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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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6 2008/3/6 Mt Kobayama
Please put in the"Sightseeing" How to get to Mt. Kobayama.

This will be helpful for us, we want to go there for Cherry Blossoms.

Note of webmaster: Hi there again.

I have just given my Japanese a workout and tried the helpline for Alpico here. The route you need is not on the internet timetable.
They have promised to fax a copy to me but that has not come through yet. I will update this if it does and then I can advise you more precisely.
The buses out to Koboyama or very close leave from the downtown bus terminal. The bus you need to ride is "namiyanagidanchi line" You should be able to see Mt Kobo when you get near.
If you take this bus you should tell the Bus driver you want to get off by Koboyama. (Say using my very own phonetic spelling.... "kor-bor-yar-mar nee ickeetai". Correct alphabet written form is "Koboyama ni ikitai" in case you want to write it down and show him. It means "I want to go to Mount Kobo"). You could use this phrase at the help desk at the Bus terminal too where they should be able to manage a little English. At worst you should get off at Yamada Denki A very Big yellow electric goods store.
Other wise use a bike a taxi or a car
You can knock off some distance and cost by taking the Southern route Town Sneaker to Tsukamashogakouguchi (Tsu-Car-Ma-Shor garkor k/g-oochee ) if you were from there willing to get a Taxi or walk for 15 minutes.
But otherwise you'll have to bite the bullet and get a taxi. I estimate that would cost you around 2000 yen each way without going to the Museum.
Perhaps the loan bikes would be the best way in that case. But the Museum is up a moderate hill.
The museum is at the first intersection just below the word "terms of use" on the google map link provided on the Koboyama page. Scroll the map down to see it. A castle ruins is also on top of the hill between Koboyama and the Museum if you have a car or a will to hike.

I hope that is of use.

5 2008/3/6 Cherry Blossoms at Matsumoto
Please update in this website the time Sakura opens, and the best date & place for seeing at Matsumoto this year.

Note of webmaster: Hi there.
I have reviewed a number of Sakura forecasts and estimate that you would be best here around the 18th to 20th of April. If you are searching for forecasts yourself the date is usually for the first bloom date and they peak about a week later. Usually they are looking good for 2 or maybe 3 weeks.
If you like a little history I recommend the museum that has some very interesting relics in it. Some are from the tomb on top of Koboyama.
I recommend going in the late afternoon. You can watch the sunset and enjoy the lantern lit walk back down the hill. Perhaps you could go to the museum first before it closes then to the Sakura.
About transport to Koboyama I will get back to you. I assume you will be relying on local transport and won't have a rental car.


4 2007/12/19 Shirahone Hotspring
After consideration, we decide to go to Shirahone hotspring instead of Kusatsu onsen.
We plan to go there on Apr 24, but when seeing bus timetable, this date is not applicable.

1. I'm travel on JR pass, which is the economy way to reach Shirahone? Can we go by JR train?
2. If go by bus, please let me know the bus timetable from Matsumoto and the way back
3. Which ryokan you can recommend? I prefer the nice open air bath.

Thank you very much for your kind answer

Note of webmaster: Hi Sugarcane,
You can go to Shirahone hot spring only by bus. There is no JR from Matsumoto.
The bus timetable from/to Matsumoto is located at
As for ryokans, see our Accommodation Directory - Shirahone Hot Spring page.
All ryokans in the directory have open air baths. In particular, Awanoyo is famous for its large open air bath.

3 2007/12/14 Accommodation in Nagano city
Thank you for the kind advise on bus timetable.

Here's new question.

I try to find homy accommodation in Nagano city, as this should be better to stay here before going to Kusatsu onsen the next day.It seems to me that there is limited accommodation for tourist in Nagano city.
Can you please advise web page or the budget accommodation in Japanese style in Nagano city.

Thank you a lot


Note of webmaster: Hello again,
Because we live in Matsumoto, we don't know much about Japanese style accommodation ('ryokan') in Nagano city.
On the website of the Nagano Convention & Visitors Bureau, there is an Accommodations page that contains a list of hotels and ryokans.
There is an 'inquiry' link in their menu, so, I think you can ask them.

2 2007/12/10 To Kusatsu onsen from Matsumoto

I need help for bus timetable to kusatsu onsen.

I'm travelling on JR Pass. From Matsumoto I plan to go to Kusatsu onsen via Naganohara Kusatsuguchi and take JR bus.

Can I have the bus timetable

Note of webmaster: Hi, sugarcane
I found the bus timetable here and next page here (in Japanese).
The bus leaves Naganohara Kusatsuguchi at 7:00, 7:50, 8:58, 9:58, 10:55, 11:35(only on Saturdays and holidays), 12:20, 12:35, 13:17, 13:35(only for JR train Kusatsu 83), 14:20, 14:37, 15:32, 16:25, 17:20, 18:22, 19:20, 20:25, and 21:55.
Have a nice trip!
Andy (Japanese)

1 2007/5/21 Koboyama
I'm planning to visit Matsumoto next year, and found this website helpful.
I'm interested in Kobayama, to see cherry blossom, and wish to have a day trip from Matsumoto.
Unfortunately, I cannot find how to reach there.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Note of webmaster: Hello there.
Mt Koboyama is quite close to Matsumoto. A Taxi from the downtown railway station or perhaps the slightly closer 'Minami Matsumoto' station would only take a 5 or so minutes. I suggest visiting the nearby museum also to get the picture on the history and artifacts. You could also take advantage of the free loan bikes which can be loaned from the City offices. ... sorry about no map. I will prepare an update to the page on how to get there and to the related culture Museum in the next few days.


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