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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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40 2012/8/20 Question

I would like to stop over at Matsumoto for few hours on the way to Nagano for my upcoming trip. We will carry 2 big luggages and 1 small one, will I be able to store them at the Matsumoto Station?

Thanks :)

Note of webmaster: Hi, Daryl
In the 2nd floor of the Matsumoto Station, there are coin lockers (see here). If all of them are used especially on the weekend, there are four other places of coin lockers in the 1st floor (outside), on another corridor of the 2nd floor, in the Ario Shopping Center, on a wall of karaoke "Big Echo"'s building. I heard Hotel Ace Inn in front of the Station has a luggage store service (not sure).
Good luck,
- Andy

39 2011/12/23 May in the mountains?
firstly, thankyou so much for having this website. It's been extremely helpful for planning our last 2 trips to your amazing city.
I've a question that is pretty similar to the previous question on this message board.
We are visiting again from the 12th of May 2012 and we are snow deprived Australians. We are leaving it a little late, but will there be snow in the mountains in places like the shin hotaka ropeway viewing platform, or along any of the mountain passes that are accessable by car?
Thankyou again for the website!

Note of webmaster: Jeremy,
Mt. Norikura has a great snowy valley "Dai-sekkei", which is perfect place for your needs, I suppose.
Norikura Spring Bus for skiers and climbers will operate since end of April (depending on the weather condition). You can go to Kanko Center or Sanbondaki if you have or rent a car and transfer to the bus.
You might be able to walk in great snow walls like this blog after you get off the bus.
- Andy

38 2011/12/2 Snow Snow Snow
Hi, we are travelling end of march (2012) and was looking at staying near the snow monkeys to see , some snow!.. My kids want to see the castle and time is limited, is there snow in Matsumoto around March 29th (I realise your crystal ball may be foggy but on average is there snow?)

Note of webmaster: Gidday Gordon.

On average no, not IN Matsumoto....though there will still be snow around Matsumoto in the hills and mountains.
2-3 weeks later you will have a Very Beautiful visit to the Castle as the Cherry Blossoms bloom. and as music from the Castle's Moon viewing room fills the air.
It is awesome watching the Sakura (cherry blossoms) at night and sipping tea at the castle served by women in Kimono as ancient style Japanese music is played .
2 months earlier you can see the Ice festival...a treat for most.
If luck has it may even see Snow, Cherry Blossoms and the Castle together as It did last year on the 19th of April or there abouts

Hope that helped.


37 2011/11/6 Can I drive from Matsumoto to Toyama through the Mountains
Hi, I am coming to matsumoto in December and I am bring a car to drive to Toyama. Is it possible to drive through the mountains, on the Nomigi Highway? On google maps it looks ok, but not too sure

Note of webmaster: Hi there Carmi

Yep you can...short answer.
The normal way would be through Hakuba (not Nomugi) but you can go through the Nomugi pass(toge) too.

Long answer below....Google instructions if you can bear reading Japanese road signs.
I suggest you print a Google map of the area with roads on it and if you get lost along the way ask a local showing them the map...Koko wa Doko?(Where is this place?) Then if you really want to ...say "Toyama ni ikitai. ( I want to go to Toyama ) koko kara doko ikuno wa iidesuka? (From here ...where do I go?). Make sure they can see you are reading this and are not Japanese capable (unless you are and then you won't need this) or they will answer in words rather than by pointing in a direction or at the map.
TO pronounce the Japanese above correctly..
A = are as a sound
E = ear as a sound
I= E as in Bee
O = or as a sound
U = as in u in blue.

Google directions below
To get a map paste the following in Google maps and click "Get Directions"

from:日本長野県松本市 to:野麦峠 to:日本富山県富山市

Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture Japan1. Head south 377 ft
2. Turn right 0.1 mi
3. Turn left at 松本城(交差点) 0.2 mi
4. Turn right toward 国道143号線 0.1 mi
5. Turn right at 中央二丁目(交差点) toward 国道143号線 0.3 mi
6. Continue straight through 中央一丁目(交差点) onto 国道143号線 0.5 mi
7. At 渚1丁目(交差点), continue onto 野麦街道/国道158号線 Continue to follow 国道158号線 12.7 mi
8. Turn right onto 野麦街道/国道158号線 3.4 mi
9. Turn right to stay on 野麦街道/国道158号線 0.4 mi
10. Turn left onto 野麦街道/県道26号線 7.0 mi
11. Turn left onto 県道26号線 0.6 mi
12. Turn right to stay on 県道26号線 1.0 mi
13. Turn left 0.3 mi
14. Turn right 0.7 mi
15. Turn left Destination will be on the right 0.7 mi
野麦峠スキー場 1173−13 Nagawa Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture 390-1611, Japan16. Head west 0.7 mi
17. Turn right 0.7 mi
18. Turn left toward 県道26号線 0.3 mi
19. Turn right onto 県道26号線 1.0 mi
20. Turn left to stay on 県道26号線 0.6 mi
21. Turn right onto 野麦街道/県道26号線 7.0 mi
22. Turn left onto 国道158号線 9.4 mi
23. Turn left to stay on 国道158号線 0.3 mi
24. Take the ramp onto 安房峠道路 Toll road 3.4 mi
25. Take the ramp to 国道471号線 Toll road 0.1 mi
26. Turn right at 平湯I.C口(交差点) onto 国道471号線 (signs for 富山・新穂高) 6.1 mi
27. Turn left at 栃尾(交差点) to stay on 国道471号線 15.8 mi
28. Turn right at 船津北(交差点) onto 越中東街道/国道41号線 Continue to follow 国道41号線 17.1 mi
29. Turn left at 楡原(交差点) onto 越中東街道/国道41号線 9.6 mi
30. Slight right at 掛尾町(交差点) to stay on 越中東街道/国道41号線 2.0 mi
31. Turn right at 県民会館前(交差点) 0.1 mi
32. Turn left 285 ft
Toyama, Toyama Prefecture Japan

