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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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40 2018/3/22 Visiting Matsumoto in March.
Charles Taylor 
Hello there!
I’m visiting the beautiful region of Nagano very soon and plan to do some exploring in Matsumoto, after checking the website of Kamikochi I’ve noticed they will officially be closed until April. Can you give me any information regarding what routes we can take while the park is closed so we can still get some hiking done in the off season. Are we still able to visit certain areas during the “winter” season in late March?
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

Note of webmaster: Hi Charles,

Even at the end of March, conditions in Kamikochi are still those of winter. Since buses do not run to Kamikochi until April 17 (and cars are not allowed into the park) you will most likely need to snowshoe to get to the park. No facilities at the park are open, and you would be entering at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you have hiking/snow shoeing experience in winter conditions or plan to visit with a guide. Experienced guides can be found here and may be able to guide you even in the winter: Or you may be able to find a guided tour through a travel agent.

We recommend snowshoeing in places like Norikura, where companies offer snowshoe rentals/guided snowshoe tours. You can find more information here:

Enjoy the mountains!


39 2018/2/6 Driving around Matsumoto - April 9-12 2018
Winter Visitor 
Hi everyone. Great website.

We're thinking about spending a few days in the Matsumoto area in the second week of April 2018. My question is about what it would be like hiring a car and driving to some of the onsens in and around the mountains close to Matsumoto (for example, Shirahone).

From looking at weather reports from previous years, I know that there's a chance that it could be very cold, but I don't know what to expect the roads to be like. Will they have ice and snow? Will it be pleasant to drive at this time of year, or would people try to avoid it?
Thanks for any help you can give...

Note of webmaster: Greetings Winter Visitor!

They will be taking care of snow removal on the major roads so the onsen areas should be accessible. Please be aware that some areas will still have snow and it may snow even in the second week of April. If you do not have any experience driving on icy roads, we don't recommend that you drive. If you do rent a car, however, rest assured that they will come with the necessary winter tires. Our website lists car rental companies in the area, most of which have English websites:
Onsens with day-trip bathing like Shirahone, Norikura Kogen (Highlands), and Asama are accessible by bus. Bus timetables may change in April (start of the new fiscal year) so be sure to double check the times if you would like to take the bus.
The bus timetable for Norikura Kogen and Shirahone is here:
Asama Onsen bus timetable:

Hope this helps. Enjoy the onsen!


38 2017/12/11 Christmas and Winter Events
Dear Team of the Welcome Matsumoto Website,

I've already checked the Event Calendar but in past years there have been things going on like "multilingual carol singing", "candle illuminations in Azumino National Park" ... and I was wondering if there will be such events this year as well.
Or would you be so kind to advice me some special winter events in the area around (+/- 2 hours) I should definitely not miss?

Big thank you for your help!

Note of webmaster: Hi Theresa,

The "multilingual carol singing" has not been held in recent years, but other upcoming events can be found here:

Information on winter illuminations can be found here:

You can also visit our facebook page where we share upcoming events:


37 2017/11/5 Mr
English speaking guide required from 7th nov - 9th nov for a husband and wife

Note of webmaster: Hi, Aman
A professional guide, Ms. Kubo will e-mail you.
Have a nice trip,
- Andy

36 2016/11/12 Tourist advice

My parents are coming to visit us over the Christmas period so we have decided to visit Matsumoto for a few days. We will be there 26th Dec - 29th Dec and was wondering if you had any suggestions? We already know about the castle but is there anything else worth seeing or doing?
Thanks in advance!!

Note of webmaster: Hi,
If your parents are interested in traditional art and hisotry, Ukiyo-e Museum and Old Court Museum (close on 29th) might be good to visit. Near the museum, Kametaya Sake Brewery is also fun.
If your parents are interested in miso, one of Japanese food culture, Ishii Miso Brewery is a good place to see around and have a lunch of miso. At Matsumoto Museum of Art near Ishii Miso, you can see Yayoi Kusama's famous art world and some calligraphy arts of other artists.
On 28th, at the entrance and two gates of the castle, Susuharai (soot sweeping) will be held.
Enjoy your Christmas with your parents in Matsumoto!
- Andy

35 2016/9/27 free foreign language castle guide service
Michael Loftus 
Many congratulations on this excellent service which my wife and I used on Sunday. The guide was charming, attentive and very knowledgeable. Its a great facility which highlights the City's committment to inbound tourism. Thank you. Michael and Clare

Note of webmaster: Hi, I will forward your kind message to the castle guide group.
Thank you,
- Andy

34 2016/4/16 mens drop in or rec football / soccer
Hi Andy - just wondering if you're aware of any men's football (UK) / soccer (US) recreation leagues or drop in games around Matsumoto? thanks very much!

Note of webmaster: Hi Rob-san,

Actually I have no idea about rec leage of football arround Matsumoto, sorry.
FYI, I found an information from Matsumoto Yamaga FC (J2) website that they will take place 1 day event ( on 4th May.


- Ryu

33 2015/9/4 Bus times for Matsumoto to Misayama
Do you know the times for this bus and how much it costs?


Note of webmaster: The Japanese timetable is here. The upper area is Matsumoto Bus Terminal to Misayama (Inakura, two of them are to Ichinose), the lower is Misayama to Matsumoto Bus Terminal. The left area is for weekdays, the right area is for weekends. The cost table is here. It costs 720 at the
maximum (Bus Terminal to Ichinose).
- Andy

32 2014/12/29 Gym?
Hello! I currently live in Matsumoto, and I'd like to join a gym. I know there is one near the city center, but I can't seem to find any information about it online. My japanese ability is very low, so I feel nervous about signing up without google translate to assist me! Are there any gyms with websites? Or do any of the hotels offer memberships for their gyms?

Note of webmaster: Hello Julie,
There are some gyms other than "Central" you mentioned, such as Renaissance and SAM, but they don't have English pages either. I haven't heard hotels collaboration with gyms.
The Central's website has some Japanese terms and conditions for membership, so I suppose you had better visiting there and talk (some workers might understand some English, I hope). If you need volunteer interpreter to go with you to assist, e-mail me ( Probably I can introduce someone.
- Andy

31 2014/10/9 To: Sven Høy (Hoy) re: hike
Hi Sven. I'm interested in hiking from Kamikochi. My email is roquet34 [AT]


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