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Specialists in local products

Established in 1878, Takagi has been in business over 130 years. You can find the shop on the street to Matsumoto castle in daimyo-cho.

At the stairs to the basement you can see the masks of 12 gods.

The first floor sells regional goodies, such as Matsumoto temari (beautiful balls made of thread), masks of various gods, and arts and crafts made by local farmers.

On the second floor you can enjoy soba (buckwheat-noodles) and various other local specialty dishes.
The third floor is a multi-purpose hall which can be used for meetings and exhibitions.

The roof terrace houses a beer garden called "Beer Happy". This is open from April to the first or second week of September. Not only can you enjoy nice beer but also a spectacular view of the surrounding area and Matsumoto castle nearby.

According to the old-map, when Takagi started its business they dealt exclusively in stationery and books. Later the shop sold souvenirs to visitors to the mountain made by cutting white birch and decorating with a hand-drawn picture.

There were no typical local souvenirs at that time, so they began to sell Matsumoto temari as a local specialty.

Matsumoto temari are beautiful balls made of colorful thread. Young girls in the area used to make them by winding thread into balls for fun many years ago. Natural colored thread and French thread create patterns with vivid colors.

You can try making soba noodles and a beautiful temari ball

If you would like the opportunity of making wonderful soba by yourself, you will have to make a reservation in advance. This takes place on the third floor.

If you want to try making a Matsumoto temari yourself you can do this at the shop.
The cost is from 680 yen for a small one.

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: Matsumoto Folkcraft Museum
Museum of Mountains and Nature (in Alps Park)

Name Takagi (和食そば処 たかぎ)
Specialties Souvenirs, Soba Noodles
Location 3-5-12, Ote (Japanese Map)
Tel 0263-32-5337
Website (Japanese)
Hours 2F (Eat & Drink) 11:00-20:00
1F (Souvenirs) 9:30-18:30
Closed January 1st
Credit Cards Accepted only on purchase at the 1st floor
Seats Counter 5, table 200, tatami rooms for 90 people
Beer garden for 150 people
Parking Yes - Parking space for 3 cars (only available on purchase over 3,000 yen)
Access 15-minute walk from Matsumoto Station

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