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57 2015/9/8 Free wifi hotsports in Matsumoto
Are there any? Where are they?

Many thanks, Julie

Note of webmaster: Hi, Julie
It is a good question for many foreign tourists.
For the present, TICs in the station and in front of the castle are free wifi spots. Kurassic-kan in Nakamachi Street is a perfect free (no registration, no time limitation) wifi spot except for late night.
Some cafes and restaurants, such as Starbucks, and hotel lobbies are also wifi spots. Refer lists of restaurants and hotels in this map.
Matsumoto city will increase wifi spots for Matsumoto Castle Garden and some facilities this October or November. Then, we will inform it in the news blog in this site.
- Andy

56 2015/3/1 Ms
Hi Andy,
Thanks for your reply. What is the recommended way in Japan of carrying a 4 year old on a bike without a child seat?

Note of webmaster: I can't recommend carrying your 4 year old without a child seat. In Japan, riding bikes are more dangerous than wide and Western contries like Oz, because roads are narrow, almost no bike only road, and bike lanes are not enough.
I recommend you to rent one electronic assist bike (same as normal bikes to ride, or easier to ride) with a child seat and other normal free "rikisha" bikes (two places to rent the bikes are 15 min walk distance).
- Andy

55 2015/2/28 Ms
Hi Andy,
Our family will be travelling to Matsumoto in July/August. Is it possible to hire bikes suitable for our 9 and 7 year old children? We also have a 4 year old child - are there child seats available for hire with the bikes?

Note of webmaster: Hi Ai-Vee,
Yes, we have free rental bikes "rikisha" and three of them are kids bikes that can be rented at the Otemon Parking Lot (5 min walk from the Matsumoto Castle gate). But child seats cannot be available.
Another rental bike service is by Orix Rent-a-car located at the west of Hotel Buena Vista. They lend only electronic assist bikes by 400-500 yen for 3 hours (1000-1200 yen for 12 hours) with child seat option by +300 yen (but they don't have bikes for children. Their bikes can be ridden by kids of 140 cm tall or more.).
- Andy

54 2014/12/21 Film opportunities in Matsumoto?
Ricky Fritz 
Hi there,
Just wondering if there are (m)any filmmakers and or equipment rental shops in Matsumoto? I was trying to Google this, but came up short. Do you come across things like film nights or screenings?


Note of webmaster: Umm.. Difficult questions. Most filmmakers exist in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. There are only small video makers for promoting business and sightseeing in Matsumoto.
As for screenings, Matsumoto Cinema SelectMatsumoto Cinema Select by Miyazaki-san is holding screenings of independent films every month aggressively. He may know much about film things.
- Andy

53 2014/4/1 English Premier League April 13th
Does anyone know if Spocafe Garage or Old Rock Pub shows EPL? Liverpool and Man City is on April 13th, just need to find a place to watch. Many thanks

Note of webmaster: An Irish bar CELTS, newly opened just close to the station, shows EPL. I asked them, but April 13th, they plan to show AC Milan's game from 27:00. They say they might show other games on diffrent hours, but not sure they show Liverpool's game.
I don't know Garage or Old Rock shows EPL. Please ask them directly.
I understand you want to see the game.
- Andy

52 2014/1/13 Luggage
Is there storage for luggage (suitcase) at Matsumoto castle?
Is there a luggage room?
Thank you

Note of webmaster: Hi,
There are only small coin lockers at the castle.
In and near the station there are some large coin lockers, but I don't know they are enough size to put a suitcase or snowboard.
The TIC in the station was keeping your luggage free of charge before, but they don't do now.
I heard before the hotel near the station, "Ace Inn Matsumoto" in our Hotel Directory page can keep your luggage by Y500. Please contact the hotel.
Sorry for your inconvenience.
- Andy

51 2014/1/13 Luggage
Is there anywhere at the train station or the castle to store snow boarding bags for a few hours while we visit the castle on the way to Nagano?

50 2013/6/19 Kamikochi
Lisa Kelly 
Hey there, just a and my partner are hoping to spend a few nights in Kamikochi perhaps one of the Bungalows available. We are just unsure of how to book and who to contact! If you could help out that would be great but if not, thank you anyway : )

Note of webmaster: Is it OK to stay in Konashidaira Camp-jo (campground)'s cabin (similar to the bungalow)?
They don't have English reservation website, which I am suggesting making to the manager of the campground, and they don't speak English frequently.
If you prefer, I can book a room (no prepayment) instead of you as well as previous questions like this. If so, tell me ( the dates, the type of the cabin (B: outside toilet, 10,000 for two persons per night / D: inside toilet, 15,000 or 19,500 depending on the period for two; 50% bargain from the second night depending on the period. See the third(B) and fourth(D) photos in this page), the scheduled time to check in, your contact info of the hotel you will stay at the previous night or your phone number just in case.
- Andy

49 2013/3/21 Day trip to Kamikochi from Matsumoto.

Can you suggest things to see and do on a day trip to Kamikochi from Matsumoto on 26 or 27 March?


Note of webmaster: Hi PJ,
Unfortunately, Kamikochi is close in winter season until Apr 19. Norikura Plateau near Kamikochi, which has a ski resort, can be a day trip by bus.
- Andy

48 2013/3/19 Ryokan Hakuraiso
Farida Zaveri 
Can you tell me how far is the Ryokan Hakuraiso from the Matsumoto station, is it walkable distance or is there a bus I could take to the city center thanks

Note of webmaster: Hi, Farida
It is a 30-40 min walk from the station (see this Google map route, walkable if you like walking?). There are some buses (#100 from the front of the station, #120, #130 and #21 from the bus terminal) to the nearest bus stop Yokota, which is a 5 min walk from Hakuraiso.
- Andy

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