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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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16 2015/4/4 trvl to matsumoto
we wl trvl to matsumoto on 10may15 frm tokyo.can we use jr kanto pass frm shinjuku to kobuchizawa by ltd exp asuza or super asuza n pay diff fare frm kobuchizawa to matsumoto.thank you

Note of webmaster: Hi, Ora
I think you are right. Have a nice and budget trip,

15 2015/3/10 Is it possible to see cherry blossoms in late April?
I plan to visit Matsumoto on April 25.

Note of webmaster: Hi,
You can see them in places at high altitude and north area, such as Mt. Hikarujo in Azumino, Alps Park in Matsumoto (maybe a little late because cherries might bloom earlier than usual this year), and Omachi Park.
- Andy

14 2015/1/7 How to go to "Village Inn Seizanso" by local bus?
I interest to stay at "Seizanso Village Inn" but this inn locate far away from Jr-matsumoto station and no train arrive to there.
I'm not sure there are local bus to this inn or not?

Note of webmaster: Hi,Tor
It is located in Norikura Plateau. There is a bus from Shin-shimashima (the terminal station of Matsumoto Railway Kamikochi Line). It operates 6 times a day and only 13:35's one departs from Matsumoto Bus Terminal. The nearest bus stop for the inn seems to be Bandokoro, the 3rd bus stop from Shin-shimashima. Good luck,
- Andy

13 2014/10/20 Would like to travel on new year day, is it possible?
My family and I will go to Shirakawago on 12/29 and we will leave there for Tokyo on 12/30.
Along the way, I plan to visit Matsumoto just for a couple hours and take bus to Tokyo from there.
However I checked that the castle will be closed. Is it possible for us to see the castle from outside? Or is there any interesting place to go?
If there isnt, Should we skip Matsumoto and go to Tokyo directly?

Note of webmaster: Hello Vithapoom,
You can walk the garden around the castle and see it from outside. It is beautiful from outside. Also, Nawate and Nakamachi traditional shopping streets selling goods for the coming new year might be interesting.
- Andy

12 2014/10/5 Apple picking
My 8 year old son and I are going to Matsumoto Castle on 16 Oct 2014. We would like to go to fruit orchards for apple picking. Which orchards should we go to and how to get there? Any means of convenient and reasonably priced transportation?

Note of webmaster: Hi, Darika
There are two orchards where you can do apple picking in Azumino anytime. They are Fruit Land and Azumino Fruit Farm in this Azumino Exploring Guide, and also some other WWOOF farms in Azumino might welcome you. They are the northwest of Matsumoto Station and you can go by train (Oito Line) and then taxi (10 minutes, reservation required) or walk from Hitoichiba Station or rental bike from Hotaka Staion if you can go by seeing a map.
Ask Azumino City tourist info center +81-263-82-9363 (some speak English) for more details and taxi reservation.
Apples in Azumino are delicious and I think it will be good experience for you and your son.
- Andy

11 2011/5/25 Ask about my program
atchara srikorn 
Hello, I’m in BKK , Thailand.I’m Atchara Srikorn (57 Years), THAI,Buddhist , employee of PTT public co.
I found your E mail in the web of Matsumoto and clicking by accident !!!!
You just went to BKK , right? Welcome you to my beautiful country.
My niece live in Matsumoto. That inspire me for hoping to travel there ourselves. I mean myself and my daughter (19 years).
Touring in summer is better than another season ,all right ?? But travelling in Matsumoto in the summer is the big problem for me
Because the website show that everyone bikes around the beautiful area …….. I can’t .
May you suggest how and when we should go there for 2-3 days or more .
We went to Takayama and Shiragawago once in April 2009.we came to Japan in the blossom time twice. ( 2003 and 2009 )
My experience is in Hakone , Kyoto , Nagoya , Osaka and many places in Tokyo. It is 6 times for only me in Japan.

Pls. set my program for me and my daughter ( in case that we meet but don’t stay at my niece’s house)
Too many thanks , Atchara.

Note of webmaster: Ms. Srikorn,
First of all, you don't have to bike. You can walk and see things in down town Matsumoto like Matsumoto Castle, old street, natural springs and so on. And one day pass for city bus is available and cost you 500JPY for adult.
Aslo, two day pass is available at 5000JPY and you can use it for bus runs in town, for sightseeings in mountain side such as Kamikochi, Mt. Norikura and Utsukushigahara.
I will send you a some sample itineraries later by Email. Thank you. -Teddy
PS:Yes, I just got back from BKK. Nice people, nice food and nice cool SINGHA BEER!!!

