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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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12 2018/2/20 Winter Wonderland: Snowshoeing in Kamikochi
Dear Team,
thanks for all the information provided on this website.
I'm very keen on going for a snowshoeing hike in Kamikochi this February/March after I read the blog article on this page.

How can I get there best? I'd like to do it individually rather than joining a group or a guided tour but can't find proper information.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Note of webmaster: Hallo Teresa,

We would highly recommend using a tour to hike in Kamikochi during the winter because all facilities, including emergency facilities, are closed until April. It can be dangerous if you do not know there area well (there can be small avalanches and there are no well-kept trails).

The best place to schedule a tour would probably be Little Peaks located in Norikura Highlands. They offer a one-day tour for 9,000 yen, or two-day tours where you spend the night in Kamikochi for 23,000 (camping) to 31,000 yen (stay at an inn). Unfortunately, their site is only in Japanese, but you can also try to contact them via email ( or phone (0263-93-1243). I believe that the staff can at least speak some English, but we can try to help if necessary.

If you insist on doing the hike without a guide, you will need to drive yourself/take a taxi to the Sawando parking area near the Kama Tunnel, and then take a taxi from there to the Kama Tunnel which is the entrance to the road that leads to Kamikochi. There is some information on this blog post, but I cannot find more detailed info else where:

You will want to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for winter weather, have a map and supplies, and make sure you inform your hotel or someone that you are going on the hike, in case anything happens. And make sure you don't go alone :)

Sorry I can't give you specific details, but let me know if you have any other questions!

- Felice

11 2017/8/16 Asama onsen taimatsu matsuri 2017
Sebastian von Gumpert 

We're going to Japan in September and October 2017 and heard about the Asama onsen taimatsu matsuri fire festival which we would love to visit. On another website we found the date of the 8th of October for it , which would be perfect but here it says it's gonna be on the 14th which would be a pity cause we are leaving Japan on the 11th of October. Can you tell me whats the correct information?

Thanks, your help is much appreciated! Sebastian

Note of webmaster: Hi Sebastian,

That festival is held on the 2nd Saturday of October every year, so the correct date for this year is Oct. 14. (Oct. 8 was the date from last year...).

Let us know if you have any other questions!

10 2016/11/10 Work
i am Sophie from germany and i'll ne living in matsumoto from the beginning of december.
My partner Is english teacher and found a job there.
We Are really excited to explore your beautiful city and landscape around.
I was wondering If anybody knows where i could find a job or a Internet page where they are listed.
I am fluent in german and english and worked in hotels, restaurants, fitness studios, sales stores and and and before. Basically open for everything.

Thank you and Kind regards

Note of webmaster: Hi, welcome to our beautiful town.
As for job search, consult our "multiple cultural plaza" (, tel:0263-39-1106(17:00-22:00 in weekdays and 9:00-17:00 in weekends you can talk with an English speaker)).
If you don't speak Japanese, it is tough to find jobs except for an English teacher in Japanese local towns
Good luck,
- Andy

9 2015/4/9 Next Week HIking in Matsumoto
Good morning!
I will be in Matsumoto next weekend (Friday 17 to Sunday 19) and would like to do some nice 1 day hikes in the mountains in the area. Can you give some advise?
Thank you!

Note of webmaster: Umm.. Many western travelers want to hike this season, but it is too early in high mountains because much snow remains in the trails.
One nice hike in not high mountains is Mt. Hikarujo Hike in Azumino. You can hike on fantastic "cherry blossom trails" this season. See also this question and answer.
Have a nice trip,
- Andy

8 2014/5/23 Ben

I'm in Matsumoto from June until September and want to go to the mountains.
To be on the save side Id'like to carry a bear spray.
Is it possible to get one on a rental basis?
Or, if I bye one, is somebody interested to have mine after the 4 months (and of course it is not used)

Thank you!

