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Komatsu Bakery

Komatsu Bakery is located close to Matsumoto castle. Originally a grain shop during the Meiji period, the bakery was later established in 1922. The current owner is the fourth in the bakery's history.

About 130 varieties of bread

Komatsu Bakery serves about 130 varieties of breads, depending on the time and day you go. The owner, Mr. Komatsu, likes to create new kinds and styles of breads and then have a little fun with words for the names. You will definitely see some uniquely named bread at his shop. They also serve 13 kinds of loaf bread.

The bread is a creature

The owner says, "Making bread is difficult and interesting, because the bread is living. Making bread depends on the time of the fermentation and the baking, so through the bread the owner demonstrates his long experience." The third owner passed on his secrets to bring out the taste of the flour. The Miso-pan (a bread with a miso-taste) is an original recipe and Gyu-nyu-pan (a bread with a light milk-taste) is also available.

Komatsu Bakery was the first bakery in Matsumoto and the owner is very proud of its history.

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: Hikari Shokudo (Hikari Restaurant) will give you the tastes and atmosphere of the Showa period, from 1926 to 1989.

A message to our customers:
We serve some wonderful Japanese-style bread.


Name Komatsu Bakery ((株)小松パン店)
Specialties Bread
Location 4-9-13 , Ote (Japanese Map)
Tel 0263-35-0172
Hours 8:30-17:00
Closed Sunday, National Holiday
Credit Cards Not accepted
Non Smoking Seats Yes - Separate areas for smokers and non-smokers.
Parking Yes - Parking space for 2 cars.
Access 5-minute walk from Matsumoto Castle

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