Additional comment:
The upper route is, going through route 158 and then turn to Nomugi Pass Ski resort (by number 10.-15.) and back to route 158 (by number 17.-20.) (I think you cannot cross Nomugi Pass to Gifu Prefecture in winter). If you don't need to go to Nomugi Pass Ski resort, go through route 158 directly. The road is a bus route and you can drive even in winter unless it is heavy snow. Please use winter snow/studless tires and carry snow chain.
- Andy

36 2011/7/4 Some questions about Matsumoto
Thank you so much for your blog. We've had two great days in Matsumoto and could easily have stayed longer. I especially recommend this city for people with kids. My partner, Matt, is writing an article on Matsumoto (may or may not end up being published) and had a few questions: 1. Does anyone know the story of Okada-San from the bike shop ( Okada Cycling Museum) in Takasago-cho ( our Japanese wasn't up to the explanation)? 2. Does anyone know more about two of the early 20C artists featured in the permanent collection at the Art Museum - Kishoyshi Tateishi and Hakute Ishii? We will be encouraging all our friends to visit Matsumoto. Thanks again, Sonya

Note of webmaster: Sonya,
Umm.. You and your partner may know some aspects of Matsumoto more than us!
I know Okada bike shop (a page about it in our Japanese site is here) but I don't know his story. I don't know either of Kishoyshi Tateishi (if he is a master carpenter of Kaichi school, his first name seems to be Seiju) and Hakute (should be Hakutei) Ishii.
If your husband has specific questions about them, e-mail from this page. I can interview Okada-san and/or staff of the Museum.
We will appreciate your article and encouragement to your friends very much!
- Andy

35 2011/6/9 Thank you Matsumoto
To the wonderful people of Matsumoto, who for the second year in a row, have taken me in and made my stay in Japan so very special.

To all the people who took the time to chat to the Shiroi Gaijin during the matsuri Ofune, thanks you a million times You have helped turn my holiday into a real experience I will never forget!

See you all again next year

Once again...
Domo arigato gozaimashita

Sukotto M

Scott Minns
Sydney Australia

Note of webmaster: Thank you, Scott! Very happy to hear that.

I like 'Sukotto'!

BTW, tourism promotion of Matsumoto on G'Day Japan in Australia will be started very soon. Please check it out!

You see now test page which shows 'Matsumoto Welcomes you!' website, but will be changed shortly. Also free magazine will be published.


Teddy Yamaishi

34 2011/5/14 Car hire continued
Thank you Andy, I should have been a bit clearer. We wouldn't use a car to get around in Matsumoto but were thinking of hiring one to go to Takayama (dropping off in Takayama, which I think costs extra) via Norikura Kogen to make it a bit more flexible than the bus (especially as there are 4 of us with luggage). Does this sound like a good idea? Sonya

Note of webmaster: Sonya,
Yes, I think car hire is flexible and maybe cheap for 4 people. The road to Norikura and Takayama is pretty narrow (generally Japanese roads except for freeways are narrrow) and winding so it requires some technique of driving mountain roads.
Hiring car from Matsumoto (when you leave Matsumoto downtown) to Takayama 48 hours seems to cost 15,000 - 30,000 yen depending on the size of the car. If you can spend 6,000 - 12,000 yen more, you can hire when you get to Matsumoto and you can drive to Seifu-so and downtown.
- Andy

33 2011/5/12 Accommodation, car hire advice
Thanks for the really useful site. We are a family of 2 kids and 2 adults and want to either stay in Matsumoto 2 nights in July, or spend a night in Matsumoto and a night in Norikura Kogen area en route to Takayama. We were thinking of staying at Ryokan Seifu-so but I was wondering if it is too far from the centre if we're there just one night? I read the car hire section on your site, any further suggestions?

Note of webmaster: Sonya,
How about riding free bikes hire instead of car? Seihu-so has such service (I am not sure they have four avaliable bikes) and some other places in Matsumoto lend free bikes. You don't need look for parking lots (and eco-friendly) if you ride bikes.
Otherwise, rent a car or ride a public bus. If you walk, I guess it takes about 40 mins from Seifu-so to Matsumoto Castle.
- Andy

32 2011/3/17 Hosting Student
We are currently hosting a student from Matsumoto Agatagaoka High School and are worried about what she will be coming home to next week, we wish she could stay a little longer until we are sure that it is safe for her to return.

Note of webmaster: Emma,
I understand your concern and difficult choices. See this blog article about the current (March 18th) situation. Matsumoto is about 300km far from Fukushima. The officially reported radiation level in Nagano is almost twice as much as the normal level, but it still doesn't affect health (I think smoking and air pollution are much worse for health.) and it have NOT increased day by day.
People here is not worrying so much (some foreign media like CNN exaggerate to attract viewers).
Only concern is a big explosion of the core of the reactors or used fuel pool. Electricity of the reactors will revive today and I hope it can cool down them within a few days.
I recommend that you make decision a few days later.
- Andy

31 2011/3/14 Thank You
Thanks Andy, I know very well what you mean as we have our share of natural disasters in Queensland this year. I can come bar the nuclear reactor melt down. It's not covered by my travel insurance!Looking forward to visit your city. Thanks again.

Note of webmaster: Andrew, I have been to Queensland and Christchurch and feel very sorry for flood and quake this year.
See my response to Emma above and this blog for the current situation of radiation and reactors.
- Andy

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