Note of webmaster: Hi, Ben
There is an NPO "Asiatic Black Bear Conservation Group" based in Matsumoto and one of the founders is an English native speaker. I don't know whether he is still in Matsumoto and how they think about the bear spray, contacting them from this English web page might solve your issue.
Enjoy mountaineering without bears!
- Andy

7 2011/3/6 Kamikochi access
Hi Andy,

thank you very much for your reply and the useful travel-informations. I'm sure that I will have an unforgettable stay in Kamikochi. Hope that the weather will cooperate ;)

Thanks again Andy! Have still a nice weekend. Kind greetings from Germany

6 2011/3/6 Kamikochi access

in September of this year I’m going to visit Matsumoto and would like to do a side-trip to Kamikochi for 2 days. In advance I would like to know where I can buy a discounted round trip ticket in Matsumoto? Is this ticket valid for the ‘Alpico-bus’ as well as the 'Matsumoto Electric Railway'? Am I right that this ticket will cost approx. 4.400 Yen? Is the bus-stop, bound for Kamikochi, based in front the Shin-Shimashima Station?

When I have bought such round trip ticket (Matsumot-Kamikochi), shall I still organize a "numbered boarding ticket" at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal (regarding to:

I hope you can bring light into darkness. Thank you very much for your efforts. Kind greetings from Germany


Note of webmaster: Hello Jens,
See this blog and this blog (the same pass is planned to be sold until March 2012).
The free pass costs 5,000 yen and you can ride the Alpico-bus and the Matsumoto Electric Railway freely.
If you only visit Kamikochi from Matsumoto station, the normal round-tikect (not free pass) cost 4,400 yen. So the pass may be cheap if you ride other buses in Matsumoto downtown and convenient (no need to worry about paying bus fares by small cash).
The bus-stop is, yes, in front the Shin-Shimashima Station, and direct buses from Matsumoto Station operate twice in the morning.
You have to get a "numbered boarding voucher" even if you have the pass.
Are these information brighten you perfectly?
Have a nice trip,
- Andy

5 2010/10/12 relocation to Matsumoto
My Family; wife and daughter(6) moving the weekend of 16.10.2010 to Matsumoto.
As we are new there and only visited the city once before i like to get as much info as i can regards kids, work, meetings, housing, contact numbers any kind of help is much appriciated. Looking forward to beeing there and your response. Thanks Frank

Note of webmaster: Hi there Frank..

That is a lot of topics.

Lets Talk!

I will make contact with you via e-mail directly.
Then we can see how we can chat.
I can probably help n a number of ways or point you in the right direction.

I can meet you face to face when you get to town...very soon I see.

Do you have accommodation sorted in the short term?

Anyway check your e-mail

Kind regards


4 2009/9/8 THANKS!
Hi Andy:
you made a reservation for me in a cabin in Kamikochi for the end of August. Everything worked out well and I am very grateful you helped out. We loved the stay in the Japanese Alps and our whole trip to Japan was a series of natural, social, and cultural highlights.
Best wishes and greetings to Matusmootooooo (we loved the way they said it through the the train station loud speakers).

Note of webmaster: I am glad that you enjoyed the trip. We also love the sound of Matsumootooooo. If you want to listen to it again, click this link (mp3 file) stored in our Japanese site.
- Andy

3 2009/6/28 Campground Kamikochi booking
Hi Andy:
thanks for offering help AGAIN! It would be great if you could book for us, would you? I’d love to stay on that campground (Kamikochi Konashidaira Kyampu-jo). This is their phone number (at least I think so, I couldn't find out if it's correct because we could just exchange laughs on the phone, nothing more): 0263-95-2321.

We’d like one cabin for two people.
Dates: August 24 until August 26 (2 nights)
If it’s more than 6000 yen total we would prefer one rental tent for the two of us. In that case, could you ask if we have to bring mats or if they give/rent them out, please?

It would be awesome if that worked!
Thanks so much,
greeting from Germany,


Note of webmaster: Hi Isa,
I reserved a bungalow for two people, which is just Y6000 for one room/one night.
See the photos of it on their website.
It is not a cabin, which is more expensive (Y9500-). Toilet/water is not in the bungalow.
I told them "Isa who is from Germany will use the bungalow by two people August 24 and 25 (two nights), so say "Isa desu." (I am Isa.) when you arrive at their office.
I will e-mail you my cell phone No. so if you find any difficulty of communication then, please call me.
One rental standing tent is Y3500 and rental Japanese futon set is Y650 (only blanket is Y200).
If you prefer a cabin or a tent, please relpy my e-mail.
Have a wonderful trip in Kamikochi,
- Andy

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