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Warai is a charming paper craft store nestled into the fun array of shops that litter Nawate Street. An offset of its mother store - the larger Shimayu, Warai offers a cozy and warm atmosphere.
The store offers an interesting collection of traditional Japanese crafts, including small figurines, hand-sewn key chains, napkins, bibs, stationary, incense, and jewelry.

Warai especially boasts an excellent selection of tenugui – or dyed cotton. Originally used for Shinto rituals, tenugui has become a longstanding part of Japan’s culture, and has a variety of uses today (although more often than not you will see them tied around people’s heads). Tenugui makes an excellent souvenir with its beautiful patterns, cheap price tag, and light weight (easy to shove into a suitcase!). The shop even offers a few tenuguis that double as dice games – one shows the different sites of Matsumoto.


Warai also has a small selection of books regarding Japanese craft making and origami.
Not only does the shop boast a delightful selection of goods, but the service is excellent. The store’s proprietor, Ken Itou, is very knowledgeable of Japanese crafts and is an engaging and helpful person. Of course, if you can’t find what you are looking for here, you can always pay a visit to Shimayu.

   Japanese dolls being displayed on the 2 floor of Shimayu

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: Nakamachi -> Nawate -> Nawate Yokocho -> Agetsuchi -> Tea at Cafe Shiokawa.

A message to our customers:
Our shop not only offers a glimpse at Japanese culture, but a variety of things that are practical for everyday use. We look forward to seeing you on your visit to Matsumoto.


Name Warai (和来)
Specialties Papercraft
Location 4-1, Ote (Nawate Street, Japanese Map)
Tel 050-5534-7825
Website (Japanese)
Hours 9:00-18:30
Closed Wednesday
Credit Cards Accepted
Parking No
Access 10-minute walk from Matsumoto Station

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