

108 2013/8/11 Meet up!
I am moving to Chikuma city at the end of August and even though it is about a 35 minute drive to Matsumoto that is not a problem for us. My husband will be playing basketball for the BJ League Nagano team. I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old, hoping to eventually meet up with others in the area or surrounding areas! Anything I should know to bring/pack beforehand? Thanks in advance.

Note of webmaster: Hi,
Welcome to Nagano.
In Chikuma city, I know a guy from your country who is now a young master of traditional ryokan Kamesei in Kamiyamada hot spring resort.
He, Tyler Lynch, is a sociable person and knows many foreigners and Japanese in the Nagano prefectural area. I told him your message in this guestbook and he says he wants to meet you. Please contact him. His Facebook page is
I hope your husband will play well and excite the team Shinshu Brave Warriors.
- Andy

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