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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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13 2018/6/22 Daio Wasabi Farm visit in October
Geert van den Doel 

We plan to visit the Matsumoto area last week of October. Is this still a good time to visit the Daio Wasabi Farm? I read at some places 'April to late October' so I am afraid that late October you have the chance that there is not much to see.

Thank you!

Best regards,


Note of webmaster: Hi,
It opens even in winter (closes 16:30 from November, 17:20 until October) and it is a good place to visit all year round (though spring is best). In October, maybe you can enjoy beautiful colored leaves (see from 7:15 of
- Andy

12 2018/2/8 Visit Matsumoto and Kamikochi?

My friend and I are visiting Matsumoto from April 23th till April 27th. We'd love to do a dayhike in Kamikochi. We read on the site that Kamikochi will open on the 27th of April. But we also read that buses allready drive to Kamikochi from the 17th of April. Is it possible to visit Kamikochi by bus in the days before the 27th of April for a dayhike?

And if that's not an opportunity. Are there more hikes you can recommend in the area of Matsumoto?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Note of webmaster: Hello Elisa!

The 27th is a festival celebrating the opening of the mountain for the season, so many people visit from that day, but the mountain will be accessible by bus from the 17th. You and your friend can visit Kamikochi and hike before the 27th. There will still be some snow on the trails (due to the weather and altitude), so just be sure to have proper footwear.

Safe hiking!


11 2017/3/28 Is Kamikochi accessible before opening ceremony?

We are planning to visit Matsumoto in april (probably from april 19th) and we were wondering of Kamikochi park is accessible and nice to walk before the official opening ceremony. Can we go there for one or two daytrips and do some (short) hikes? Will there be lots of snow? And will there be any open facilities (restaurant/toilet) or is everything still closed?

Thank you so much for your reply.
Kind regards from Holland,

Note of webmaster: Hi Eline-san,
I think the bus & taxis will start operation and some facilities (some hotels, too) will open (or start preparing) April 17th this year. You can hike in mid-April but some snow remains on and along the trails. It is great because it is not busy (Japanese are few, but some foreigners including Asian tour travelers are there).
Take care and good luck,
- Andy

10 2016/5/17 Taxi from ogizawa to Matsumoto?
We are considering taking the alpine route from tateyama to ogizawa. The last bus from ogizawa to shinano omachi leaves at 5 pm, but
Is it possible to take a taxi from ogizawa to Matsumoto in the evening (around 6 pm)? And what are the costs?

Note of webmaster: Hi, Linda
The last bus leaves at 5:55 pm from Apr 16 till Nov 3.
If you want to take a taxi, I think some taxis are waiting or you can call it. Matsumoto is far from Omachi and it seems it takes around 13,000 yen.
Have a nice trip!
- Andy

9 2015/5/9 3 day (guided) hike
Dear sir / madam,

When in Japan I realy like to do a 3 day hike in Kamikochi national Park. I haven't decided eaxactly but I want to go somewhere between 9 and 16 august. Realizing that this is the peakseason I problebly should plan ahead?
Since I think I will be traveling alone; I would like to join a guided group hike. I've been looking for something like that on internet but can't find anything. I realy hope you could help. I would like to walk for 4 to 6 hours a day and sleep in a hut (not in a tent).

thanks very much for your reply!


Note of webmaster: Hello,
August 9 and 16 is the busiest season in Kamikochi. I guess you want to hike in the high mountain area such as Mt. Yari and Hotaka. Even though such area is less busy than the center area of Kamikochi, huts are crowded and maybe you have to sleep in a very small space.
As for the guide, I asked a guide speaking English in a nature guide group but he says he cannot organize such English-guided group hike tour at that time. You can't hire a guide personally (expensive) nor join Japanese-guided group, can you? I am sorry that I cannot find helpful information.
- Andy

8 2015/2/27 Skiiing and Cross Country
Dear friends from Matsumoto!

