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Cherry Blossom Live Cam 2010

Enjoy the sakura (cherry) blossoms and the view of the Japan Alps (if the weather is clear) with our high-resolution live cam!
We installed the camera at the north road of Matsumoto Castle. The Castle park is lit up on April 8-17 from 6pm-10pm, so you can enjoy sakura images even at night.

Daily Photos

You can experience the sakura blossoms from beginning to end by these thumbnails of previous photos (from around 9:45 each day).

4/6  4/7  4/8  4/9  4/104/114/124/134/144/154/164/174/184/194/204/214/224/234/244/254/264/274/284/294/304/1  4/2  4/3  

Best Photos of Last Year

We use a high-resolution live camera system developed by Shinshu Associates.
year 2008's images are here(normal resolution camera, in Japanese).