10 2010/11/30 snow monkey and where to see on 10-11April 2011
Hi there,

I'm going to Matsumoto on 10-11April 2011. Could you suggest good place for cherry blossom and still it nices to see snow monkey at Jigokudani (still snow?). Would love your answer please.

Your kind suggest other interesting place will be appreciated. I will stay one night in Matsumoto then other 2 nights in near area. How do you think if 1 night in Yudanaka and other in Karuizawa

Note of webmaster: Hi Kom,
Cheery blossoms bloom depending on the temperature of the year. Usually, 10-11 April is best or a little early in downtown Matsumoto. Refer to this year's record of the live camera of Matsumoto Castle, which is a popular cherry spot. Susuki river and An'yoji Temple in Hata area are other good spots. Outside Matsumoto, Takato's Castle Remains Park is very famous but crowded.
Snow in Snow Monkey park also depends on the weather, but maybe still snow. Yudanaka is good if you like Snow Monkey, onsen, old ryokan town. Karuizawa is good if you are interested in shopping resorts and also a bird watching course.
- Andy

9 2010/10/29 Lost sunglasses
Somjit C. 
I've visited Matsumoto Castle on 23 Oct 2010 and lost my sunglasses in magnetic clip part somewhere around there. Could you please find it? Thank you for help.

Note of webmaster: Hello Somjit,
I asked Matsumoto Castle Office. They are keeping some sunglasses in their lost and found. Could you tell me more info (color, characteristics etc.) to specify yours. I can't understand "in magnetic clip part" means.
- Andy

8 2010/10/20 I'll travel to Matsumoto in this December(2010)
atchara srikorn 
I've a Thai girl in this area but she don't know how to set the best program for me and my husband (62 years) He don't like Winter and can't bear the cold weather""" so he won't go sking and some activity outside. But I and my daugther (18 years) eagery touching the SNOW here. pls.suggest me and set my family plan in Matsumoto(4-6 days) and then the other area that's interesting in Winter.
for your information - I and my daughter went to Takayama and Nagoya and Osaka in March 2009.This time I want tosee the Monkey in the Hot Spa too.Pls. advise us (Not much MUSEUM - we like Natural and SNOW)

Note of webmaster: Hi, Atchara
The Monkey Onsen is a must-to-go, and other onsen & ski resort like Norikura might be nice to stay for you, since you and your daughter can ski or play with snow (sled, snow man, etc.) and your husband can enjoy staying in onsen and a hotel room. Most ski resorts open in mid- or late-December depending on snow fall. So, if you come early- or mid-December, please go to some ski resorts that open early (such as Hakuba, Shiga Kogen, or Karuizawa (snow by machine)). Also, Xmas illuminations in Karuizawa and Azumino National Park are very beautiful in Dec and you can enjoy shopping in Karuizawa and some activities in Azumino.
Please make your plan seeing some website like "Go! Nagano" by yourselves (we are sorry but we are not a travel agency).
- Andy

7 2008/9/17 Apple and grape farms
During my trip to Matsumoto, if I want to visit some apple and grape farms in Azumino and Yamabe.
Please advise easy way to these places which bus/train should I take?

Can car rental company provide driver to drive me around the farms and to the Wasabi farm?
What would be the cost by your estimate?
Would this be done in one day?


Note of webmaster: Hi Panyakit,
As for grape farms in Yamabe, ride the Iriyamabe Line bus or take a taxi from Matsumoto Station. It's about a 20-minute ride. Get off at "Iriyamabe Shucchousho Mae". You can find "Yamabe Winery", which organizes grape picking at grape farms.
As for apple farms in Azumino, I know a good one, Fuyama Orchard, which is located a 10-minute taxi ride from JR Train Hitoichiba Station. Call Azumino City tourist info center +81-263-82-9363 (one woman speaks English fluently) for details and other orchards.
Tourism taxi companies drive you to these farms and to the Daio Wasabi Farm. The charge is about 25200 yen for 4 hours. I think it can be done in one day.
Have a nice trip!
- Andy

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