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63 2017/2/3 accommodation in Matsumoto
Hi I am going to Matsumoto with my 80 years old mum. We want to stay 2-3 days in onsen and 2-3 days in Matsumoto city.
Please recommend area/place where can do slow strolls (flat), good view onsen accommodation (Asama or Utsukushigohara) and reasonable hotel in Matsumoto (with rotenburo if possible, something like Dormy Inn)

Note of webmaster: Hi, Igor-san
If your mother is inrested in Japanese traditional old house shopping street, Nakamachi and Nawate in Matsumoto and Narai-juku (old post town) in Shiojiri in Kiso Valley are flat old streets good for strolling.
Most ryokans in Asama or Utsukushigohara Onsen provide good view. Especially, Kikyotei Yumotoya in Asama has a private big hot spring bathroom with excellent view of Japan Alps in the 6th floor.
I think Dormy Inn is the only reasonable hotel with rotenburo in Matsumoto downtown. If you don't insist on rotenburo, please look for other hotels in the list of our accommodation page.
- Andy

62 2016/12/30 Contact details in Matsumoto
Tony Jarrett 
Hello, first of all I am not concerned if you don't post this public ally as there are really a series of questions I hope you can assist me with.

I have visited Matsumoto 3 times in my 8 visits to Japan. I have written a few posts on my blog about Matsumoto, with many more still to be finalised. See "tonyj2japan"

The volunteer guides at Matsumoto Castle were my first experience with this fantastic way of connecting up with passionate local people. I have used volunteer guides in 12 places now in Japan. Which leads into my questions.

Can you find me the address of Matsumoto Fire Station 21 please, that covers the Uchida and Kotobukidai areas.

Also, I am trying to make contact again with Yuri Kashiwazawa from the Matsumoto City Government - then in the International Relations Section - if he still works for the City.

I appreciate your help. Great site by the way, which I have trawled for previous visits.



Note of webmaster: Dear Mr. Tony Jarrett
I briefly read your blog post about your great and interesting international exchange with local Matsumoto Fire Station people.

The mail (not e-mail) address of the Station #21 seems to be
2203-1 Uchida, Matsumoto City, Nagano 399-0023 Japan
The Japanese title of the station is,
Matsumoto-shi Shobodan Dai 21 Bundan (in Matsumoto City Uchida Office)

I asked the City Office about Yuri Kashiwazawa, but we are now in the New Years' holidays as you may know, so pls wait until early Jan. I will e-mail you when I got an answer from the City Office because it might contact a private contact info.

I will you have a happy new year,
- Andy

61 2016/12/22 Can I do Kamikochi & Norikura in one day (from Matsumoto return)
Hi there. Your website is a fantastic help for travelers, so thank you . I will be in Matsumoto in June 2017 and I am wondering if it would be possible for me to do the following in one day: Matsumoto to Kamikochi (early bus at 5.30am). Then from Kamikochi to Norikura (via Hirayu Onsen & Norikura Skyline) leaving about midday. Then from Norikura back to Matsumoto. Is this too much for one day? I can't seem to find information on how long the bus takes between Norikura & Matsumoto.
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Note of webmaster: Uum.. if you like a busy trip by which you go around many places like our Japanese travelers, it is possible.
For example, leave Kamikochi at 11:00 (see this time table of 2016) and transfer at Hirayu Onsen and leave there at 11:40 and arrive at Mt. Norikura at 12:40 (time table B of this page). Leave their at 15:05 and transfer at Kanko Center (TIC) (time table). Leave there at 16:13 and arrive at Matsumoto Station at 17:52 (the 4th time table of this page).
Good luck,
- Andy

60 2016/9/14 Daio Wasabi Farm
Hi ,
I'm planning to come to Daio Wasabi Farm with my husband from Tokyo. I read that we can ride a bus from Shinjuku. Which station should I go to? Matsumoto? Also, where can I get the free bike for the day? I saw it online at Sui Sui Town but there is no direction how to get there.
Thank you!

