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Metoba Soba

Metoba Soba, located alongside the Metoba River

Alongside the Metoba river which flows through central Matsumoto, stands a traditional Kura-styled (storage house) soba shop.
Besides the locals, many people visit this shop from all around the country.

The restaurants interior offers you an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere

All furniture in the shop is in Matsumoto’s traditional folk style. While maintaining its traditional style, the furniture also has a modern flavor. The shop pays much attention to the details of its interior. You will find signatures at the entrance and in the toilets, which are hand carved by the owner.

Mikasane (3 level steaming basket) Soba, which is one of the most popular dishes on offer, has 3 different flavors (Nori-seaweed, Tororo-grated Japanese yam, Matcha-green tea powder). When eating the tororo on the second level, you use some sesame in a dipping sauce and on the third level, green tea powder is sprinkled over the soba. Sesame paste and walnut paste are also served as special condiments.

   Mikasane Soba

All containers used for serving hot food are specially ordered Wajima-nuri lacquerware.
Tempura soba has a lid deliberately placed on it so that you can enjoy a refreshing burst of the smell of Yuzu (a citrus fruit) as you remove it.
Sobayu (the water used for boiling soba noodles) and pickles are served with hot soba. The owner recommends you add a teaspoonful of salt to the sobayu and drink it.

The shop pays much careful attentions to detail, but in particular it considers the quality of its ingredients.
Soba flour is made out of soba nuts which are produced by the restaurant’s contracted farmers. The soba nuts are then freshly hand ground in a small stone mill at the restaurant each day.
Soba-tsuyu (dipping sauce) is made from a combination of stocks; fish stock-katsuobushi, seaweed stock-konbu, and shitake mushroom stock. As their dipping sauce has less salt and sugar than ordinary soba dipping sauce, it helps to enhance your appreciation of the natural scent and sweetness of their soba noodles.

People can enjoy food and great service in a relaxed atmosphere.

A message from the owners

Where do you recommend visiting in Matsumoto?
A: Nakamachi


Name Metoba Soba (女鳥羽そば)
Specialties Soba Noodles
Location 3-4-8, Chuo (Japanese Map)
Tel 0263-35-8502
Website (Japanese)
Hours 11:00-19:00
Soba Kaiseki-Ryori is served till 21:00 (booking required)
Closed Wednesday, the third Tuesday every month
Credit Cards Not accepted
Seats Table 18
16 seats in the raised tatami-floored seating area
4-15 seats in tatami rooms
Non Smoking Seats Yes - The entire floor is a designated non-smoking area.
Parking Yes - Parking space for 4 cars at the front.
Also the other parking space for 4 cars available.
Access About 15-minute walk from Matsumoto Station

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