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Gelée Blanche

Cheese makes you happy and chatty

The exterior of Gelee Blanche catches the eye with the stylish old Japanese warehouse. Sanae Shimoda, the manager and a cheese professional, runs this restaurant. After her experience as an employee for a company, she jumped to the new world of cheese and gained experience at a cheese specialty store as an importer, and opened her shop in 2005. In some showcases, lots of cheese are displayed and are waiting for you. Quality cheese and take-out are just one of the highlights.

"Fall in Love" seating

One attraction of this shop is to listen to the professional talk. Some regulars are the managers of chefs, owners of wineries, sake brewers, and so on. They gather and exchange their views frankly, so you have a chance to listen to their conversation at the shop. Also there is seating called "fall in love," where some couple start dating. Are you interested in falling love with someone?

Ms. Shimoda says " Cheese can be a main dish, and sometimes can be a side dish. I hope visitors enjoy drinking some alcohol with the quality cheese.”

Specialties: Cheese pizza (1250 yen), Pasta for vegetarian (1250 yen)

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: Genchi no Ido (the well at Genchi) and the flower clock park with the fountain

A message to our customers:
The shop can help you relax and enjoy having some kinds of cheese and alcohol.


Name Gelée Blanche (Gelee Blanche)
Specialties Cheese, Wine
Location 2-10-2, Ote (Japanese Map)
Tel 0263-33-2252
Website (Japanese)
Hours Tuesday-Thursday 15:00-23:00
Friday, Saturday 13:00-24:00
Sunday, National Holiday 12:00-21:00
Closed Monday, the third Sunday every week, other days (not fixed)
Credit Cards Not accepted
Seats 16
Non Smoking Seats Yes - The entire floor is a designated non-smoking area.
Parking No
Access 13-minute walk from Matsumoto Station

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