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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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3 2016/10/30 Are you Andy Brasil
Hello Are you Andy Brasil from Australia?
My wife might to know you.

Note of webmaster: No, I am Japanese.

2 2008/11/13 Thanks!
Thank you for the reply!

I live quite close to the Swiss Alps, and I'll just bring the same clothes I would wear there in December. It will be fun comparing Alps.

1 2008/11/5 Bus connection to Takayama in the winter?
First of all, this seems like a wonderful site -- it's certainly affected my decision to fit Matsumoto into my tour of Japan!

And now, a small question. I wanted to end my (early December) visit by taking the bus to Takayama. There is information linked to from this site that says this route is open all winter, but elsewhere online I have found hints that it closes. So, what is the truth? Does it perhaps close only because of weather? (And if so, should I expect it to be closed when I am there in early December?)

Note of webmaster: Hi Anna,
Thank you for your comment. That cheers us up!

I confirmed with the Matsumoto City tourism division that the bus route to Takayama is open all winter.
See "Matsumoto - Takayama" on the Alpico Bus website.
It only stops running if there is heavy snowfall causing the road to close. This usually doesn't happen.

I hope you enjoy the trip and that the weather is good. Take care to bring warm clothes because it gets cold (maybe below zero centigrade at night) in December here.