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1. Spatial Radiation Dose (per hour)

Radiation dose measured in Matsumoto, using microsieverts (μSv) (one millionth of a Sievert (1/1,000,000))
・Hourly equivalent (0.038μSv/hour)
・Yearly equivalent: 0.038μSv /h x 24(hours) x 365(days) = 330μSv /year

2. Radiation and Daily Life

It is reported that the annual dose originated from naturally-occurring radiation averages out at 2400μSv.
Naturally-occurring radiation comes from outer space, from the earth, and even from foods we eat.
Radiation dose from chest X-ray is 50μSv, and from stomach X-ray is 600μSv.

3. Radioactive Substances and Radiation

“Radiation” is energy that travels in the form of waves or high speed particles and it makes up the electromagnetic spectrum. There are three major types: alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays, of which energy to break chemical bonds differ.
“Radioactive substances” give out radiation and “radioactivity” refers to the particles which are emitted from nuclei.

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