I have three questions:

I read on your blog that it is possible to go for cross-country in Hakuba.

1. Are the snow conditions usually good enough in the first week of April/last week of March? We will visit Matsumoto by then?

2. Can we rent all the equipment there (and clothes as well)?

3. Is it also possible to go ski and cross-country (to separate those who like speed)?

Thanks a lot and see you in a couple of weeks

Note of webmaster: Hi, Martijn
I called an office of the cross-country course (0261-75-3934) to ask your questions.
They plan that the season of this year will end at the end of March (depending on the snow condition at that time).
You can rent all the equipment (skis, polls, boots) by 1,500 yen, but NOT clothes.
The alpine ski area (Sanosaka courses) is 2km (30 min walk) from the cross-country course.
The cross-country course was used at Nagano Olympics. I think it is great experience if you can come by the close of it.
- Andy

7 2015/2/18 Hiking around Matsumoto late march - early april
We will be in Japan late March to early April this year. I understand that Kamikochi is still closed by then. Are there other opportunities to make one-two-three day hikes in the surroundings of Matsumoto during this time of the year?


Note of webmaster: Umm.. It is too early for hiking. Snow might remain on trails so if you have boots suitable for snow or snowshoes, you can hike 1000-2000m areas (Mastumoto downtown is 500-600m), such as Mount Hachibuse from Gakenoyu Hot Springs. Norikura Plataeu might be another alternative.
Lower short (only a few hours) hike courses such as Joyama Park to Alps Park, or a hiking course behild Asama Hot Springs are easier and probably you don't need snow gears.
Take care!
- Andy

6 2014/10/7 how to travel
best way to travel from tokyo airport to Matsumoto

Note of webmaster: Pls see this page.
- Andy

5 2013/4/11 Question on tourist information
Geachte mrs. or mr.
By this way I would like to introduce myself, Leydy Lübbers, director of TAO Japan Specialist. We are specialist in special interest tours to Japan. Allready 30 years I do visit Japan countrysite (Tsumago, Shiragawago, Koyasan, Matsumoto, Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido and many other places in the countryside etc.)
Now I search information which I cannot find on internet so I ask you if you can send me information.We want to prepair for Dutch people information on going to Kamikochi.
In Holland we do not have a Japan Tourist Information Organisation. So very difficult to get good maps and pamflets.
1) Maps for 1-8 days walking trails from Kamikochi to Kawasawa-dake, Daikiretto, Yari-ga-dake,yoko-samso, Tokusawa-en and back to Kamikochi. Also alternative route through Karasawa valley.
2) Adreslist of mountainhuts or lodges all the way on these trails. And also the prices and how we can make reservations.
3) Information pamflets (10x) on Kamikochi area
4) Hotel adreslist of lodges and minshuku/ryokan in Kamikochi village
5) Transport from Kamikochi to other parts in the Japan Alps.
If you have questions, please write me. Thank you very much for your attention
If you do not have this information, please can you send me the faxnumbers or email adresses of tourist information centers in Kamikochi area who know more. Special information on making reservations in Lodges/mountain huts when I make a 5 days trekking from Kamikochi

Note of webmaster: Hi Lubbers san,
Thank you for contacting with us about tourist info. Actually, it would be hard for me to answer your questions on this site.
So please email me at '' Then we talk about this in detail.
Thank you,
Teddy Yamaishi (Mr.)
Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association

4 2010/9/27 hiking in the area
Hello Andy,

Thank you for your answer!.
So if we wanna walk/hike in the area, we can just take a bus on Saturday and ond Sunday to for example Kamikochi and go back to Matsumoto in the evening/the end of the day?

Thanks in Advance

Note of webmaster: Rianne,
Yes, you can take bus and train to Kamikochi, Norikura, Kiso or Azumino for one day hike, like caterina's question and my answer.
Of course, if you stay one of those suburban places, you can also enjoy wonderful morning hike and night stars if the sky is clear.
Have a nice trip,
- Andy

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