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31 2017/3/16 Kamikochi round trip ticket

I will go to Kamikochi on 29/05/2017 in early morning but I will arrive Matsumoto on 28/05/2017 in the afternoon. I have some questions.
1. Where can I buy Matsumoto~Kamikochi(round trip)ticket in advance?
2. Or I can by ticket in the morning I don't know
what time ticket counter open.

Thank you.

Note of webmaster: Hi Khun Vi,
Welcome to Matsumoto.
Ticket to Kamikochi is valid only for one day so cannot buy in advance so you will buy ticket on 29 May.
1. There is ticket vending machine in JR Matsumoto station outside of JR ticket counter. Left 2 machines are for Kamikochi Line. Press English button first.
2. There is bus terminal in front of JR station. Building itself is called ARIO and ticket counter can be found at entrance on the first floor. They open 4.40am everyday.
You can get all kinds of info at our Tourist Info Center located just in front of ticket gate at JR Matsumoto station, or one block before Matsumoto Castle when you arrive.
For any further info please email me.
Khob khun Krab!

30 2017/3/3 Route to Mt. Norikura
Dear sir,

I have plan to go to Matsumoto and Takayama area in 6-10 May 2017, I'm interested in the Alps Shinsyu/Hida Open Ticket 4 days pass. I have some question belows:
1. Do this pass can use reserved bus from Takayama to Shirakawa-go? Or I can use only not reserved bus.

2. About route to Mt. Norikura. When this route is open? Please send me the schedule and bus timetable.

3. Please send me bus timetable from Takayama to Hida furukawa.

Best regards,
Weera Krykad

Note of webmaster: Hi Weera,

1. You can use only NOT-RESERVED bus.

2. The buses to the top (Tatamidaira) of the Mt. Norikura operates only July-Oct due to remaining snow (Japanese timetable: Buses to the halfway (Kuraigahara Hut or snow gorge/Katanokoya Hut) operates from early-May (depends on the remaining snow, last year from May 9th). (Japanese timetable:

3. It seems to be only Japanese version ( "古川駅前" in the middle of the table is "(Hida )Furukawa Station" It takes 0:50 or 1 hour from Takayama Bus Center (in the top of the table).

Have a wonderful trip,
- Andy

29 2016/10/30 Taiko Drum Festival

I want to visit Matsumoto for Taiko Drum Festival in July 2017. I would like to know whether I need to buy ticket. Where will the festival be held? Is it held only at the castle or around the town. Can you please suggest me on this? Thank you very much for your help.

Note of webmaster: Hi, Jin-san

The Festival is free and there is no ticket.
The main stage is in the castle garden. Until this year, some performances were held at a few other squares such as in front of the station.

- Andy

28 2016/7/11 Hiking Tsubakuro dake
Hi, I will visit Matsumoto on Jul.15.16 and will do hiking to Tsubakurodake on Jul.16.16 then back to Matsumoto on Jul.17.16.

Is there any bus from Matsumoto direct to Nakabusa Onsen?

Any recommend Beef/Wagyu restaurant?

Note of webmaster: Hi,
There is no direct bus. You should go to Hotaka Station by JR and ride a direct bus to Nakabusa.

Restaurants you can eat wagyu beef is,
- Shangri-La in Tokyu REI Hotel in front of the station
- Restrorin (also good for gibier, a little expensive) between the station and castle
- BBQ restaurants, Meigetsukan (a little expensive) and Botanen (Kobe beef)
Take care not to eat too much

- Andy

27 2016/5/26 Pls help us to find the hotel on Saturday 16th July 2016
We plan to visit Matsumoto & Kamikochi on July 14-18,2016. It's really difficult to find the hotel in Matsumoto on Saturday 16th July from the website, could you please help us to find and recommend the hotel/ryokan for 4 adults around the Matsumoto station area (๋cost JPY 4000-6000/adult)?

Thank you.

