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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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6 2017/11/6 About Japanese language class
Hello, I will stay in Matsumoto for two months and I heard about Japanese language lessons, is there still opening for who wants to learn? Where should I go for? Thank you Arigato! Yuyen

Note of webmaster: Hi (konnichiwa), Yuyen
See here about Japanese language lessons.
- Andy

5 2016/5/26 suica
Hello, is Matsumoto station in JR east region? I want to refund my suica card there...

Note of webmaster: Yes, it is!
- Andy

4 2016/5/25 buses in matsumoto
Hello, I'm visiting Matsumoto this August. I plan to visit Matsumoto castle and Joyama park. I did a little research and narrowed down to these 4 buses that can take me to Joyama park from the castle and back to the station.
depart time14:41or16:21¥200
get off at成山公園口
14:06¥230or below
get off at開松

Can you take a look at bus No.45's fare chart? I don't really get it. How much does it cost from 市役所 to 開松?Where is 開松stop located, what direction and approximately how far should I go after getting off the bus? (I just need a general idea of these info~ Don't wanna get lost!)

As for 城山公園口stop, umm...where is it ?@@ Google map won't show. Just let me know if there are directions and signs nearby and I'll be fine...

Thank you~

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I suppose it costs 210 yen from 市役所 to 開松 (probably). The map of the 開松stop is here (in Japanese) and it takes a few minute walk (to west) to the park.
The map of 城山公園口stop is here. It takes 15 min walk (to west) to the park.

There is a good viewing tower and a statue of cute child seat in the park. Enjoy it!

- Andy

3 2014/7/19 GOOD LUCK
Chen Tien Ding 
May you do me a great favor
this information come from新松本物語
Because "arumo ryokan" has not e-mail and call to telephone receipt not yet
So can you help me reservation 2014/10/11 one night for 2adult
arrive at 松本 city18:00 by bus
"arumo ryokan"
3-10 chuo 3-chome MATSUMOTO-SHI NAGANO
JAPAN 390-0811

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I forwarded your request to the owner of the Marumo Ryokan (not Arumo) and he said he will contact you soon.
- Andy

2 2008/8/13 Ukiyo-E-Museum
Heinz Lohmann 
Matsumoto itself was a beautiful experience, especially the castele the Matsumoto Bonbon August 2nd, we happend to experience very unexpectedly.
The only real disappointment was the Ukiyo-E-Museum. It is more a museum shop with a very small exhibition. The shop itself is OK, and we bought some prints, but the number of works exhibited was really very disappointing. I think, the proportion between museum shop space and exhibition space should be more like 10% to 90 % or 5% to 95%. In the Ukiyo-E-Museum it is more like 50/50. There seems to be room for improvement.
Anywhere, I would like to come back to Matsumoto a second time, but I'm sure not to visit the museum a 2nd time.

Note of webmaster: Heinz,
Thank you for your comment. I understand your feeling, although I didn't feel such disappointment and I enjoyed great and famous Ukiyo-E works very much when I went there. I guess one cause of the proportion is that the museum is a private one (Mr. Sakai's collection). I will tell your opinion to the manager of the museum.
I hope that you will visit Matsumoto again.

1 2007/12/9 Matsumoto city and Jigokudani Yaenkoen
I'm planning a day trip to see the onsen monkeys and wondering the best way to make a day trip. I'll be coming from Hakuba and considering spending half a day in the city and the other half to see the monkeys. What is your recommendation? What is the best way to plan this day trip? I'll be returning to Hakuba for the night...thanks.

Note of webmaster: Will be in contact off blog. Andy