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Bakery Cafe SWEET

First Bakery in Nagano to bake Baguette

“Sweet” was originally opened in Seattle, U.S.A. It opened on Nawate Street in Matsumoto in 1913 and was the first shop to sell French baguette in Nagano. ”Sweet” has acquired a reputation for high quality bread and reliability and supplies baguettes to many local hotels and restaurants.
“Sweet” has sitting area both inside and outside. You will find the inside has plenty of space, is comfortable and relaxing, while the outside terrace has a casual and friendly atmosphere. The outside seats permit dogs and it attracts regular customers with dogs to stop by.

The Shinshu-Miso Rusk – a “Sweet” speciality souvenir

The Shinshu-Miso Rusk is a rusk covered with Shinshu-Miso (soybean paste). Shinshu-Miso rusks from “Sweet” is very special and appealing as souvenir. The sliced especially produced baguette is covered with one of the best Miso produced in Nagano and toasted.

This miso, produced by Marusho Brewery, is an outstanding choice. It is made of Japanese soybeans & rice using local natural water, and is aged for two years in the traditional way.

It is assured that you will be tempted once witnessing the amount of Miso that is put. It costs 500 yen for 10 pieces in a cup, and 800 yen for 16 pieces. You can also get Sugar Rusks & Garlic Rusks.

The manager of the shop, Ms. Furihata Kayo says: "We make vegetable buns individually by hand. It is our intention to always serve customers with excellence. Our bread is always freshly baked."

The spaghetti bun 170 yen, and the best selling Vegetable bun 170 yen, and more…

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: Agatanomori Park High School Memorial, Shiraito no Yu (Hot spring), Alps Park

A message to our customers:
Please enjoy our freshly baked breads! English site is here

Name Bakery Cafe SWEET (スヰト 縄手本店)
Specialties Bread
Location 4-2-12, Ote (Nawate Street, Japanese Map)
Tel 0263-32-5300
Hours 9:00-18:00 (LO 17:30)
Closed January 1st
Credit Cards Not accepted
Seats 32
Non Smoking Seats Yes - Terrace seats are okay to smoke.
Parking Green Park (Japanese Map)
Access 15-minute walk from Matsumoto Station

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