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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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10 2016/5/4 It is safe to walk from matsumoto at 02.00 am?
the bus from tokyo at 22.45 - n arrive Matsumoto at 01.45, it is safe to walk at 02.00 am from bus stop to matsumoto station?

what is the matsumoto station open for people at 02.00 am, so we can wait there till the first train to shinano omachi at 04.35 am?


Note of webmaster: Hi Agnes,
The bus stop is along a road and just a few minute walk to Matsumoto station.
In Japan, it is almost safe even mid-night, especially in our local town Matsumoto (maybe no people at all outside).
But, I think the station closes until 15 - 30 min before the first train. Refer to this previous question and my answer.

Additional info: a long and wide concourse of the Matsumoto Station aren't locked 24 hours. There is no chair, but you can wait your train in the concourse (not so dangerous, I think).

- Andy

9 2016/5/3 Halal Food/Restaurant in Matsumoto
Sri Een 
Hi, I'm going to visit Matsumoto-city at 5th and 6th of May 2016, do you know any halal restaurant/ food in Matsumoto city?
Thank you very much

Note of webmaster: Hello,
I heard one halal & central Asian dish restaurant 'Aselya' has opened recently. It is located in the west of Fukashi Shrine & Matsumoto Performing Arts Center. The tel no. is 0263-88-3939. It opens 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00 and closes on Tuesday.
- Andy

8 2014/4/2 2014 Cherry Blossom
I'll be visiting Matsumoto on April 12th & 13th.
Any chance to see cherry blossom at the castle by that time?
Will the castle light up at night on the 12th?

Note of webmaster: Hi, Shandy
According to the "cherry blooming forecast", cherries might start blooming April 9.
Cherry trees on the north of the castle park will be lit up from two days after starting blooming (actually the castle is always light up). The nighttime cherry viewing event in the castle will be held from three days after starting blooming. So both the lighting up and event will held in April 12 though the cherries are not full bloom yet. It is getting very warm these days, so I think cherries will start blooming before April 9th or just 9th.
Enjoy the cherries, castle, Matsumoto and Japan!
- Andy

7 2012/5/16 Route from shinshu university international house to Yamada denki
would you please show me route or how to get to yamada denki,by walking or by bus..Actually I Live in shinshu univesity international house.thank you

Note of webmaster: Hi,
It seems to be 5 min walk from Life Square Como Shonai bus stop of Town Sneaker Bus Southern Route. Or, 15 min walk from JR Minami(South) Matsumoto Station. The map is here. Enjoy shopping around for Japanese electronic devices,
- Andy

6 2012/1/23 memory92
atik mulyati 
I was a trainee in 1992, PT EPSON Shimauchi. I always remember the local and Japanese people like Mr. Nakazawa, Mr. Momose they were good people there is one friend I never forgot Ms.. keiko Shimizu. Hayashi nana. Mr. Naoya. Masato. Please if anyone knows it please contact my friend emailed me. one of my neighbors when I was in shimauci "Iwakura family san" I also love the family missed it. please contact me at this email.

mata aimasu

atik mulyati

Note of webmaster: Hi there.

I will do a bit of a search for you. We just had some good luck with the post before you and found pretty much contact with all the people sought.
If you have first names to go with those last names it would help I think.
Any other hints hobbies or such?

I will semd you an e-mail for any more private details you have of your friends to make contacting easier.

If you would like me to blank out your e-mail at any point just say here or by reply e-mail.

Will see what we can do.

Milton and Maki

PS Could you please Check your e-mail or e-mail me at
Address bounced twice.

Awaiting your contact

5 2011/5/2 Bus To Nagoya
Dear Sir / Mdm,

We will be going to Matsumoto as it is the nearest town from the exit of Tateyama - Kurobe Alipne route sometime around end of May 2011. We need to get to Nagoya by night. Could you let us know how do we make a booking for bus to Nagoya (we are not considering the train as we are traveling on budget:), and what is the latest time we can leave Matsumoto? We hope to be able to spend some time exploring the town :) So long as we can reach Nagoya at night, even late night, we are fine. Look forward to hear from you, thank you!

Note of webmaster: Hello Shirleen,
The phone number to book the bus is 052-582-0489. I don't know there is an operator any who speak English (maybe not).
You can book it on this website, but it is also in Japanese.
The latest bus is 19:30 (see the timetable).
Probably the latest bus will be not full, but if you cannot speak Japanese and want to book it to assure your seats, I can book it (only book, you can purchase it before ride) instead of you if you me your name, date to ride, number of people (male/female, adults/children), and your phone number in Japan or your country.
- Andy

4 2011/1/16 tour suggestion
sudarsono hardjosoekarto 
Hi, I will be in matsumoto from Jan 26 noon up to Jan 28 afternoon. The places I want to visit are: Daio wasabi farm, Shirahome onsen, and snow sight seeing(?). Is there any group tour which I can join?

best regards

Note of webmaster: Umm.. Sorry there is no English group tour in Matsumoto. As for "snow sight seeing", if you want to try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, ODSS (, ), some of whom speak English a little, has such tour at Norikura , near Shirahone onsen.
If you can join a Japanese tour, Travel Plaza (TEL:+81-263-81-3100, provides one day and half day tours. Then go around Azumino incl. Daio wasabi farm.
- Andy

3 2010/11/7 Going to study
Hi, i'm a student and will have a study program at Matsumoto at January till February. Do you think I'll be able to take a walk in the street and just walking around at the extreme weather?because as you may know, Indonesia doesn't have winter.
And do you know any secondhand or vintage store where i can buy some fashion stuff?
I hope you can answer my questions.
thank you so much!

Note of webmaster: We will be waiting for you!

How do you do?

If you are looking for a both secondhand and vintage store, you should try visit a store called "GOOD STORE". This shop imports quality clothes mostly from U.S.A. The brand of clothes are such like "Patagonia", "The North Face" and "Feathered Friends". As you know that these brands are designing the clothes especially for extreme weather. So, I believe you can purchase some clothes that help you survive during your study program.

The address is stated below:
2-8-15 Chuo Matsumoto Nagano
Sodai Taira

Additional comment:
GOOD STORE seems to deal in mainly outdoor sport type clothes.
I know "Pink" in the south of Nakamachi, and there seems to be "Panagorias" on the north of Parco Department Store for normal clothes.
Winter of Matsumoto might be tough for Indonesians, but try to stroll wearing warm clothes!
- Andy

2 2010/9/27 journey plan
hi there, i'll be travelling to japan in late nov for 9 days with my wife and setting up my journey plan from now.i would like to ask some question :
1. how to get to matsumoto from kyoto ?
2. can u tell me which apple farm and grape farm that we can pick our self ?
thanks in advance.

Note of webmaster: Hi, Fendy
1. From Kyoto, take Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagoya. See here from Nagoya to Matsumoto.
2. Two farms appearing in page 6 of Azumino Exploring Guide (PDF) in the Suggested Routes & Map page of Azumino City Official Site offer apple picking. I know another one, Kato farm well. Late November is too late for grapes and maybe you need reservation for apple picking.
Enjoy delicious apples,
- Andy

1 2008/12/3 School
irzan kasma 
any information about "Matsumoto Senmon gakko" Or "Technical Training School - Matsumoto" ? Email Me Please ??!!

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I e-mailed you information about "Matsumoto Vocational Training School" and some other technical colleges.