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I found only one available room in a inn (ryokan) Hakuraiso (舶来荘) in Yokota Hot Springs Area on Japanese website.
That day is a very busy day in Matsumoto, so if you want to stay there, please reserve by yourself or ask me ( to reserve (tell your name, necessity of meals (dinner and/or breakfast) hotel of the previous day) on your behalf. The price is 4,629 (with breakfast: 5,555; with dinner also: 6,481) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
- Andy

26 2016/3/25 koboyama
Thank you for the quick reply earlier
i have a couple more questions
i would like to go to koboyama mountain for sakura..
1.can i go there by bus.. does it run often ? When is the last bus go back to matsumoto station? (In case i go to see sakura illumination at night if there is one) it far to get there by bike? Is there a place i can rent it? About how much? there an illumination at the castle on 15th of April?
Regards and have a good day

Note of webmaster: Hi again,
1. The bus to there,"Namiyanagidanchi Line", runs every 2 or 3 hours. It departs the Matsumoto Bus Terminal at 7:20 9:05 11:05 14:05 16:05 and 18:55. The last bus departs 'Koboyama Iriguchi' (trailhead) bus stop at 19:21.
2. Rental bikes are free. See here. It takes about 30 mins by bike. Not so far.
3. The special illumination for the cherries will start three days after cherries begin blooming (forecasted 'April 3rd') and continus 10 days. So, it might end around 15th. The lighting of the castle is held 365 days.
- Andy

25 2016/3/25 utsukushigahara
Dear Matsumoto ,
I am visiting Matsumuto next month 15-16April.. i will stay in town and would like to hike in Utsukushigahara heights.. is there a public transportation to get there at that time? Is it possible to do a daytrip??
Thank you in advance..

Note of webmaster: Hi nattapon,
Utsukushigahara Heights is a good place, but access to get there is a week point. Buses operate only in summer. Taxi to there is expensive.
If you manage to go there by car, a day trip is possible. Or, if you stay in one of two hotels there, they have pickup service from the Matsumoto station.
Sorry for inconvenience.
- Andy

24 2016/3/4 shirahone hot spring
First of all i would like to thank you for answer my question. I would like to ask for more questions;
1. It would be a better idea or not if i should rent a car for traveling from takayama-shirahone-matsumoto.(Is it difficult or dangerous to drive?
2. Which hotel do you recommend in shirahone between Yumoto Saito or Konashi no yu Sasaya? (Room, food and onsen)
Thank you

Note of webmaster: Hello again,
1. Umm... The road of Takayama-shirahone-matsumoto is narrow, old, and has many cliffs in both sides. I can't recommend driving unless you want adventure drive or you are skilled driver of Japanese roads.
2. I guess Konashi no yu Sasaya is much better, because it has private open-air onsen bath, locates in a quieter place surrounded by nature, and smaller Japanese-style building than Yumoto Saito. But, if you like bigger hotel and bath, Yumoto Saito Both might fit your preference. Both hotels are popular so I guess food are good in both.
- Andy

23 2016/3/4 Bus from takayama to shirahone hot spring
I plan to go to shirahone hot spring from takayama on this early april. But, i could not find the bus timetables. Could you please help me? Thank you

Note of webmaster: Hi,
There is no direct bus from Takayama to Shirahone. And before April 16, there is very few bus to Shirahone. Only one method is taking a bus leaving Takayama at 12:50 and get off at Oyako daki (14:17) and transfer to a bus to Shirahone (14:41). It arrives at Shirahone 15:53.
Sorry for your inconvenience.
- Andy

22 2016/3/3 Tateyama - Kurobe Alpine Route
Could you advise us about Tateyama - Kurobe Alpine Route. We are going to travel there on April 19, 2016 for one day trip. Can you suggest the package that route for us?
Thank you.

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I want to you ask you some questions before our suggestion.
Would you like to join a "package" tour to the Alpine Route? Or, just need a model itinerary?
And you want to start from Matsumoto (any hotel?) and come back to Matsumoto?
- Andy

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