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My Time in Matsumoto (Guest's Blog)

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50 2013/6/19 Kamikochi
Lisa Kelly 
Hey there, just a and my partner are hoping to spend a few nights in Kamikochi perhaps one of the Bungalows available. We are just unsure of how to book and who to contact! If you could help out that would be great but if not, thank you anyway : )

Note of webmaster: Is it OK to stay in Konashidaira Camp-jo (campground)'s cabin (similar to the bungalow)?
They don't have English reservation website, which I am suggesting making to the manager of the campground, and they don't speak English frequently.
If you prefer, I can book a room (no prepayment) instead of you as well as previous questions like this. If so, tell me ( the dates, the type of the cabin (B: outside toilet, 10,000 for two persons per night / D: inside toilet, 15,000 or 19,500 depending on the period for two; 50% bargain from the second night depending on the period. See the third(B) and fourth(D) photos in this page), the scheduled time to check in, your contact info of the hotel you will stay at the previous night or your phone number just in case.
- Andy

49 2013/3/21 Day trip to Kamikochi from Matsumoto.

Can you suggest things to see and do on a day trip to Kamikochi from Matsumoto on 26 or 27 March?


Note of webmaster: Hi PJ,
Unfortunately, Kamikochi is close in winter season until Apr 19. Norikura Plateau near Kamikochi, which has a ski resort, can be a day trip by bus.
- Andy

48 2013/3/19 Ryokan Hakuraiso
Farida Zaveri 
Can you tell me how far is the Ryokan Hakuraiso from the Matsumoto station, is it walkable distance or is there a bus I could take to the city center thanks

Note of webmaster: Hi, Farida
It is a 30-40 min walk from the station (see this Google map route, walkable if you like walking?). There are some buses (#100 from the front of the station, #120, #130 and #21 from the bus terminal) to the nearest bus stop Yokota, which is a 5 min walk from Hakuraiso.
- Andy

47 2013/3/13 day trip to the snow
Catherine Schmidt 
Hello again.

We arrive in Matsumoto on 26th March and have some free time on the 27th. Is it possible to do a day trip to Norikura Kogen Onsen by bus to do skiing? We had hoped to go to Hirayu Onsen ski slope or Honoki ski slope on the way to Takayama after Matsumoto but it seems they both close on March 31 and we leave Matsumoto on April 1.

Note of webmaster: Hi,
Yes, you can ride a train and bus to/from Norikura Kogen (Mt. Norikura) Ski Resort, which will open until Aril 7! See this latest timetable and old one with English (a little bit different from the latest timetable).
Enjoy skiing at Norikura!
- Andy

46 2013/3/7 sui sui bicycles in Matsumoto
Hello again. Thank-you for your response re supermarkets. On the Matsumoto website it mentions the free sui sui bikes are available 9-5. If we are in Matsumoto for one week, are we able to borrow the bicycles on our first day and keep them for the week or do they need to be returned every day? I emailed the tourist information on Monday but haven't had a reply. (Actually, some of our group are staying at Gosanso, so bicycles would be convenient for commuting between the two places).

Note of webmaster: Hi,
You have to return 'Sui Sui Town' every day. Another newer free bicycle service 'Rikisha' mentioned in Local Transportation page can be rented a few days. You can rent it some shops/hotels along the Daimyo-cho Street in front of the Castle, such as Cafe Ajisai (a manager of the Rikisha system), Hotel Harmonie Bien, Convinience Store 'Family Mart' just in front of the Castle.
- Andy

45 2013/3/6 supermarkets/ izakaya near kaze no yasu yado
Hi! We are a family group of Australians travelling to Matsumoto for the Suzuki world convention. Most of us are staying at Kaze no yasu yado and I was wondering if there were any supermarkets and/or cafes or restaurants nearby? Most of the ones mentioned in the gourmet section of this site seem to be more centrally located....

Note of webmaster: Hi, Catherine
I added a supermarket Jusco in Katakura Mall and some restaurants I can recommend in this Google map. Katakura Mall is twenty minute walk from Kaze no yasu yado and nice stroll course passing Susuki River and Agata-no-mori Park.
Enjoy Matsumoto and the Suzuki World Convention!
- Andy

44 2013/1/11 luggage facilities at the railway station
We will be travelling with skis on the train from nagano and will be stopping at Matsuomoto overnight. Could we leave our skis at the railway station?
Thanks in anticipation

Note of webmaster: Hi Monika,

- There are coin lockers in and near the station, but not enough size to put skis.

- The TIC in the station keeps your luggage free of charge, but, I heard it is just tentative several hours. I don't think they can keep them overnight, but please ask

- I heard a hotel near the station, "Ace Inn Matsumoto" in our Hotel Directory page can keep your luggage by \500, before. I am not sure they will keep it overnight though you stay in another hotel. Please contact the hotel in advance.

Enjoy your trip,
- Andy

43 2012/10/9 Julianne
julianne warren 
Golly what a beautiful place. I am wanting to travel overseas for the first and only time, I've chosen matsumoto for its beauty. My daughter said she will accompany me. But all the travel deals/tours are ski packages : /
How can I visit for a few weeks with ease? So Ive seen this add and have applied.

Note of webmaster: Hi Julianne
Will you visit our beautiful land this winter? Even in winter and you don't ski, there are some spots and experiences you can enjoy. Especially staying Hot Springs and soaking in an outside bath with snow views is gorgeous. Visiting the Matsumoto Castle and some museums and strolling in some small streets downtown are also fun.
If you need support for making your itineraries, might help you. - Andy

42 2012/10/9 House available for short or long term rental in Matsumoto
hello everyone,
i own a small cabin in the alps.

it is need of occupants. short or long term available.

i am happy to negotiate a price for long term rentals!

41 2012/9/16 House Swap!
Kerrod Agnew 
I have a large modern 3bedroom house located in Cairns, Queensland; an area well-known for its rainforests, beaches and Great Barrier Reef. The house is fully furnished and would come with a vehicle. I am hoping to arrange a house swap in the Matsumoto area of Japan during the month of April 2013, for a 4 week period. The house would have to accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.
Please send any enquiries to my email address:
Many thanks.

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