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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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35 2017/6/13 Getting in Touch!
Hi there,

i'm Matt and i'm working with an organization that is interested in helping connect people from smaller cities like Matsumoto with people around the World who might be interested in learning more about the local culture and maybe even visiting.

Is there any way I can get in touch with the administrators of this website to find out more about Matsumoto?


Note of webmaster: Hi Matt,

Thanks for your interest, We received your email - I will send you a reply later today.


34 2016/12/28 follow up - snowshoeing in Kamikochi from Matsumoto
Jane Osborne 
Hi Andy,
Jane again. Thank you so much for your message!
By 'independent guide' I just meant someone local who perhaps takes people on multi-day treks in the summer months? Or someone local who loves to get out into the mountains? Thank you for the link to the Little Peaks website. Unfortunately I do not speak Japanese so of course I do not know what the tour entails. I snowshoe and hike often at home so for example, if a lesson is included I do not need that. My plans are now clearer also, so I know that I am hoping to hike on the 14th. I just hoped it might be possible to spend a day in the mountains and it would be safer, easier and more interesting and fun with a guide/local person. Thanks so much for your help. Can you tell me anything more about the tour with Little Peaks?
Thank you so much for your help! - jane

Note of webmaster: Hi, Jane
Little Peaks' Kamikochi tour is not available on 14th and I am afraid they don't have a English guide. Northstar, the owner and some workers of which are English native speakers, might be better. But, as you can see reservation status of the snowshoe tour (maybe in Norikura, not in Kamikochi) on their English website, all days in January incl. 14th are "occupied". You might ask them by their contact page.
If Northstar can't satisfy your need, I will try to find an individual guide, so pls tell me which you prefer hiring a professional nature guide (maybe around 20,000 - 30,000 yen) or you want a volunteer person (no responsible for any accident), where you will stay on 13th and 14th, and which you snowshoe by yourself or number of attendants by
- Andy

33 2016/12/25 Snowshoeing in Kamikochi from Matsumoto
I will be in Matsumoto around Jan 13-15 and would love to get out into the mountains and do some snowshoeing if possible- perhaps in Kamikochi? I'm having a hard time finding out a lot of information online. Any chance there might an independent guide I could go with? Any help would amazing! Thank you so much!

Note of webmaster: Hi, what does "independent guide" mean? If you can pay around 9,000 yen , you can join a guide tour of winter Kamikochi snowshoeing. According to such a company "Little Peaks"' Japanese website, you can join the tour on Jan 13 (if you can't make a reservation in Japanese, I can do instead).
In winter Kamikochi, there is no facility like shops, managed toilets or emergency offices, so a guide is necessary. Norikura is much easier, because it is ski resort and there are snowshoe courses and rental shops, so you can snowshoe by yourself if you don't like a guided tour.
- Andy

32 2016/5/26 Ticket refundable??
Regarding the four-day buses and shinhotaka ropeway ticket that costs 12000 yan. can I ask for a partly refund if the ropeway closes due to bad weather? I am visiting the area in August and I think it is a really good deal. my only concern is the unavailability of the ropeway. is there a way to confirm it with the alpico bus company? thanks for your time and effort, I really appreciate it!

Note of webmaster: Hi,
The Japanese leaflet ([1].pdf) says, it cannot be refund after you purchase it. It is a pass for buses, trains in Hida-Takayama, Matsumoto, Shirakawago Area and the ropeway, so even if the ropeway doesn't operate, it is not refundable.
- Andy

31 2014/9/11 Tent renting in Matsumoto or Kamikochi (part 2)
Thanks for the info about Watahan. They seem to be renting tents I've searched the opening hours of the store, but their site is very minimalistic and not up to date. Is there a way to have more details about this store, like opening hours and contact information?


Note of webmaster: Hello again,
Year, their website is terrible. I found this Japanese page (from their index page) that contains the opening hours of Matsumoto Branch Store (second one in the page) - 10:00-18:00 and closed days - Tues, Wednes, Japan National Holidays (15, 23 Sep and 13 Oct).
Good luck to rent a good tent!
- Andy

30 2014/9/8 Tent renting in Matsumoto or Kamikochi

Thanks for the site with lots of useful information.

I will be in Kamikochi in the first week of october. Do you know if there are places in Matsumoto or Kamikochi which rent a tent? We don't want to rent a "fixed" tent at each campground we are going.


Note of webmaster: Hi, I know only Watahan Rental Shop (
Google map) in the southern part of Matsumoto, though I don' know they have tents.

- Andy

29 2014/5/17 RE. getting married in Matsumoto
Thanks, Andy, for all the information! I will read the links you gave and possibly contact you later regarding a translation. THANKS!

28 2014/5/15 getting married in Matsumoto
My American boyfriend and I (Canadian) visited beautiful Matsumoto last winter and want to return this summer to get married. We have appointments at the US and Canadian embassies in Tokyo to get the Affidavit of Competence to Marry already. The embassy said that we need to contact the "local ward office" to see what other documents it requires and if a notarized translation is necessary. I have these questions regarding the registration of the marriage:

1. We will bring our passports. Does the local office in Matsumoto require a notarized translation of the passport instead? Are there additional documents that are required?

2. Neither my boyfriend nor I speak Japanese, unfortunately. Do we need to bring a translator?

3. Do we need to bring witnesses and do they need to be Japanese citizens?

4. Is there a way to contact the Matsumoto ward office by email? Or is there a phone number I can call where it may be possible to find an English speaker? Is it necessary to make an appointment at the office to register ?

Many thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to provide!


Note of webmaster: There is "Multicultural Coexistence Plaza" in the Central Community Center of Matsumoto. Their Japanese webpage says English consultation service is available 17:00 - 22:00 every weekday.
Their phone number is 0263-39-1106.
As for your question 1, I am a manager of a translation company in Matsumoto, so can translate with our certification (not notarization) of the translation. There is a notarization office in Matsumoto who can notarize the translation, but expensive (maybe more than $200).
I don't know the case that both of the couple to get married are foreigners. I know an administrative procedures office in Matsumoto who speaks English well who may know details about the procedure. Their Facebook page is here.
I hope this information will help your marriage. Congratulations!
- Andy

27 2013/11/27 Searching for a sports ground to use
Karey Lee 
Does anyone know of a free area to use for a children's 2hour bicycle clinic here in town?? Thanks....

Note of webmaster: Karey,
A square next to
Hot plaza Asama in Asama Hot Springs might be good. "Multipurpose Square" and "Picnic Square" in the Shinshu Sky Park are wider but far from downtown. If a narrow area is ok, the Flower Clock Park in front of Parco Department Store is a good place in downtown when it is not used for an event like the flea market.
There are "bicycle squares" in the bank of Narai River (near Futago Bridge). If you tell me more details, we can select suitable places.
- Andy

26 2013/7/25 Hiking Utsukushigahara

Unfortunately, I booked my trip to Matsumoto for Aug. 19, one day after the last bus goes to Utsukushigahara kougen outdoor museum. What are my other options for getting up there? Costs?

Thank you!

Note of webmaster: Hi,
How unlucky! If you stay in a hotel on Utsukushigahara, the hotel has pick up service. Otherwise, rent a car and drive if you have an international driver license, mountain driving experience, and money.
The final tough option is go to Utsukushigahara Kogen-guchi by bus and hike several hours.
Good luck,
- Andy

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