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7 2008/5/5 travelling to the mountains from Nagoya
Thank-you for your answers two months ago. I have just become aware of shuuyuu kippu and was wondering if it was possible to use them on our trip. Unfortunately they seem to be mainly return trips (and we are travelling Nagoya - Matsumoto - Takayama - Nagoya) - do you have an email contact for JR? Perhaps seishun juuhachi kippu are the best alternative?
Looking forward to coming to Matusmoto!

Note of webmaster: Hi, nice to hear from you again!
I couldn't find a good shuuyuu kippu for your trip.
There is a "Kamikochi-Norikura free coupon" (6400 yen for adults) if you ride trins and buses many times in that area.
The Seishun juuhachi kippu can be used only for local trains (not for express trains).
You can contact JR by clicking on "Contact Us" at

6 2008/2/22 Visit to Matsumoto Jul-Aug 2008 Question #2
The guesthouse Kaze-no Yasuyado looks like the type of accommodation we are looking for. Their website says to email them but I am unable to find an address anywhere. Are you able to help me please?

Also, is it common practice in Japan to charge the same for children and adults for accommodation?

In anticipation

Note of webmaster: Hi,
I called Kaze-no Yasuyado and asked them for their mail address. It is
They say they charge per bed. Children use the same size bed as adults, so the charges are the same. If the child is an infant and can use one bed with a parent, they don't charge.
I think charges for children are cheaper in many other Japanese hotels.

5 2008/2/22 Matsumoto trip Jul-Aug 2008
I am coming to Matsumoto for the Suzuki summer school with my mother and two kids. After the summer school we would like to go to Takayama. Is it possible to take a bus to Kamikochi, go for a walk, and get to Takayama in one day?

Note of webmaster: Hi Catherine,
I think so.
I would suggest that you check the bus timetable at and plan your schedule.
In Kamikochi, the most popular hiking course to Kappa bashi takes around 2 hours for a round trip.

4 2008/2/20 Thank you so much!
Kristina Drzaic 
Thank you for your quick response. You were key in helping me plan my visit to Japan. (-:

Stay warm!

3 2007/11/3 Utsukushigahara, getting there in winter?
Andrew Reisz 
Hello, i'll like to enquire if there are any form of public transport (except taxi) during winter to get to Utsukushigahara Plateau? i do not possess a driver's license so renting a car is out of the question.

All help is greatly appreciated!

Note of webmaster: As you can see in the bus timetable, there is no public transport service in winter (November through late-April). If you stay in Utsukushigahara Ohgatou Hotel or Yamamoto Goya (cheaper than Ohgatou Hotel), they have a shuttle bus service from Matsumoto Station
Enjoy your stay in the beautiful winter season!
- Andy

2 2007/9/6 Alpine Route
Hi again Milton! Thank you for the information re forwarding luggage and for all the trouble you took to find out for us. We appreciate it very much. It certainly seems that it will be quite easy for us to do this, and hence we will be able to take the Alpine Route to Toyama. Thanks again for your wonderful help! Christine

1 2007/8/28 Alpine Route
Hi and thanks for the wonderful website. We are visiting Matsumoto in late October and are wondering about doing the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, and then travelling on to Kanazawa. Is it possible to have our luggage forwarded from Matsumoto to either Tateyama or Toyama? I have read that such a service exists in Japan and it would be great if we didnt have to carry our bags with us. We are looking forward to our stay. Many thanks.

Note of webmaster: Hi Christine.
Sorry about the slow response
The Webmaster has found 2 options for you.
I suspect the first will suit you best.
There is a courier service from Japan's version of FedEx that can do the job. They have an English website
The luggage would be sent to the destination (hotel) by the next day. That may mean you have to arrange a receiver if you are not there at the time it comes. To avoid that you could pick it up from the Toyama Depot or a convenience store close to your destination. I recommend the Convenience store pick up option if it can be arranged.
I have called the courier company and am awaiting their reply. Hopefully I can confirm some possibilities for you. And update this post.
Update. Just got called by Kuroneko to hear...You can also select the date of delivery with in 7 days of sending luggage. That should help with delivery arrangments when you are available.

Option 2 if you can handle Japanese, is to carry luggage from Matsumoto to Shinano Oomachi by yourself, and then use a luggage sending service from (Japanese web page) to Toyama. The luggage could then be sent to Toyama station or hotel by 16:00pm if you left it at Shinano Oomachi station (Alps Roman-kan) by 11:10 am. Again you need to arrange someone to receive it.

I recommend the first service as it is flexible on times and can take your gear anywhere in Japan and practically the world. (If you want to fly some stuff home to Aussie it could be of use.)

Steps for first Service
* You will need details of destination etc. Get the address details of the hotel you are staying at or the nearest convenience store to it that receive Kuro Neko (Black Cat) deliveries.
*Print out instructions on web page here
And for filling in address forms here
*Take gear to Convenience store Fill out address form with date to be delivered and send it.
*make sure you can find the destination store get a map printed of your destination area before you go.
Hopefully that should help.
If you need further help let us know.

Regards Milton

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