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143 2016/8/4 Rental classifieds online?
We have visited Matsumoto twice and plan to visit again soon. I am interested in finding an apartment rental agency or classified house rental resource that I can browse remotely. Also is there a business oriented group that will assist english speaking gaijin in getting permitted? Any suggestions please? Many thanks

142 2016/8/3 City museum calligraphy exhibit
Michael Lang 

Greetings from Maine, USA!

My family and I had a great visit to Matsumoto a few weeks ago. At the City Museum was an exhibit of a contemporary painter who worked exclusively in Japanese calligraphy. Unfortunately, I did not note the name of this incredible artist. Would someone please pass along his name to me? Thank you.

We miss Matsumoto!


Note of webmaster: Hi, Michael-san

Did you visit Art Museum, which is famous for Yayoi Kusama's works? If so, it may be Shinzan Kamijo (see here). If this is not one you are looking for, please tell more detailed info.
- Andy

141 2016/7/4 Kominkan
Is there another kominkan in Matsumoto beside M-Wing?

Note of webmaster: Hello, there are many (maybe more than 100) kominkan if we count small local kominkan.
Some sightseeing spots are also kominkan and anyone can rent a room. For example, old buildings in Agatanomori Park, Nakamachi Kurassic-kan, Performing Arts Center are kinds of kominkan.
Also, you can rent a room in the citizen support center (2th of TIC near the Castle) free-of-charge if you are Matsumoto citizen and register.
- Andy

140 2016/2/20 2 days Matsumoto itinerary
Aloha, we will be in Matsumoto in the afternoon on April 18, and leave early noon on April 20. Can you please suggest an itinerary for sightseeing, activities and restaurants.? Thank you for your assistance.

Note of webmaster: Hi, I sent your e-mail address to a person in Matsumoto City Tourism Association. He or she will send you a suggested itinerary.
If you don't receive e-mail within a week, post again.
I hope this will help you.
- Andy

139 2015/10/11 Beginner Japanese classes

Moved to Matsumoto a week ago and been searching for beginner Japanese language lessons. Do you have any recommendations where to look?

Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Note of webmaster: Konnichiwa (not Konichiwa), yokoso (welcome) to Matsumoto!
Could you read this response to a similar question?
- Andy

138 2015/9/18 Matsutake Mushrooms
I heard matsutake mushrooms are in season. Are there any farmer's markets near Matsumoto that sell matsutake mushrooms?
Are they grown near Matsumoto?
Thank you in advance. Denn

Note of webmaster: Hi, denn-san
Yes, matsutake's season has started. Most of farmer's markets in or near Matsumoto (for example, Yamabe Winery and Horigane Bussan Center) except for small markets are selling them. And I think matsutakes sold in farmer's markets are grown near Matsumoto.
You might know, they are very expensive (several thousands yen).
- Andy

137 2015/6/6 repiles outside blog forum
Hello all,
Is <> a no reply?I had replied to Milton trying to post outside of this forum. Thanks!

Note of webmaster: Hmmm I'll take a look.

Weird indeed.

136 2015/6/2 View of Japan Alps
I am going to go there during beginning of March 2016. Could you please advise where can I enjoy great view of Japan Alps? Is there any routes or gondora to high points of Japan Alps in early March? Thank you !

Note of webmaster: Hi Niinii,
Japan Alps can be seen well from Joyama Park and Alps Park. A bus is commuting from the bus terminal only twice a day. There is a walking path between the two parks.
Only one gondola to high points of Japan Alps in March except ski gondolas is Shinhotaka Ropeway.
March is a good season to see Japan Alps covered with snow, though it is cold in high point areas and the path might be slippery.
- Andy

135 2015/5/29 Thanks Milton
Thanks Milton,

I will check the link you have provided. The commitment to this guest blog by the editor's is stellar!

Note of webmaster: Hi again Keith.

I mena to reply a little more yet, but can't just at the moment.

Please check back here and in your mail in a few hours.

134 2015/5/27 Real Estate resource
Greetings hosts,
My wife and I have visited Matsumoto twice and are interested in seeing what is available for vacation houses or conventional housing for purchase in Matsumoto and vicinity. Are there agencies with a web sight that could be recommended that can work with foreign buyers? Thank You!

Note of webmaster: Hi There Keith.

I caretake a vacation home for a person I first met on this page.
It would be available for short term or long term rental for that matter.
It is in the hills around Matsumoto. Such places are available at times.

It was purhased at a very competitive price in a run down state.
(A few tens of thousands I think, from a pool of foreclosed homes).
It has been moderately tidied up now.

If you are across Japanese there are sites that list such current foreclosed homes that can be bidded on.

Beyond that regular real estate is available.
Remember that in Japan expect deflation on a property, especially one with a newer building on it.

I think best value is derived from a building a decade or too old for a home.
For space and land older homes in a good state go for little more than land value.
Buildings here are seen like cars and devalue rapidly also. Probably little value is seen as being held in a typical 30+ year old building.

I will try to find a link to the default homes page if I can.
But remember it is very legally difficult in Japan to evict people from a home you may buy while they reside there.

I'll try to update this post soon with a link or maybe two.
And maybe one conversation on a podcast on this topic.

I am not so across regular Real Estate in English (but we own our own place so have been through a purchase process).


One link here to a useful Podcast by a Local Matsumoto resident on Real estate and housing.
There are a number of useful podcasts by this author that make for a good listen when you have a little time.
Most centered on the Matsumoto region and issues of living here in Japan from hands on locals.

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