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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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6 2016/10/8 Matsumoto to Takayama through Kamikochi
Hi, your guest book is realy helpful.
I did not find an answer to the following question:
We plan to leave Matsmumoto tomorrow morning (sunday) heading to a day trip in Kamikochi and then continue to our next stop in Takayama.
Can you assist us with where we should buy which ticket and where are the change stations.
Thanks a lot!

Note of webmaster: Hi Dan,
From Matsumoto to Kamikochi, take a Kamikochi Line train and transfer at Shinshimashima (the destination of the train) to a bus to Kamikochi (or, direct bus from Matsumoto Bus Terminal to Kamikochi at 5:30 or 10:30). From Kamikochi to Takayama, take Nohi Bus to Hirayu Onsen then transfer to a bus to Takayama.
Tickets can be purchased at Matsumoto Station (or Matsumoto Bus Terminal) and Kamikochi Bus Terminal before you ride each train/bus.
Enjoy Kamikochi and Takayama,
- Andy

5 2014/2/2 Kamikochi overnight stay
Thanks Andy for your quick reply!
We totally agree. So we're planning the following now:
- day 1: travel from Mt Fuji to Matsumoto; stay in Matsumoto (Ryokan Marumo or Nunoya)
- day 2: travel to Kamikochi; stay in Kamikochi (self catering cabin in Konishidaira campground). Another alternative we're thinking about is to travel in the evening from Kamikochi to Norikura Kogen to stay at the Ten Gallon Hat and enjoy the Yukemurikan onsen in the evening. What do you think of this? Could you direct me to the bus timetable from Kamikochi to Narikura Kogen?
- day 3: travel back to Matsumoto
Thanks again!

Note of webmaster: Hi, I think staying in Norikura is a great idea because you can soak in the milky water hot spring and enjoy staying in the lodge and nature in Norikura.
The timetable is the last table of here. It seems you can ride a bus departing from Kamikochi at 15:15 or 16:45.
- Andy

4 2014/2/2 Kamikochi bus timetable august 2014

we're planning our trip to Japan during this summer. We're planning to climb Mt Fuji during the night and then take the train to Matsumoto in the morning. The same day or the day thereafter, we're planning to go by bus to Kamikochi. Therefore, we would like to know the tabletable of the bus trajectory, to see what's the best option timewise (and to get some sleep at one point. I've found a link at this useful site, but the timetable itself is in Japanse...).
Thanks in advance.

Note of webmaster: Hi Rien,
The timetable of the bus from Matsumoto to Kamikochi is here. It's in Japanese with English. It is 2013 version, but I think no major changes in 2014. If you want to enter Kamikochi in the same day, it will be a busy trip and you have to stay in Kamikochi (it is wonderful but more expensive than cheap hotels in Matsumoto).
- Andy

3 2009/8/29 thanks
The Problem with Hallo Work is the same though: you have to have a visa (other than a tourist visa) to be able to apply there. I met some very friendly people down there (and one very rude), but they couldn't do anything useful for me...

2 2009/8/26 Jobs in Matsumoto

I know this message may seem a bit like spam since it has nothing to do with tourism in Matsumoto, but just like the makers of this site I just love the place.

I've already studied in Matsumoto for one year at Shindai an I'm desperate to find a job here, but with the economical crisis, and moreover, with me not being a native English speaker and not having a valid working visa, it practically seems impossible...

I'm very motivated, I have a masters degree and I can speak 4 languages, there must be something I can do.

Does anyone have any goods tips for me?

Note of webmaster: Hi,
Please refer to the previous reply to the similar question.
Also, I sometimes see job offers in Yahoo group "naganojet".
I am sorry these are only information I have about job seeking.
- Andy

1 2007/6/5 Coming back
Steven Segers 
Visit Website BELGIUM
Hi everybody!

First of all, it's great to read your mails. Matsumoto is one of my favorite places since '99. Miss it...
I was back in 2006, but had a typical belgian problem, limited visa, & no support or doorway through Belgium.
Apparantly diplomacy is not very hot between the two countries.
It's sad because I worked as a sportsteacher,lifeguard in Tokyo, & got more offers but they couldn't provide me the visa, so eventualy, I had to leave.
After sending my cv, outdoorsports japan offered me a job, but couldn't provide the visa.
Any good advice to offer? Are they looking for teachers in Matsumoto?
Any good sites for Nagano prefecture?
I'm a teacher in physcal education, study jujutsu, taught kids & adults in ski-& watersports(surf, rafting, kayak) & have a life guard degree, a first aid degree from tokyo fire department.
I speak dutch, french, english, german & shoto japanese. I know the culture & the history already well...

Thx in advance,
Greetings from Belgium, Ghentp

Note of webmaster: Steven,

Thanks for your posting - the visa question is an oldie but a goodie.
The best explanation about the ins & outs of the visa labyrinth can be found here:

Yes, it's a bit long-winded, but certainly covers most bases. In your particular situation, sponsorship for an English teaching position would be impossible - no matter how good your qualifications are, you're not a native speaker - this is a black & white issue which Immigration doesn't show any flexibility about whatsoever.

Since the Olympics, there's precious little demand for language lessons other than English.

You do have the necessary skills for other kinds of employment, which various outdoors/adventure outfits in places like Hakuba might find useful & be able to sponsor for...suggest you try that avenue & think laterally!

And let us know how you get on - I'm sure there'll be other bloggonauts out there wanting to know how you get on.

All the best,