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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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5 2015/9/18 Mushroom picking and ID'ing course
Following on from the previous question, does such a thing exist in Matsumoto or Azumino?
All is Japanese if fine for me.

A few years ago I went on a sanai course in Hakuba. The expert led a group and showed us what was edible. We collected it and took it to a restaurant where they cooked it for us. It was a very enjoyable half day.

Is there such a thing for mushrooms?


Note of webmaster: Mushrooms are common in mountains around Matsumoto and Azumino. I think there are some tours (for Japanese), but I don't know where those tours are held. Some mushrooms are very poisonous and much more dangerous than sansai in spring, so you definitely need experts for picking.
- Andy

4 2013/3/21 Listing a new accommodations?
Brian ODonovan 
Hey Webmaster,

This is a great site which helped me when I first moved to Matsumoto - thanks!
I work in a hostel near Matsumoto station now and wish to enquire as to how Matsutmoto BackPackers could get listed on this site. matsumotobpDOTcom

Thanks so much,

Note of webmaster: Hi Brian,
I added your hostel in the end of Accommodation Directory - Downtown Hotel.
I read articles about it in some newspapers, was interested, and was thinking to add it in the list.
I hope many backpackers and travellers stay at your hostel!
- Andy

3 2012/11/19 Living in Matsumoto
Hello and well done on your work on this site, it's very informative. I have just moved to Matsumoto with my family and am interested in meeting up with other foreign residents. I read elsewhere on the site that some long-termers meet monthly for breakfast. If that gathering is still happening and open to newcomers I would be grateful if anyone could let me know where and when? Many thanks, Paul

Note of webmaster: Hello there Paul.

Great to know the Irish accent will be heard around Matsumoto.
I will send you an e-mail to give you details of the breakfast and see that you get along there OK.

Welcome to Matsumoto.
I hope you enjoy your time here.


2 2011/4/27 Sports bars
Hi Andy, I was reading a post of yours from last year about a sports bar called "Garage No.2"(near the big crossing "Misuzu" near Shinshu University). Do you have a phone no. for them?

Also there's a big sports bar in north Matsumoto but I can't remember the name. Do you have their contact details?

The reason I'm looking for sports bars is I'd like to watch the royal wedding in a pub atmosphere. Do you think sports bars and snack bars will be showing it? I know the Japanese are all very excited about this wedding.


Note of webmaster: The sports bar is "Spocafe GARAGE". Their phone No. is 0263-36-2082, e-mail is Refer to (Google Map and their Japanese website). I think it is the "big sports bar in north Matsumoto" you wrote.
I don't know they show the royal wedding program (BS-1 from 5:30pm). Maybe they can show it if you ask -- I hope so. A problem might be that a sport event, figure skating, which Japanese are also exited with, will start from 8:00 of the same day
- Andy

1 2011/2/28 Breakfast
Hey there,

Moved to Shiojiri last year and am eager to meet up for Sunday brekkie with other local residents. Drop me a line with any details - thanks!

Note of webmaster: Hi Brian.

The breakfast is on the 2nd Sunday in the month. so on the 13th.
I will send you an e-mail. Contact me a few days before to tee it up.