Note of webmaster: Hello Cha-san,
The nearest train station of Daio Wasabi Farm is Hotaka, 30 min from Matsumoto by train (so more than 1:30 hours by bike). Most of Sui Sui Town's free bikes are old so I don't recommend them. There are two rental bike shops (not free) at Hotaka Station.
From Shinjuku, a bus to Hakuba (6 times per day) stops at Azumino Hotaka Bus Stop, which is 3 min walk to Hotaka train station. A bus to Matsumoto is more frequent (more than 1 time per hour).
Enjoy wasabi ice cream, wasabi beer, wasabi cutlet, ...
- Andy

59 2016/5/9 Job Vacancies
Bump Roberts 

I'm currently living in Matsumoto and looking for work. If you can help/or have advice could you please send me an email.

I appreciate your time.


58 2016/5/6 Onsen
Hi I will be visiting Matsumoto with my 2 sons 11 and 13 year olds. I want to go to the hot springs, but I'm not comfortable with my boys separated from me going into hot springs- is there any way to get around this?

Note of webmaster: Umm.. Some hot spring ryokans (Japanese style inns) have private (family) bath rooms, but I wonder 11 and 13 year old boys might not want to show their naked bodies to you. In that case, you should look for ryokans where you can use two private bath rooms.
Or, if you don't mind public mixed open air bath (use towel to hide your body) of Awanoyu in Shirahone Hot Springs, it might be a solution and interesting experience.
- Andy

57 2015/9/8 Free wifi hotsports in Matsumoto
Are there any? Where are they?

Many thanks, Julie

Note of webmaster: Hi, Julie
It is a good question for many foreign tourists.
For the present, TICs in the station and in front of the castle are free wifi spots. Kurassic-kan in Nakamachi Street is a perfect free (no registration, no time limitation) wifi spot except for late night.
Some cafes and restaurants, such as Starbucks, and hotel lobbies are also wifi spots. Refer lists of restaurants and hotels in this map.
Matsumoto city will increase wifi spots for Matsumoto Castle Garden and some facilities this October or November. Then, we will inform it in the news blog in this site.
- Andy

56 2015/3/1 Ms
Hi Andy,
Thanks for your reply. What is the recommended way in Japan of carrying a 4 year old on a bike without a child seat?

Note of webmaster: I can't recommend carrying your 4 year old without a child seat. In Japan, riding bikes are more dangerous than wide and Western contries like Oz, because roads are narrow, almost no bike only road, and bike lanes are not enough.
I recommend you to rent one electronic assist bike (same as normal bikes to ride, or easier to ride) with a child seat and other normal free "rikisha" bikes (two places to rent the bikes are 15 min walk distance).
- Andy

55 2015/2/28 Ms
Hi Andy,
Our family will be travelling to Matsumoto in July/August. Is it possible to hire bikes suitable for our 9 and 7 year old children? We also have a 4 year old child - are there child seats available for hire with the bikes?

Note of webmaster: Hi Ai-Vee,
Yes, we have free rental bikes "rikisha" and three of them are kids bikes that can be rented at the Otemon Parking Lot (5 min walk from the Matsumoto Castle gate). But child seats cannot be available.
Another rental bike service is by Orix Rent-a-car located at the west of Hotel Buena Vista. They lend only electronic assist bikes by 400-500 yen for 3 hours (1000-1200 yen for 12 hours) with child seat option by +300 yen (but they don't have bikes for children. Their bikes can be ridden by kids of 140 cm tall or more.).
- Andy

54 2014/12/21 Film opportunities in Matsumoto?
Ricky Fritz 
Hi there,
Just wondering if there are (m)any filmmakers and or equipment rental shops in Matsumoto? I was trying to Google this, but came up short. Do you come across things like film nights or screenings?


Note of webmaster: Umm.. Difficult questions. Most filmmakers exist in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. There are only small video makers for promoting business and sightseeing in Matsumoto.
As for screenings, Matsumoto Cinema SelectMatsumoto Cinema Select by Miyazaki-san is holding screenings of independent films every month aggressively. He may know much about film things.
- Andy

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