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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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11 2017/9/21 Orange Manga/Movie Locations Tour
Hello! I will be travelling back to Japan this fall season with my sisters and we plan to have a day tour in Matsumoto from Tokyo to visit Orange Manga/Movie filming locations. I've read the same inquiry from one of your guests dated April, so I was wondering if the tour maps are still available at Tourist centers? I only have a soft scanned copy but it's all in Japanese Characters, do they have available in English? Thank you so much for your help.

Note of webmaster: Hi, Michiko.
You can get Japanese location maps of the manga and movie (separately) in TIC's in Matsumoto.
Sorry we don't have English version.
I am glad the Orange is popular in Philippin.
Free rental bikes may be convenient to see around the locations. Have a nice trip.
- Andy

10 2017/5/18 Filipino Community

I wonder if someone can help me connect with Filipino community in Matsumoto? I was trying to look in FB but was not successful. Thank you for the help.



Note of webmaster: Hi,
I only know some Filipinos go to Catholic Matsumoto Church near the Castle. See their official website (in Japanese) and an unofficial Facebook page.
- Andy

9 2016/8/3 Help~
Hope someone will help me...
I'm looking for a "plywood" store so I can buy it cheaper instead buying in daiso...
And is there a free Japanese Lesson here in Matsumoto??
My work is at 5pm hope to do some Japanese Lesson during day time friday to tuesday only if there is any school for that for Free hop you could tell me 😁

Note of webmaster: Hi,
As for a plywood, we Japanese usually buy such things at "home centers" like Watahan, D-2, Cainz Home. But, 100 yen shops like Daiso might sell cheaper than them.
Free Japanese Lesson is held at some community centers (kominkan). At the biggest one M-Wing, two free lessons are held but they are Tuesday night and Thursday morning. Ask multiple cultural plaza at M-Wing for classes at other kominkans.
- Andy

8 2016/7/29 Tourist Guide service
Hi! I'm Evelyn. I'm a filipina living in
Matsumoto, Nagano . I speak english ang filipino language. If there's anybody who wants or looking for a guide, I offer such service. Please email me if I can be of help. Thank you and Welcome to Matsumoto!!!

Note of webmaster: Hi, what is your Japanese skill level?
If it is enough to guide and sometimes interpret, I reccommend you register at .
- Andy

7 2016/5/21 Kimono Lover

Note of webmaster: こんにちは。
ご存じと思いますが、松本城は毎年8月上旬~中旬に"Admission is free for visitors in kimono"の期間がありますね(。
- Andy

6 2016/3/11 Work
Hope you can help me :)
I just moved here in Matsumoto from Gifu-ken and I am looking for a Job with a high rates or can anyone send me their contacts so I can call them... I really need a stable Job to live here....
Thank you if you'll help me 😁

Note of webmaster: Hi,
It depends on your skill and career, especially Japanese skill and technical skill. If you don't have such skills, teaching English in an English conversation school (please look for them on the Yellow Page, etc.) is one of a few possible jobs.
Please visit the Hello Work if you speak Japanese or the Multiple Cultural Plaza in M Wing for consultation.
Good luck,
- Andy

5 2016/1/26 :)
hello do you know where i can study japanese for free? i want to take the exam like n3... im working for five days and my off is tuesday and friday im hoping if there are places where i can learn without changing my schedule?

Note of webmaster: Hi,
Could you read this response to a similar question?
The class every Tuesday (7pm) at M Wing might fit your schedule.
- Andy

4 2015/8/12 Foreign communities in Matsumoto
Hello! My husband will be based in Matsumoto starting this September. Also, I will be giving birth to our first child this October. I am wondering if there are any foreign communities/ group where I can join. I don't know anyone there and just want to make friends :D Thank you!

Note of webmaster: Greetings Errin.

I can put you in contact with a number of local people and also people who are of Fillipino background.

Check your private e-mail address where I will make some suggestions and give you some contact options.

I hope your pregnancy and birth here in Matsumoto goes well!!
And hopefully we can get you surrounded by supportive folk you can relate to.

I'll chat further via e-mail.


3 2015/5/18 Norikura Snow Wall
Karen See 
Hi! Thanks for the great site you guys! Really helpful

I'm planning to have a trip to Nagano actually, and I was hoping if you can give me some advice :)

I was wondering if there would still be some snow walls left in Norikura on the last week of July.

I have some days off next week but I don't think it's a good time considering I want to hike in the Norikura and Kamikochi area. Problem is, the next long break I get to have is still in July the last week.

I was hoping I could at least get to see the snow walls either there or the ones in Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. But regarding the latter, I was told that the snow walls are only 3-4 meters tall by end of July, and they don't really look like walls anymore. I was wondering if the same goes for Norikura?

Best regards,


Note of webmaster: Hi Karen,
We are sorry but end of July is too late to see snow walls even in Norikura. There are remaining snow and some people enjoy ski in end of July, but no high walls there.
- Andy

2 2013/4/4 Matsumoto Castle Night time viewing
Hello again. I just wanted to confirm if the the daytime entrance fee and night time viewing fee at Matsumoto Castle are different? I remember visiting temples in Kyoto and the daytime fee and night time fees are different. Thanks again.

Note of webmaster: Hi,
Entrance fee is necessary to enter the castle (inside the donjon building and a part of garden) in daytime. Night time viewing of cherries and the garden is free of charge (at night, you cannot enter the building).
- Andy

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